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Beat Rising Gas Prices by Saving Money


Why Should You Listen to my Advice

I have read many articles about gas prices and a lot have provided misguided advice. So why should you listen to me? Well first, I am a single mom that has to watch her money in every way. I find deals and learn tricks to save in every aspect of life. Next, I have learned how to work on my own vehicles and am sure to keep them properly maintained. Finally, I have managed a convenience store for the last 11 years.


We all Have to Deal with Rising Gas Prices

Working in a convenience store right now has been more than stressful. Every day there is discussion about whose fault it is that gas is so high. Some customers even blame us and are very rude about it. I guarantee the management at the gas station you are visiting has no hand in the price, so please quit blaming them.

No matter who, or what, is to blame for the prices, we all have to deal with them. We all have to find ways to save money on each fill up. Even gas station attendants and management have to pay those prices. So let's all come together and find ways to save money instead of blaming everyone. That will not help anyone at all.


Use Apps to Save a Few Cents Per Gallon

There are several apps available to the consumers that allow them to save money. I personally use two different apps to save. It depends on which gas station I am at for which one I use.

When I get gas at my place of work, which is a Phillips 66 station, I use the Conoco Philips app. It is convenient to use. I stay in my vehicle, pick a pump, pay through Paypal and then it authorizes. Once it is authorized there is a .10 cents a gallon savings added. If you happen to have a Conoco or Phillips fuel card, you can save up to .25 cents per gallon.

The other app I use is Gasbuddy. With my Gasbuddy card I use this when I am traveling and go to other gas stations. I usually save roughly .20 per gallon with the app as long as I remember to activate the deals. Gasbuddy also provides you with recent gas prices and has a point system if you report gas prices to them.

No matter which gas station you use, find out if they have an app. Most companies are trying to get consumers business. To get more people to shop with them, they are offering incentives. Take advantage of the situation when you can to save you money on gas.

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Buy Gas Where You Get Groceries

There are several different places that sell groceries that allow you to gain points that you can use towards gas savings. I personally shop at Safeway. I let the points add up until they are close to expiring, then fill up my gas tank. Usually every two to three months I get a dollar off a gallon. By allowing my tank to get close to empty when the discount is close, there is generally a $1 savings per gallon. That is a savings of about $30 every other month on gas.

Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

One of the most efficient ways to save money on gas is by properly maintaining your vehicle. This means checking to ensure you have the proper tire pressure on each tire, having regular oil changes, and getting the filters checked and changed when needed.

Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure needs to be regulate to help in many areas of your commutes. It helps with proper handling, provides a smooth ride, gives you a longer tire life, and definitely saves you money. It can actually increase your fuel economy by as much as 5%.

Read your owners manual or look at the label inside your drivers door. These will provide you with the PSI that your vehicle needs. If you cannot find the information on your own, ask a professional. Most will find out the information and will not charge you. In addition to having the correct tire pressure, make sure you have good tires for your vehicle. Worn tires will actually cost you more in the long run, then purchasing good tires for your vehicle.

Oil Changes and Filters

Having regular oil changes, every 3000 to 5000 miles depending on your vehicle, will give the vehicle a longer life, and save you as much as 3% on your fuel economy. You can get oil changes at many different place or do your own. The important thing is to have it completed regularly. Also, spend the extra few dollars to get the fluid level and the filters changed. This can save you money on gas and your vehicle will last years longer. Keeps records as well, this will increase the resell value.

Gas Price Average!

Conclusion to Dealing with Rising Gas Prices

The last couple of years has been tough for all of us. Now we are dealing with gas prices rising at a rate most of us cannot afford. You can find ways to save money on gas by doing simple things.

If you get 40 gallons of gas a week and save .20 cents, that saves you $8 a week. With gas prices so high, that is a big savings. There are ways to save even more if you take the time to learn.

Now that you save per gallon, you can learn to improve your gas mileage by maintaining your vehicle. With the gas prices at their current rate, you could save more than $100 a month by doing a few simple things.

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