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Earn Cash for Original, High Quality Short Posts, Articles, Photos and Comments - Noise.Cash

I like finding easier ways of doing old things. If there is a novel way of getting something done, I'll try that too.

Unleash the writer in you!

Do you like to write short thoughts and writings? Do you like social media? Do you wish to earn a little income by unleashing the writer in you? Read on and find an easy way to make 3-10 $ a day. Its as easy as using facebook or twitter or instagram!


Article Writing Vs Post Writing

Websites like hubpages and medium are article writing sites, You need to write longer articles which are structured as paragraphs with pictures in between, etc. This is definitely for high quality writers who have longer articles to write. On social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc most users make shorter posts. These may be only a few sentences long. Usually these can be happenings from your life or just thoughts / opinions that you would like to express. While some posts can run into a few paragraphs, most are much shorter. Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a platform to help monetize these type of short writings that are still original and high quality? Yes - there is such a platform and it is called Noise.Cash


Noise is a mix of facebook, instagram, twitter and hubpages. It is probably the easiest platform for any writer to earn cash and be part of a vibrant community. Being more like a social media site, the amount of interaction and communication it allows is more diverse and suited for most people. It also suits people who are used to writing shorter posts and not full length articles.

I will now guide you through the website to get you ready to write, get noticed and start earning within a few hours. So here we go

Step 1: Join Noise


Step 2: Read the rules, especially the rules about spam and low quality posts

Once you join, do read the rules very carefully. The rules are straightforward and seem easy to follow. Any breaking of rules can be reported.

The rules can be found here -

The next most important post you have to read is this official post from admin about what qualifies as spam. Basically low quality, pointless posts which have no thought process or originality behind it is frowned upon and your account will be blacklisted.

If you get blacklisted, you can still post; but you will find that you do not get any earnings!

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Step 3: Start Exploring and Posting

You can post in the following sections.

1. On your own wall

2. Join channels or chambers which are specific pages on specific interests or topics (eg. sports, art, photography, cars, motherhood, etc) and post on these pages if your post is relevant to these topics.

You can add photographs to your posts - this feature gets activated after a while and is not instantly activated in your account.

Disclaimer: Your first few posts will not earn anything. Don't be disheartened. These posts are checked by the algorithm for quality. After a few posts, you will start seeing cents appear in your posts.


Step 4: Start Earning

All earnings are given to each other as tips / hearts given by members to members. This does not cost the members anything as all earnings are made from the overall pool set up by the admins on the site.So it costs nothing to members.

At the bottom of each post is a heart symbol. If a member likes your post, they click the heart and this gives you a small earnings based on the site algorithm. This may be a fraction of a cent to even 10 cents! It's as easy as that.


Step 5: Start Networking

To increase your visibility you need to comment on others posts and also liking the posts you enjoyed reading. You can also subscribe to members whos posts you enjoy. This networking is great and you will soon start having fun on the site as members are usually a fun-loving group. Make new friends, connect and get noticed!


Step 6: Withdraw Your Earnings

Earnings are in a cryptocurrency called BitCoin Cash (BCH). You can go to the wallet page and set a threshold for payout (I keep it between 3 and 5 $) and put in your wallet ID. If you don't have a BCH wallet, you can get a free wallet which is shown in the wallet page. As soon as the earnings reach the threshold, the amount automatically gets sent into your wallet within minutes! Ching.... you've got cash!


If you have any queries or doubts please do leave a comment and I'll respond ASAP. Do consider joining up with the link in my main article. Have a great way and let's write and earn together!

Rate Noise.Cash after you've joined and explored it a little so that readers here can know how good it is!

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