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Buy Me a Coffee Review


is there any money to be made online anyway?

As many sitting here on HubPages can attest, the answer is a clear yes, although I suspect that most are like myself and just enjoy an extra $50 every six months are so, in short passive income and not much more than that.

There is, I'd think greater rewards for those who write well, and put the work in, but I can't say for certain that at that point they wouldn't do better as a professional writer?

Suffice to say, that while countless scams do exist out there, there is money to be made on the world wide web.

So what then of 'Buy me a Coffee'?

What is 'Buy me a Coffee'?

Buy me a Coffee is a site that allows people who enjoy content, whether it be videos, or blogs or photography to show their appreciation by giving small amounts of money to the creator, either on a one time basis or as a subscription style membership.

The site does take 5% of every donation but there are no other fees and 5% is not an overly exorbitant cut.

The site itself, has a clean enough look, but knowing how to find and explore different creators can seem a bit opaque at times.

Not so impossible that you give up, but not as easy to explore as HubPages.

However, since we will be using my sister as a case study and it is what she chose to try to earn some money online, we will move forward and take a look at So, how Buy me a Coffee has it worked for my sister so far.

My Sister as a Case Study.

My sister has Autism, and her Autism has had a devastating effect on her. It has kept her from allowing herself the normal social engagements that most of us take for granted. If she did not have a dog and a small handful of internet friends, she would not socialize at all.

Until recently she live with our mother, who looked after my sister right up until her death from cancer on 25 September 2020.

This created a situation where my sister would not be able to stay long in her home with her current income.

To my surprise it was her who discovered Buy me a Coffee and presented me with the idea of making a single post asking for help with keeping her home.

After some discussion that single post would become a weekly blog, albeit from the point of view of her dog as she could not bring herself to write as herself.

The blog is called 'Callum Border Collie and his Autistic Human'

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Callum Border Collie and his Autistic Human

Callum the Border Collie

Callum the Border Collie

Results and Outlook.

The response my sister got, I will be honest blew me away.

In just a day she had hundreds of dollars in donations. My sister was over the moon, and I was happy for her and proud for her doing something that would be so tough for her.

The thing is though, that while Buy me a Coffee gave her the platform the people donating were almost exclusively from her (very generous) internet friends and some family.

After a day or so, traffic and donations plummeted.

Does this mean that Buy me a Coffee is a bad deal?

No, not at all, but unless you can catch lightning in a jar, it is going to work best for someone who has not only an established body of work, but also a following.

This is good news for people who who create quality content and who are engaged in their work and with their audiences.

If you want to just sit back and wait, however, I suspect that you are better off here on HubPages.

Now as for my sister's page, her blog hasn't even been indexed by Google yet, and she has just started.

I hope that as she continues to put the work in and over time as her audience grows, the results will follow.


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on November 09, 2020:

First of all, condolences on the death of your mother. Perhaps your sister's blog will take off and give her a sustainable online income over time. That is a clever idea of the dog Callum being the so-called author.

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