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Cutting My Own Hair to Save Money

Linda likes to be frugal and cut her own hair to save money or even lets her hair grow long to save money.

Cutting My Own Hair to Save Money

Cutting my own hair is the best decision I have ever made to save money. Going to the hairdresser can be very expensive especially if your hair grows very quickly every 4 to 6 weeks like mine. It cost me between £10 to £15 to have a hair cut, wash and blow dry. I worked it out that over a year if I go to the hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks it will cost me about £100 to £130 a year to have my hair done. It might not be a lot to some people but to me it matters a lot when I am trying to save money.

Another reason why I decided to cut my own hair aside from saving money is that I can never get the hair cut that I want despite explaining to the hairdresser how I want my hair cut.

I went to a hairdresser once and she asked me how I wanted it cut and as usual I told her how I wanted my hair cut. After a while when she finished, my hair cut looked awful. I was not happy and I told her that I won't be going back. No disrespects to hairdressers out there but there are some hairdressers who really can't cut your hair the style you tell them. It is very frustrating indeed.

I found one hairdresser, a very nice lady who understood how I want my hair done and I have been going to her for a while but then she resigned from the salon and I lost my good hairdresser. I have been watching how she cut my hair and I thought to myself maybe I can do it too. So, from then on I gave myself a challenge to cut my own hair. My hair is black, fine, oily and is straight not curly so it is easy to cut.

I have a big mirror hanging on my kitchen wall and a small mirror to use to see the back of my head. Then I bought myself a sharp hairdressing scissor and a fine tooth comb. I put a black bag around my neck to catch the cut hair. Then I start cutting my hair from my fringe going to the left and right side of my head then to the back of my head.Unlike the hairdresser, I put powder around my neck before I start cutting so that the hair won't stick to my neck and surrounding areas.

The hairdressers put the powder after they finish cutting the hair. It is easy to cut the fringe if you want it straight. But you can also cut it so that it is not all of the same length. It all depends on what style you want really. I do a bit of both on my fringe sometimes I cut it straight and sometimes staggered.

At first, I used to cut my hair like a bob which is so easy to do because I just cut the hair on a straight line on the fringe and on the side and back. But then as I become more confident in cutting my own hair, I wanted to try a short hair cut. So from bob, I went and cut my hair shorter.

The compliments I got from my colleagues and friends were amazing. They thought I had it cut by an experienced hairdresser. I told them it is free hair cut as well, it just cost me time but it is worth it.

How I cut my hair photos

This is me with the small mirror for use to see the back of my head. The big mirror is behind me on the wall.

This is me with the small mirror for use to see the back of my head. The big mirror is behind me on the wall.

Starting the haircut

Starting the haircut

Here is my scissor

Here is my scissor

This is the big mirror on the wall that I use for cutting my own hair

This is the big mirror on the wall that I use for cutting my own hair

And this is the small mirror I use to see the back of my head.

And this is the small mirror I use to see the back of my head.

Cutting Other People's Hair

Since I started cutting my own hair, my husband asked me if I could cut his hair as well. This had boosted my confidence and I started cutting his hair since then. The weird thing is I do enjoy cutting hair as well.

I remember when I was young maybe about ten years old, my best friend and I started cutting each other's hair, back then it was a bob hair cut so it was easy. Perhaps I should have become a hairdresser. Then my cousin now ask me to cut her hair. So I am not only saving myself money but I save money for my husband's haircut and my cousin's hair cut.

Things you need for Cutting Your Own Hair

1. Buy a good pair of sharp scissor - You need a hairdressing scissor that is sharp and one that last for a while.

2. Big mirror and small mirror - You want one big mirror to be hanged on the wall and you need a small mirror preferably one that tilts so it is easy to adjust. You need the small mirror to look at the back of your head. I put it slightly opposite the big mirror on the wall.

