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5 Ways to Save Money Shopping on Amazon

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of how to shop online to save the most money possible. Let me teach you the best ways to make the most of your Amazon Prime Membership. Saving money on stuff we purchase everyday is easier than you may think.

I have been a Amazon Prime member since 2012 and purchase the bulk of our needed home goods through Amazon, as well as some of our farm supplies. There are plenty of tricks to shopping on Amazon that will save you lots of money. of ways to save enough on Amazon that it negates the cost of the yearly membership.

5 Ways to Save Money

If you landed here, you are looking to save money while shopping online. Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop while saving money. All without ever leaving the house or fighting a crowd at the store. Here are 5 ways to save money while shopping on Amazon:

1. Pantry

2. Lightning deals

3. Promo codes and deals groups

4. Shopping with influencers

5. warehouse and certified refurbished


Shopping Pantry

Shopping Prime Pantry is among one of my favorite ways to save money on grocery and household items. Many people don’t understand how to shop pantry and as a result don’t take advantage of the low prices and clip-able coupons on the available products.

Understanding how Prime pantry works is best to get you started saving money. The perks of pantry are:

  • Free shipping with a $4.99 monthly pantry membership
  • Free shipping when you spend $35
  • Non-Prime members can shop pantry with a flat $5.99 shipping rate
  • Access to Exclusive Deals
  • Clip-able coupons
  • Buy it again options make shopping staple items simple
  • Name brands are often cheaper than big box retailers

I find loads of food products and cleaning supplies under $2 when shopping pantry. The buy it again option saves me time in searching staple items to add to cart. When I shop pantry, they are at the side bar and I can easily add to cart.

I save money by shopping pantry deals and checking for coupons. I almost always spend the $35 minimum for free shipping. If you are not a prime member the $5.99 shipping fee can often still be cheaper than heading to town to shop for groceries. No hassle shopping, no fuel costs and delivery right to your door.

I find that most name brand items are cheaper shopping pantry than I find locally at any of the big box retailers. While sometimes they may only be around 10 cents cheaper, 10 cents do add up over time. Especially when it is staple items we go through frequently at home.

Shopping from home has its own perks, especially amid our current social distancing requirements these days. I never have trouble finding supplies, click add to cart and never have to leave the house. Pantry offers a wide range of categories to shop from:

  • Beverages
  • Breakfast Items
  • Cleaning and Household items
  • Grocery
  • Snacks
  • Deals

I always check the deals first; this is often where you find clip-able coupons and extra savings while shopping. The only thing I notice is that shopping pantry is best done on a PC. Using the mobile app on pantry seems to have limited products and search results, I see more selection while shopping on my laptop.


Lightning Deals

Maybe you are new to shopping on Amazon and are unaware of what a lightning deal is. A lightning deal is a promotion or discount offered by a brand or seller for a limited time only. Sort of like a flash sale most lightning deals last under 24 hours. There are thousands of lighting deals everyday on a wide variety of items. Everything from clothing to electronics.

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If you are a prime member you can take advantage of early access. Prime members can view and purchase a lightning deal 30 minutes before they are available to non-prime shoppers. Lightning deals not only have a limited time frame to get an item at the sale price, they also have a limited quantity available to. There will be a spot that says ‘XX% claimed’ so you often only have a small window to purchase to get the promotional pricing.

By far this was my favorite promo code from a deals group! 99% off a 11 foot patio umbrella.

By far this was my favorite promo code from a deals group! 99% off a 11 foot patio umbrella.

Promotional Codes and Deals Groups

I save thousands of dollars a year shopping with promo codes and deals groups on social media. Clothing, cleaning supplies, outdoor furniture, toys you name it there is likely a code floating around for it. Any product you could possibly want there is usually a code somewhere for it. Often new brands will partner with these groups in order to get their items shared on social channels, offering deep discounts for new product launches.

Sometimes a brand may have made improvements to a product and they are looking to clear out old stock before relaunching and you can snag a 90% discount on their item. Those are my personal favorite ways to shop and I save a bundle on holiday shopping each year promotional codes and online deals groups. Last year I managed to do all my holiday shopping for a family of 4, plus a few extended family members for under $300 total thanks to some deep discounts on popular items.


Shopping With Influencers

Another way to land some sweet deals that you may not be aware of is shopping with influencers. Influencers are those with large social followings that participate in the Amazon influencer program. I follow several influencers on Amazon and shop their lists. Shopping lists is easy and depending on the influencer their lists are deals. Not all influencers do ‘deal’ or sale lists so choosing whom to follow is up to you.

Some influencers curate lists that are higher priced items while others list will be the best prices for specific items that fit into the niche topic for a specific list. The thing I like about lists is I can ‘heart’ them. Much like tapping the heart on Instagram you can tap a heart on a list. If a list is for products I shop or am interested in, then I will heart it. Then if anything new is added to the list I get email updates. This makes it easy for me to remember to check lists for new awesome deals and sales when influencers add them.

You have the option of following the influencer too, this way any new curated lists that pop up you will get a email notification for that as well. Yes, influencers do earn based on sales, but it is kind of like supporting local. Influencers are like a small business and I don’t mind them gaining commissions considering it doesn’t impact the price I pay.

Additionally, influencers have access to promo codes often, and if an influencer is popular brands will contact to them share specific discounts and promo codes as well. This gives them a little more access to deals and savings than your average shopper.


Warehouse Deals and Certified Refurbished

For me warehouse deals and certified refurbished are the next level of savings. I normally shop these when it is a high cost item. My insta pot I purchased I got for the sweet price of $30 because it was a warehouse deal, saving me $40 off MSRP. I was shocked when it arrived and was brand new in the box. I have been using for some time now without any issues. It is probably in my top 3 favorite Items I have scored while shopping Amazon.

Generally, with warehouse deals there maybe issues that caused an item to need repackaging, or a few cosmetic scratches etc. With Amazon it seems as if any return item, is never listed for sale as used. So, these returns that are in working order or still new and for whatever reason returned land under the warehouse deal category and listed as used.

When shopping warehouse you just need to look at the various descriptions listed. These descriptions may include:

  • Item will come repackaged/Not in original packaging
  • Item has small cosmetic imperfection(s)

I don’t know about you but a working high cost item that may have a little cosmetic imperfection is a sweet deal to me. For instance, I was expecting my instant pot to have been repackaged with minor cosmetic scratches due to the description. When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised that it in fact had none.

I certainly do not mind refurbished either, especially considering that some high-end items these days just do not last very long. I have purchased game consoles and laptops refurbished for less than half what their new counterparts’ cost.

When shopping and searching you may often see 'new and used from X.XX' if you click the hyper link there on any listing it will open up to the same item from other sellers. If their is a warehouse deal for that specific item it will be there. Now warehouse deals are generally limited quantity, meaning they go really fast as their could be only 1 product on warehouse deals. I have missed snagging a sweet deal a few times because I was weighing if I really wanted it or not. Bottom line they go very fast when they are warehouse deals for popular items.

Savings Savvy Shopping

Let’s face it no one wants to pay full price these days. If you can save even a little bit while shopping it will eventually add up. I hope you learned a few tips and tricks about shopping on Amazon to help you save money. Do you have any savings secrets? I prefer shopping online as it suits my lifestyle and saves me money. We must travel about 30 miles just to get to the closest store so being able to shop online also saves me in fuel costs. I do save thousands of dollars a year with these 5 ways to save money on product cost alone, plus fuel savings makes it a win for me and my family of 4.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cynthia Hoover

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