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A Few Little Tricks to Save Money

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We were at a gorgeous modern University.

It was in the hills, separate from the town. it was huge and beautiful, clean and worthy of pictures.

There was one problem, we were far from the shops. The closest supermarket was way down the bottom of the hill then, over a mile South.

Most of us didn't have transportation so it was walk the huge campus to the road, wait for the bus or get a lift with someone.

This fact forced us to do all sorts of conservation.



Yeah. We all know that you are to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom. As it gets flat, you roll it up. Eventually you reach the top.

Now what?

Unroll the toothpaste tube. Have the cap on. Cut the bottom. Squeeze it open. Put your brush in, at the top. Swirl it around. You'll get enough for a nice brushing. As you clear the top, work your way down.

When the top half inch is clear, cut it off, and keep moving down. It is likely you'll get two weeks or more toothpaste then you imagined.

Further what your brush picks up is enough to clean your teeth without excess.



You buy a bar of soap. You are ready to use it. Cut the bar of soap in half. Put half back in the package. Use one half. As it gets smaller and smaller, put it into a little container with water. You can use the water as a mild liquid soap.

Take the unused half of soap, start using it. When it gets small, put it in the container, press it to the other piece, and you've got a few more washings.

Keep doing it. Every time you buy, cut the soap in half. As it gets small into the container, pressing it to the what's left pieces.

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Second half, small container, and crush together. Not an atom of soap is wasted.


Shampoo/Body Wash

When you buy shampoo or body wash, pour some into another container and add two parts water to one part shampoo or body wash. This not only makes it last longer, but suds faster and wash out quicker.

You can add stuff to the shampoo/body wash, such as aloe vera and use the shampoo/body wash to clean out an 'empty' container of skin cream.

Before you throw out that 'empty' container of skin cream, pout in your shampoo/body wash, shake it around, and pour it back into the container. The little cream that remains in the container is good for your skin and your hair.


Skin Lotion

Have an empty container. Pour in some skin lotion. Add some olive or coconut oil. Add Aloe Vera. This not only prolongs the use of the lotion, but makes it even better.

The skin lotion in enhanced by the aloe vera and the oil. Whatever the chemicals are in that lotion, you've sort of cut them down with pure edible oil and the marvelous properties of aloe vera.

The Value of the Tricks

When it comes to the toothpaste tube that trick can be used with anything that comes in a tube. The amount left inside is far more than you think, and you'll be surprised by how much more you get by cutting the bottom and going in from that direction.

When it comes to making liquid hand soap, it is so much gentler than actual soap and so much more useful you'll wonder why you never thought of it.

The use of aloe vera on your scalp will also prevent grey. After you wash your hair, the aloe vera you have gotten..(and you are going for real aloe vera.

I am not talking about something you buy in a bottle, but cutting an actual frond of the plant, catching the liquid in a jar, peeling it, and putting chunks in the jar.

The aloe vera will, over time, turn purple. That's fine. It is supposed to do that.

Aloe vera is also good for burns, bug bites, jelly fish stings. So it is a real miracle product.

The tricks not only save money, but in many cases, enhance the product.

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