3. Black bag or clear bag - to put around the neck to catch the cut hair.

4. Powder or talc - you need powder to put around the neck area so that the cut hair will not stick to your skin.

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5. A fine tooth comb - you need a small fine tooth-comb

Letting your Hair Grow to Save Money

If you don't really know how to cut your own hair, there is another way of saving money by letting your hair grow then just tie it at the back on a pony tail. But it is easier to cut it when it is long because you can see the end of your hair to cut a bit off if you like.

If not just cut it like a bob hair cut or a pixie cut. It is so easy to cut it like this and easier to manage than long hair. Any novice hairdresser can do it or even an untrained hairdresser can do it like me. It just takes a lot of practice really. I should have taken hairdressing as a job but I got different calling.

How much I Save by Cutting My Own Hair and My Husband's Hair

This table shows the savings we make by cutting our own hair instead of going to the hairdresser or barber.




£103-£130 a year







Cutting my own hair to save money

Do it Yourself Hair Cut Saves Money

While I enjoy cutting my own hair there are times like special occasions that I really want a proper hair cut then I will go to the Salon for my hair to be cut but I have to find one that cuts my hair the style I like. Looking at the savings we make above, I think it is worth cutting my own hair and my husband's hair too. We both save some money.

Cutting Your Own Hair to save Money and have Self-satisfaction

I created this article by myself just to share to other people some ways of saving money when you want to live frugally and also for my own self-satisfaction because I am so fussy about my hair, I just want it cut the way I like it. So, I have no one else to blame if my hair cut goes wrong but myself.

Things that could Go Wrong when Cutting Your Own Hair

Things could go wrong while cutting your own hair like the following but could be remedied:

1. You might cut your hair too short more than you intended to - you will look like a man or a boy but all is not lost. To avoid this happening, always cut your hair dry not wet. Also do not cut it too short to begin with. Start at a certain length say an inch off then if you are happy with the result carry on and cut some more if you want to.

2. The back hair might not be perfect because it is hard to cut the hair at the back of your head. But you could always ask a friend, relative or your husband to check it, do it for you or straighten it for you.

3. If you cut your hair too short and you can't put it right then it is time to go to the Salon. But if you like short hair don't worry too much about it, it will grow again in 4 to 6 weeks.

Cutting My Own Hair to Save Money

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    There are so many ways on how to manage debts. Some are easy to follow and some are difficult to do. But I know through personal experience that it is doable. It needs patience and determination.

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Cutting your own hair to save money

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on August 29, 2018:

Thank you James.

James Lucas from North Carolina on August 29, 2018:

So beautiful

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on July 13, 2018:

Thank you Audrey once more with your lovely comment. I do try and save money wherever I can. So that I can go and visit my family regularly in the Philippines.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on July 13, 2018:

I enjoyed your hub about cutting your own hair. I had to laugh because I just cut mine for the first time in a long while. My reasons are like yours. To save money and I'm never happy with salon cuts.

Thanks for the tips and cute photos.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on April 02, 2018:

Hi! Li-Jen for your lovely comment. Yes, it is quite tricky to cut your own hair especially the back of your head but I get help from my mirrors. I am careful not to choke myself. Thank you for visiting my hub.

Li-Jen Hew on April 02, 2018:

Thanks for sharing your article. :) It's good that you are able to cut your own hair. Be careful not to choke yourself when you wear the bag around your neck. :O ..Nice, table of savings! :)

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on July 09, 2015:

Thank you Suzanne Day for your kind comment. I think we are doing the right thing although as you say it is hard doing the back of our head but guess what I did now, I grow my hair then I just put it up on a pony tail.

Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on July 09, 2015:

I cut my own hair frequently. I got sick of hairdressers not getting the haircut right - why should I pay for haircuts which don't suit me? In the end, I did what you did - I grabbed some scissors and practised on myself. And it looks great because I get it cut the right length, the right style, only problem is that it is a bit hard to cut the back of your own hair (but I go to the hairdressers once a year for that). Saves a lot of money and heartache and I'd recommend it to anyone. Voted useful!

