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Does Copywriting Network Pay Well?

While I was looking for an online job I came across various sites offering high paying jobs, some offering low paying jobs. One thing I learned is that the internet is full of scammers and many of them own a website.

One area that is full of scammers is data entry. You find sites offering thousands of dollars for data entry jobs. is full of such scammers. I have two experiences with people asking me to pay an amount to get a typing job. The pay is so high that you are actually tempted to pay the advance.


Copywriting Network

When I stumbled upon I was pleasantly surprised. The website looks legit and I saw good reviews about it. The website's interface looks good, it is quite easy to navigate and overall has a nice look to it.

The site is basically about writing articles on a particular subject. The subjects are supposedly posted by clients and each article is vetted before you are paid. There are strict rules to writing on their network:

  • You must stick to the word count.
  • You can not use one word more than a certain number of times e.g you cannot use "and" more than 6 times in a 700-word article.
  • You cannot use a hyphen more than 3 times.
  • Your article has to be accepted by the client before you are paid.
  • You earn points to grow and increase in levels. The higher your level, the higher your chance of getting more jobs and higher paying ones.
  • Each cent you earn is kept on the site till withdrawal.
  • They offer PayPal and bitcoin as means of payment.
  • The withdrawal limit is 10 dollars.

The site offers as low as 20 cents for a level 1 writer and up to 8 dollars for a level 4-5 writer. An article is usually from 200 words and above. They offer other jobs such as social media postings and video editing.

I started working on the site in early 2021 and I wrote over 15 articles accumulating up to 10 dollars. At this point, I started to have problems with the site. Sometimes I would try to open it and be told that my IP address had been banned only to be allowed access again after some days. While this was happening, I submitted a couple of articles and never got paid for them. At this point I was done. Each of the articles I wrote was no less than 700 words and putting the research together was no small feat.

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I tried to withdraw the little money I had earned via PayPal and twice I got the same message:

6463953 27th May 2021 13:14 UTC PayPal ******* $10.24 Your PayPal is incorrectly setup *
* Your Paypal incorrectly set up - If you see this message response, this means your paypal is not accepting payments from outside of your country. Please goto the settings in your paypal account and adjust it to accept outside payments. You can call a Paypal representative for more information on how to set this up. Please only resubmit your request for payment once you are sure your paypal account can accept payments from abroad.

I got the same message twice


They offer two methods of payment


I looked for the setting on my PayPal and couldn't find it. That meant I couldn't withdraw via PayPal. Next I tried to download via bitcoin, I even used the bitcoin wallet suggested by them. That withdraw request has been pending for over a month now even as they gave a time limit of 72 hours for the money to be paid.

I tried contacting their help team and I haven't gotten a feedback. Now I'm feeling like I wasted my time and I'm happy I stopped writing on that site.

So if you ask me if Copywriting network pays, my answer would be NO! They didn't pay me and I couldn't contact them for help. I wouldn't go as far as calling them a scam site and I'll be sure to update this article if and when I get paid. If you have had a better experience with them please indicate in the comment section.

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