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How to Write Money-Making Online Articles

Here's how I make money writing articles online.

Here's how I make money writing articles online.

Write Money-Making Online Articles to Generate Passive Income

I have been writing effective, money-making articles online for almost ten years. In this article I share some of what I’ve learned in those years about how to write articles that actually get traffic.

Over the years I have stumbled upon some highly effective ways to write articles that get featured and earn me some sweet passive income. You’re about to benefit from my years of hard work. I’m going to start by sorting my experience into dos and don’ts.

It takes time, but passive income from writing online articles is possible if you are patient and work hard.

It takes time, but passive income from writing online articles is possible if you are patient and work hard.

Strategy Number One: Focus on Your Readers

Of all the tips in this article, this is the one that matters the most. If you want to be successful writing online articles, then, you have to put aside your own creative and romantic urges and write for your audience. Creative and personal writing is important, and you should definitely do it (I do!), but that kind of writing does not make money.

Do This: Excellent Strategies for Making Money by Writing Online

Think about what people need, and how you will give it to them. This isn’t about you — it’s about your readers. This is the number-one guideline, but there are others:

  • Write at least 1000 words; more is always better
  • Use nearly perfect English. This includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • Include pictures, quotes, videos, and polls. Get your pictures from; they’re free for
  • Make sure your photos are cleared for your commercial use
  • Include any sources you used, especially if it’s for a health or fitness article
  • Be prepared for critiques and editing. You’ll need tough skin!
  • Be very patient throughout the process — it all takes time.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

— Unknown

Don’t Do This: Mistakes That Even Veteran Writers Make

  • Write very short articles. You’re wasting your time.
  • Write blog posts that only concern something you did once. Remember, you’re writing to fulfill a need, not to talk about yourself.
  • Write articles to promote your business. It’s amazing to me how many people think they can get away with this.
  • Expect your creative writing to get much traffic. You can publish it on HubPages, but typically people online are not searching for your poetry.
  • Underestimate the intelligence of your readers. Don’t hustle or BS them — they’ll know.
  • Forget your grammar rules and spelling
  • Get impatient and frustrated and lash out at the people trying to help you!
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Rule Number One

If there's one thing that will make or break you as a writer, it's this: Always think about what people need. You are providing a service, not life-changing literary brilliance. HubPages, the internet, and even the world will reward useful, clearly presented information that people are looking for. Ask yourself: What do I use the internet for? How does it help me? How does it answer my questions? How does it make my life easier and better? As a HubPages writer, you are now on the “answering side” of these questions.

How a little bug taught me a lesson about money-making online articles.

How a little bug taught me a lesson about money-making online articles.

An Example: My Termite Story

Every good online article begins with a good idea, but without research and an authoritative voice, finding an audience for your article will be difficult. For this reason, I always begin with a topic that interests me and that I have some first-hand experience with. I then test it with a few google searches to make sure that there’s enough traffic to justify a new online article on the subject.

For example, I wanted to write an article about termites because I have a friend whose house was damaged by these insects, and he told me a lot about his situation. I started by searching a few termite-related terms to check traffic – great, it’s in the 100-millions. But I quickly noticed a problem!

I Forgot to Check My Competition!

When I searched my termite terms, I noticed that all of the top search returns on Google were for termite exterminators. These were big-name companies, and they dominated the search returns on page one of the SERPs, as well as several pages in. What does this mean?

This means that my article will likely never struggle to any of the top return pages, let alone page one. People searching for “termites” just don’t need to hear about what I know – they want an exterminator, fast. They’re going to find one, and that’s it.


Success In the End!

A few minutes of research saved me from spending considerable time and energy writing an online article about termites that would never be able to compete on Google, and would likely never get much traffic at all. My termite article is currently doing well for a brand-new article; given time, it could rise to the top of the SERPs -- since I now know that the competition is not as fierce as it could be!

Your Writing Advantage

Follow these rules, and you will have a huge advantage over other first-time writers trying to make money on HubPages. As you become more comfortable and familiar with your new status as a writer, you will look around and see people making all of these mistakes — but not you!

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It's a big mountain -- time to start climbing!

It's a big mountain -- time to start climbing!

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