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5 Steps to Stop Binge Spending Sprees

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As a self-help mentor, this article will assist you on discovering how to add simple steps to your life to help slow the aging process.


1 Are You a Shopaholic?

You could be considered a shopaholic if you are constantly looking for that next bargain, that awesome sale, that must-have item or you will be crushed if you don't buy it right now. This can be a dangerous habit even if you are not on a budget, because it can indicate you are not addressing the root cause. For example, are you lonely, bored or depressed? Are you tired and frustrated from a long day at work and need a diversion? Did your partner just break up with you or is your spouse ignoring you? Is there a task you are avoiding, such as, cleaning your house, working on a household budget, or mowing the lawn? Then you may be going on binge shopping sprees as a diversion and relief from stress in your life. We all suffer from stress and anxiety, it is a normal part of the human condition. However, how we deal with that stress could potentially damage your health, wealth, and happiness.

2 Keep a Daily Diary

Write down your daily routine. It can be as simple as one or two words, such as, make the bed, eat breakfast, meeting at the office at 10 AM, and so forth. Keeping a daily diary will help relieve yourself from trying to remember too many things in one day.

Get into the habit of jotting things down that you want to remember as you go about your day, make a specific list of items you need to purchase, not a wish list, not a Christmas shopping list, only specific items you need either that day or week and keep focused only on those items. I know it sounds difficult, but you need to write down what you are spending your money on and creating a simple weekly spending budget. You can look on the Internet for simple budget templates to track expenditures and revenue. You may find that you can save much more money than you thought you could to achieve your future goals.

If you need to purchase a kitchen gadget, ask yourself why, what will you specifically need it for? Are you starting a new diet and need a blender? Do not race out and buy it today, keep it on your list and wait to see if you still have that intention to make smoothies every morning before work or if it will be too time-consuming. If you cannot afford it this month, then start gathering information about which one to purchase.

The point is to start a daily diary so you are tracking your routine and you will begin to see where your money is going. The daily diary technique will relieve stress throughout your day so you will not feel overwhelmed after your work day ends and you want to unwind and relax at home or meet friends at a local café.

Keep a daily diary of your tasks, purchases, and reminders.

Keep a daily diary of your tasks, purchases, and reminders.

3 Be Honest with Yourself

Do not try and keep up with the latest gadgets, phones, computers or needing to have the latest car. Honesty is the best policy as the saying goes. This means that you must not lie to yourself, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed that you can't keep up with co-workers or your neighbor's spending habits. Be humble about your current situation, not fearful or regretting past mistakes.

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When you binge shop, you are trying to relieve stress, pain, and depression and are simply trying to feel better. Then you get home you have all this stuff you will never use and you start trying to find a place for it, either in your closet, a drawer or throwing it into storage bins. You will find clothes hanging in your closet from a year ago with the price tags still on them.

Start making piles now of items you are throwing in the trash, items you need to save, and items you will be donating to charity. If you have too many items in the charity pile, it means you are binge spending or buying on a whim or impulse. Items should be used up and then discarded, like that flannel shirt you love to wear that is starting to get worn out, that's fine, that means that purchase was a smart one. Now, maybe use it as an old rag to clean your car and then throw it in the trash. Write it down on your list that you need a new shirt and begin shopping for a specific one that you will wear often. Decluttering your house is a good way to see your spending habits right in front of you in piles and it will start to register inside your mind that you need to stop binge spending and buying things you will never use.

4 Carry a Totem

Remember that even buying a lot of inexpensive items add up and will be money you can't get back when an unexpected bill arises, like replacing that flat tire on your car. Therefore, I have found that carrying a small totem in my purse or pocket helps me to remember my path and goals.

My totem is a very small Tiger Eye Buddha that fits into the palm of my hand and I say to myself that I have all I need right now, that I am abundant and lucky to be able to have that choice of putting things back on the shelf and walking out of the store. Any item, trinket, or piece of jewelry can be your personal totem to remind yourself to keep on your path to enlightenment and that you no longer need to be surrounded by material possessions to make you happy.

5 Mindfulness Mantras

Create your own mindfulness mantras you can repeat to yourself throughout the day or when temptation arises. If a co-worker is constantly bothering you to go to lunch with them everyday and it's not in your budget, tell this person that you prefer to bring your own lunch and sit in the park. If they keep bothering you, repeat what you already told them.

To empower you each day and not let people stress you out and get you off your path, then tell yourself each morning on your way to work that "I am working with my own power today, I am not embarrassed or ashamed, I am calm, confident, and will stick to my own routine each day."

Write your own mantras you can recite inside your own mind or say them out loud if you are alone in your car. We can respond to people who infringe on our lives in a kind and thoughtful manner. Being mindful means being in your own body, being present, identifying your feelings, looking around and seeing that you are safe, the sun is shining, and tell yourself that this will be a good day and you will manifest positive actions in your reality.

Be mindful of binging on that expensive cup of coffee. The money could add up to hundreds of dollars annually that would be better sitting in a savings account.

Be mindful of binging on that expensive cup of coffee. The money could add up to hundreds of dollars annually that would be better sitting in a savings account.

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