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7 Best Online Learning Platforms In 2022 To Jumpstart Your Career

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online learning

online learning

1. Udemy

Udemy is the best place to find out if you are looking for a course. Udemy is not a platform but a portal or repository that allows students to access over 100,000 lessons on any topic they choose.

You can also find programming, IT, business skills, and productivity lessons. You can even find personal growth and lifestyle categories that cover skills and techniques you wouldn't get in an academic setting.

Udemy courses can be created in many formats, and instructors can generate multimedia lectures with audio, text, and video elements. Udemy lets students preview the classes they are interested in and offers a 30-day refund for those who aren't satisfied.

Each class is unique, and each one is taught separately. It means that they can price individually: A lifetime access to a single course may cost anywhere from $11 to $15 to $200.


I believe, is one of the most significant personal growth and transformation platforms. Its mission is to assist students in achieving their goals at work and unlock their full potential. Mindvalley is ideal for those looking to make a difference in different areas of their lives within a short time.

Mindvalley has over 50 courses or quests. Top experts teach them from various fields of expertise, including CEOs of large corporations, celebrities coaches, famous therapists, entrepreneurs and internationally recognized speakers. There are five main categories of quests: Mind, Body and Soul, Careers, Entrepreneurship and Relationships.

Each quest takes between 30 and 50 days, and it usually takes 20 minutes per day to complete both a video-based lesson or a practice exercise.

Mindvalley membership costs $499 per annum and gives you unlimited access to all quests. There are also many perks, such as official certificates for completed quests and monthly coaching calls with Mindvalley authors. You can even get a 22-minute assessment to help you identify the areas of your life that need attention. The price is very reasonable considering the value you get for your money.

Get online certificate

Get online certificate


Brilliant is an online learning platform that emphasizes STEM subjects, such as Science, Math, or Computer Science. Both children and adults can take the courses. Brilliant is a learning platform that encourages interaction, engagement, and fun.

Brilliant offers a wide range of subjects, including Algebra and Logic, Advanced mathematics. Calculus, Geometry. Classical physics. Quantum mechanics. Foundational computer science.

Brilliant monthly and annual subscriptions provide full access to all courses and thousands of practice questions across all topics.

Brilliant is an excellent platform, but it only covers STEM subjects, and it is best suited for people interested in computer science and math. Anyone interested in trying Brilliant for free can download a 7-day test.

4. Skillshare

Unlike many other online platforms that offer college-style classes in the end, Skillshare is more informal and focused on improving your creative skills.

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Although there are classes in marketing and business, most courses are in creative fields, experts teach them in the areas, and students learn practical skills in their projects. The majority of systems include a series of video lessons and assignments that allow students to put their learning into practice.

Skillshare uses a subscription model rather than a per-course payment plan. Students who sign up for the service can take as many courses or as few as they wish while subscribed. The current pricing is $32/month or $168 if you pay upfront (approximately $14 per month).

The platform also offers a variety of classes for free, including short videos of 20 minutes to more detailed tutorials lasting an hour. These classes are unclear, but they can be a great way to explore potentially exciting topics.

online learning

online learning


MasterClass offers many more creative courses than the traditional ones, but its marquee offerings put top actors, writers and musicians in the teacher's seat.

These aren't just "talk" classes. Most courses have 20 lessons, which allows you to dive into the topic of your choice. There is no better way to learn about these often obscure professions than from already successful ones.

These classes are video-based and include practical advice and demonstrations and lectures, workbooks and class discussions. Shonda Rhimes can give TV writing tips, Gordon Ramsay can teach you how to cook, Martin Scorsese can teach you filmmaking, and Anna Wintour can help with creative leadership.

The masterClass is a subscription-based platform that allows you to take as many sessions as you wish within a monthly subscription. Students must sign up for one-year access at $15 per month.

6. Coursera

Coursera is more than a place to enroll in classes similar to college courses. It also offers academic courses from real professors at a fraction of the cost of an online degree.

Over 200 universities and businesses are partners of the platform to offer authentic learning experiences that can lead to real-world benefits. You can earn certificates or degrees through Coursera, which can lead to professional uses such as raises and promotions. Coursera also offers exciting and challenging classes on various topics so that you can discover new interests.

Multimedia courses can be created on the platform. Professors can upload videos, build quizzes, grade quizzes, and assign homework.

Each course has a price. The cheapest classes start at $30-40 and go up from there. However, there are instances when you can buy a combination of courses (and sometimes at a discounted rate) to create a track or degree program. Coursera Plus offers unlimited access to more than 3,000 courses for only $399 per year. It is the closest thing you can get to an online college experience without enrolling in college.

7. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a learning platform created for working professionals. It offers courses in software development, data science and cybersecurity.

While individual courses are possible, Pluralsight encourages students to enroll in one "path." These courses are like mini-degrees, and they offer a series of related courses that cover a particular area of expertise. Like, individual programming languages, security certificates, creativity in specific software, etc. These pre-made paths eliminate the need to guess and allow you to take a quick test to determine your skill level.

You can choose from over 7,500 classes on hundreds of paths.

No matter how many courses or paths you choose to take, the cost is approximately $29 per month for the personal plan. A whole year of the project costs $299 at a slight discount, and a premium option is also available for $449 per annum. It includes all the standard features and courses and additional interactive courses, and industry-standard practice tests for professional certifications.

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