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Activate Influencer Platform Review

Paola Bassanese is a freelance author and writer specialising in food, lifestyle and entertainment.

Activate Profile

Activate is an influencer agency and platform empowering brands and influencers to build inspiring partnerships. Founded in 2008, Activate is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is also known as the blog aggregator Bloglovin’, its initial brand name, specialising in content discovery.

Activate’s platform has more than 150,000 registered influencers.

In 2020 Activate was acquired by Impact Technologies, a US Partnership Automation and Partnership Economy company specialising in affiliate marketing, business development and SaaS, and backed by private equity funding. This move allowed Activate to get a bigger market share in influencer marketing and expand its influencer discovery capability.

By accessing Impact Technologies’ Partnership Automation technology Activate was able to automate and simplify the process of searching for, recruiting and managing influencers with full reporting capability. For influencers the acquisition enabled them to access a thousand major global brands including large retailers and financial services companies.

According to Businesswire, the “influencer market is projected to reach $22 billion by 2024”.

Influencers Are Content Creators


Signing Up On Activate As An Influencer

To be able to send your pitch to companies you need to create a profile and link your social media accounts, which requires authentication. This allows Activate to calculate your overall reach based on the number of followers you have across all social media platforms. You can also link to your website to give Activate access to your web analytics.

Applying For Collaborations

Your Activate dashboard will display all available opportunities that match your profile. Some of the opportunities are non-cash so you don’t receive payment but you may receive a free product or get access to an experience such as a holiday to review. Other non-cash opportunities include promoting a charity or attending an event.

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You will see that some advertisers have a set budget while others accept quotes.

Providing a quote is quite difficult as you don’t have enough information to know how much your competitors are pitching for. You can get an indication of the fee you might be able to earn by comparing similar opportunities from other agencies.

The work required may include posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, or writing a blog post. At times advertisers provide their own content while at other times you need to create original content, which requires approval. For original content you will need to follow the guidelines provided by the advertiser.

Likes And Comments Mean Business


Who Activate Is A Good Fit For

Activate is a great platform for established influencers with a strong following, ideally based in the US as that’s where the majority of available opportunities is.

A common requirement is that influencers should have a minimum of 10,000 followers on each individual social media platform and not collectively across all platforms they have a profile with. Micro influencers are usually defined as influencers who have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.

Another factor to consider is if you are a parent/have children, because many agencies want to promote products targeted at families. Pitching to agencies on Activate can be extremely profitable for expecting mothers and new mothers: mother and baby products attract the highest fees.

There is a good market for food influencers especially in specific niches such as gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, paleo and keto and so on.

Additionally, bloggers who write about healthy eating for children are very much in demand.

A large number of promotional opportunities are related to US holidays such as Thanksgiving. For example, if you are based in Europe, advertisers will not be likely to be interested in collaborating unless you can prove that your audience is mostly US expats.

Pet care also represents a good opportunity for influencers.

Engaging Content Earns Money For Influencers


My Experience With Activate

I had a profile on Activate for a few years. I received Activate’s email newsletter listing all available opportunities most days (mostly once a day) and realised that I could not apply to many of them because of my location in Europe.

Non-US opportunities also tend to be non-cash so if you are interested in earning as an influencer who is not based in the US this platform is not a good fit.

For example, some opportunities required influencers to visit a US store in person.

Another disadvantage I had as an influencer was that I am not a family blogger.

My profile did not match many of the existing opportunities and when I submitted my pitches I received no replies. During my time on Activate I never completed an assignment and didn’t earn any money or received products.

While I wouldn’t say the experience overall was negative, I was disappointed by the lack of feasible collaboration opportunities.

Have you worked with Activate?

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