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on May 27, 2015:

Thank you monia saad for your comment. You will be surprised but a lot of people are doing this because they want to save money. For me to save money and to have the hair cut that I want that is why I do it myself.

monia ben saad from In my Dream on May 27, 2015:

Respect your idea , personally , i've never and i'll neverthink to cut my own hair , cause that would be difficult , and even worse , i can have a disgusting hair cut . For me this isn't a good idea .

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on March 05, 2015:

Thank you Bill for your kind comment. I was taught to live frugally since I was a child as my parents are poor. That is why I also grow my own vegetables so that I don't have to buy them.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 05, 2015:

You would be very comfortable here at our home. We live frugally and often do things like cut our own hair to save money. We live simply but happily. Well done. Thank you for spreading the word about frugality.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on February 07, 2015:

Hi! Lady Guinevere, it looks like we have the same thing in common cutting our own hair and our husbands. My husband won't let me shave his beard. He is afraid I might make him bleed. Thank you for your kind comment.

Debra Allen from West Virginia on February 07, 2015:

I cut my own hair and I also cut my husband's hair and trim his beard and mustache.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on January 30, 2015:

We do anything to save money, di ba Kabayan?

Ireno Alcala from Bicol, Philippines on January 29, 2015:

I did use hairclipper for a semi-kalbo effect, hehehe! I did it when I was still working as a seafarer.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on January 10, 2015:

Hi! peachpurple, nice to know I am not the only one cutting her own hair. Save us money and find satisfaction in cutting your own hair if it goes wrong you and I can blame ourselves. Funny enough, I just cut my fringe today.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 09, 2015:

i am cutting my own hair too. I used the bathroom mirror to cut my hair, usually undress, so that I can immediately take a bath after cutting

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on November 25, 2014:

Thank you daisyjae for your kind comment. I am sure if you try you can do it. I don't have the talent, I just tried and it worked so I carried on doing it. It saved me a lot of money.

daisyjae from Canada on November 25, 2014:

I don't think I have the talent to cut my own hair! I trim my own bangs occasionally and always do a terrible job. It is a great way to save money though, hairdressing can cost a fortune.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on November 11, 2014:

Hi! Maureen, thank you once again for your comment. I think it is better to cut our own hair then we will have the style we want. I am fine thanks hope you are okay too.

travmaj from australia on November 10, 2014:

Good thinking Linda - I had a coffee with a girl friend the other day and I complimented her on her hair cut. You guessed it. She'd cut it herself. I'd just been to the hairdresser for a trim to tidy it - I was trying to grow it. It was hacked off so short! Grrrrrrr. I reckon I'll be taking your advice in future.

Hope you are well -Thank you for this

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on November 10, 2014:

Thank you Madoline for your kind comment. Anybody really can do this but it needs a few practice sessions before you get it perfect.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on November 10, 2014:

Thank you annart for your lovely comment. I am glad to know that you also do what I do. I must admit I just enjoy doing it myself and saving me money all thru the years.

Natalie Ball from West Newton, PA on November 10, 2014:

I used to trim my hair when I was in high school. I will be getting new scissors to start again. I have long wavy hair, so mistakes are pretty easy to cover.

Ann Carr from SW England on November 10, 2014:

For exactly the same reasons as you, I've been cutting my hair myself for quite a few years now. I also cut my partners hair. His is easy to use the hair cutters on but for myself I use proper hairdressing scissors like you do.

I had long hair for years so it was easy enough to get someone to just cut it straight across the back. Now, though, it's short and layered. It took a bit of courage to do it at first but once I gathered confidence it was fine. I'd also watched a hairdresser very carefully!

As you say, cutting it dry is the thing to do. I do get my partner to trim the back though as I find it awkward to get the right angle even with a mirror. So far, we must have saved a fortune doing this ourselves!

Good advice here. Anyone can do this if they take it steady at first and get used to it. Then you can experiment and go mad now and then!!

Voted up & useful.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on November 10, 2014:

Thank you urbrish for your comment. I thought it is only me who is cutting her own hair without training I might add.

ubrish ali from Pakistan(Asia) on November 10, 2014:

You cannot believe but its reality I always cut my my hair in different styles even without training.

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