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Can You Get Paid for Having People View Your Photos? A Look at Clickasnap

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I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally


Click A Snap

I found a new side-hustle this week, one that may be perfect for me.

I love photography, and I love making money.

ClickASnap is a way to combine both of my passions. It doesn't pay a lot, and I have yet to make payout. I just started.

But I will continue to load my photos, and see what the potential is there.

I have loaded about 25 photos so far, nature and photos of my artwork. This combines with another of my passions, painting and drawing.

Three Ways to Get Paid

You can get paid for photo views, for sales of your photos, and for Print-on-Demand.

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The pay per view is pretty low, a fraction of a cent per view. It is, I believe, set at .007 cents per view of each photo.

Therefore you would need a lot of views to make any money at ClickASnap. The payment threshold at this time is $15.

I have not looked into selling my photos or the Print-On-Demand feature yet, but may at some future point, if and when I decide to upgrade to a higher tier.

Three Paid Tiers

By that I mean YOU have to pay a small fee to rise up in the paid tiers.

There is a free tier where you can only upload photos. What the benefit of that would be is anyone's guess.

The three paid tiers start with payment for views, and offer other paid options such as print-on-demand, photo sales, digital downloads, and promotion.

There is also a forum that seems to be pretty active on the site.

That being said, ClickASnap isn't a free way to make money online, but the fees are small and will be worth it if you can get a lot of views.

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