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Best NFT to buy in 2022 for Passive Income: The Plain Face Millionaires Club

Best NFT to buy in 2022 for Passive Income: The Plain Face Millionaires Club

The crypto NFT industry has been booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Other domains in the crypto realm have been left behind as NFTs have been thriving at a rapid rate.

Numerous crypto NFT projects are launching at a breakneck pace, bringing a slew of additional features to the marketplace. However, in 2022, we provide you the greatest NFT project.

Plain Face Millionaires Club is expected to outperform all other NFT projects upcoming in 2022. The PMFC does right to all Plain Face crypto NFT holders with a boatload of usefulness and functionality in the decentralized sector.

Like we always say, we just aren't JPEGs in this flourishing industry, but much more. Plain Face NFTs have a wide range of usability and characteristics.

Plain Face Millionaire Club and Passive Income

With the inflation rising at an alarming rate, the need for passive income has become as vital as active income. And all thanks to the maturing cryptocurrency space, which has enabled investors to beat the inflation and secure unbelievable returns.

Another form of passive income gaining traction in the crypto industry is through the booming crypto NFT space. The digital art collectibles, which seemed to be pointless few ago, is now among the hot topics in the crypto domain.

As we strive to be the best NFT project in 2022, we have ensured to provide our Plain Face NFT holders with the highest amount of passive income.

With several other features already in place, owners of the token will be automatically eligible for passive income in different forms for simply holding onto their lovely Plain Face crypto NFTs.

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Orbit Token Reward

Earn ten native PFMC Orbit tokens by just holding a Plain Face crypto NFT. The Orbit token is the foundation for the PFMC-verse. The play-to-earn games, land, buildings and other items in this metaverse are all powered by the Orbit token. You will be able to buy or sell Orbit tokens on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Sushiswap.

Essentially, holding a crypto NFT from the PFMC only gives you the ownership of the digital asset, but also the ability to earn cryptos for free, which, furthermore, has the potential to gain in value in the future.

Our features do not end just yet. Besides some great passive income at your back, you also get access to several other utilities of our tokens.

Exclusive Discord Access

During mint, if you own this crypto NFT, you will have access to our private PFMC Discord Community where you will find top class crypto analysts, experts, influencers, metaverse real estate owners and others discussing markets and moves they are making. Along with this, you can find ways to dominate the metaverse by interacting with members. Don’t forget, the more you are active in the group, the more utilities you receive. You want to be the most powerful in the PFMC-verse, don’t you?

Community Gatherings

We will be hosting some of the best private parties ever thrown that guarantee a “whale of a time.”

Comic Book

Plain Face crypto NFT holders will be given an exclusive Plain Face Millionaire Club comic book that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

PFMC provides an environment in which crypto NFT holders receive fresh, financially beneficial material every day, which is precious. Every member will have financial independence if we come together as a community and take this initiative to the next generation. Participants from all around the globe may come together to accomplish a shared objective on this platform.

Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding the Plain Face Millionaire Club, as well as details about our upcoming sale, which you won't want to miss!

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