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Don't Pay More for Your Amazon Prime Membership

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Amazon Membership fee goes on another increase.

Amazon Membership fee goes on another increase.

Prices on everything are going up, even your Amazon Prime Membership!!

Yes, having the convenience of shopping online and items delivered to your door fast and free is going to cost more!!

Prices going up is not a surprise, but to have to go from paying $119 per year to $139 for an Amazon Prime Membership -- that's steep!! Even if the last increase was in 2018, it's a hard increase on the wallet.

Well, the good news is there is a way to offload the increase in membership price for about another year. Just make sure you take action before February 18th, when the price increase starts. For those who already have a membership, renewal prices go in effect starting March 25th.

Here's how you can hold off on the Amazon Membership price increase:

  1. Purchase a Gift Membership before the price increase goes in effect.
  2. Update your account to stop auto-renewal of membership.
  3. Apply the Gift Membership when your current membership expires!
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While this does mean you'll have to dole out cash for the membership in advance, you are also saving yourself $20 in the end. The great thing is the gift membership is redeemable within 3 years of purchase.

Happy savings!!

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