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Disability Insurance: Not a Guarantee to The Same Lifestyle


Everything you have now is things that you have either bought by the money you have earned or are things that were given to you. Even those that were given to you were bought by money earned by that person who gave it to you. The point is, earning money is a very important thing in our lives today; it enables us to own things and do things we want especially when those things involve paying with money.

What would happen if suddenly you are not anymore capable of earning money? And by this, it is not only the simple getting laid off work or bankruptcy, what if your body suddenly refused to function? What will you do if one day you have just become a disabled person?

Disability Insurance

If you have this fear, then you should get a disability insurance. The probability that you might get into an accident that will make you disabled for a period of time is something that you have to face every day. The percentage of probability is very close to the percentage that you might get into an accident.

So if you have insurance for that, why don’t you also get insurance for disability? If your body malfunctions and suddenly decides to stop moving, how will you be able to continue living without anything to spend? The likelihood that you will die today is much lesser than the probability that you will meet an accident and suddenly become disabled. So, better arm yourself with a disability insurance policy than be sorry later on.

Changes Even With Disability Insurance

If you are only earning enough for you and your family to live and suddenly you become disabled and unable to work, even with disability insurance you will have a hard time coping. This is because you are only insured a portion of your monthly income which is approximately 60 to 70 percent of what you are earning now.

You will have to sacrifice some things that you used to enjoy because of the shortages that you will be experiencing. The point is your life will change; your status will surely deteriorate. Even with disability insurance, your life will be harder once you face disability. But just imagine how much harder it would be without disability insurance. so if you want less suffering when you face disability, get a disability insurance.

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