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Online Shopping Deals - Where to Find Deals, Discounts and Promo Codes

I love to save money and sharing my savings with others. Saving money during this time is more important than ever. Every little bit helps.


Shopping Online Has Become Our New Norm

Now more than ever people are shopping online. Because of what is going on in the world right now, the safest way to shop is by not leaving our homes. This is sad but for now this is the way it has to be. Keeping ourselves safe and healthy is what is most important, and personally I go out as little as possible. But, Christmas is right around the corner and I am going to be honest, I always did love being out and about shopping for great bargains and finding wonderful gifts for my family and friends. I always enjoyed my time shopping around the holidays. Well I must admit, I just like shopping for deals in general whether it is around the holidays or not, but of course I shop more during the holiday time which for me started really early this year because I found a great way to save money and find deals so the Christmas presents have been piling up for months. My fiance hates it because one whole side of our office is filled with presents. Some are even wrapped already! I really got a head start this year. But I know there are a lot of late shoppers out there. Luckily we can get our online orders in a day or two now a days.


Being Gentle on Our Wallets

So many people lost income during this pandemic buying the things we need and let's face it we want, has become hard and stressful for a lot of people. I am hopeful we will all get through this, and that one day in the near future things return to normal, but in the mean time we still need things. Because a lot of us are working at home now, there are things we need to help us to be more comfortable while spending our working hours at home. We still need supplies for our children to learn and to go to school whether that be from home or in the classroom. We need items for our pets and things to keep ourselves occupied and busy. Though we are trying to stand still in this world, the world is never still and we have to have a way to get the things we want and need and still be kind and gentle on our wallets.


Amazing Deals and Promo Codes

I shopped online a lot before all of this pandemic but I shop online a whole lot more now. I always looked for deals, bargains and coupons but it takes research and time and some people just do not like to do it even if it can save some money. So I decided to create a place where I have listed a lot of different deals and promo codes for products that you can use everyday, gifts, clothing, electronics and more. It is just one page and the codes and deals are listed right there for you so you do not have to go searching online for a promo code. I have seen other groups like this and I thought that it would be nice if I could offer these same deals and promo codes to other people. I really do enjoy putting these items together for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Amazon Shopping - Deals and Promo Codes

Amazon Shopping - Deals and Promo Codes

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Where to Find Deals and Promo Codes

I created a private Facebook group called Amazon Shopping - Deals and Promo Codes. I have lots of wonderful deals and promo codes listed everyday. I try to find products that would be most beneficial for everyone and things that people really could use or things that would be nice as gifts. I am always open to hearing what it is that you are looking for so I encourage you to message me or comment on my article and give me your ideas and input. I also have a blog where I review products that I buy on Amazon, regular everyday items that we all use. The blog is Product Reviews, Deals and Promo Codes. Saving money is important to all of us, but keeping sane and being able to still get the things we want is important as well. I hope that everyone stays safe, happy and healthy and that we all get through this crazy mess!

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