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4 DIY Haircuts for Men that Still Get the Ladies


Guys: if you're tired of paying $10+ every 2 weeks to get your haircut and still being unable to attract anyone from the opposite sex - it's time to take a stand. Here are DIY 4 haircuts that will get you a date. And save you enough to pay for dinner.


1. The High and Tight

Nothing says "tough guy" like the classic high and tight haircut. This cut is stereotypically worn by the Marines and Army Rangers, which is probably why the ladies won't be able to resist you.

Instructions: Use your 1/2" guard to buzz your entire head. Then remove the guard and nail the sideburns and back of your head.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

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2. Bald

Some people are beautiful bald. If you're one of them (or have no other choice), you really can't beat going hairless. Just be prepared to have at least 13 ladies per day request to touch your smooth scalp.

Directions: If needed, buzz your head without the guard. Then bust out the Gillette Fusion ProGlide and some shaving cream then go to town.

Level of difficulty: Easy


3. Butch

A classic low-maintenance haircut. You may not get as many headrubs as the bald dude in Example #2, but your head is still screaming: "I save money on my shampoo bill. And look dang good doing it."

Directions: Go for the 1/4" to 3/4" guard and blast away. Leave no hair untouched.

Level of difficulty: Easy


4. The Triple Blade Fade

If you can master the art of the even tri-fade on your own hair, you've reached the pinnacle of DIY haircutting glory.

This one has the most risk… but also the most reward. Your hair is long enough that you have options. You can always do the non-gelled-partial-combover look for the employed/nerdy look. Then you can come out of nowhere with the mildly gelled fo-hawk spike that no self-respecting lady could resist.

Directions: Grab the 1" guard and buzz your entire head. Then get out the 3/4" and cut the sides/back. Now get out the 1/2" guard and hit the back of your head up to the bottom of your ears. The tricky part is to fade the length between the top (1") & sides (3/4") and between the neck region (1/2") & back of your head (3/4").

Level of difficulty: Extreme

Savings (Drumroll, Please...)

Just how much could you save by going DIY for the rest of your Earthly existence? For $10 per cut every 2 weeks inflating at 3% over the next 50 years, you're looking at a savings of $29,327.19. If you invest that at 7% interest, that's a cool $105,697.52 or $2,113.95 per year. Now that's a good looking figure.

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There you have it, fellas! All you need is a $10 buzzer and some courage.

Do you cut your own hair? If not, what's your excuse (errr... I mean, highly educated reason)? What advice would you give to first-time-haircutters out there?

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Jaybee on November 24, 2013:

I've been cutting my own hair for three years now; the most difficult part of self-cutting is the neckline. I like to touch it up often and have found the following tricks:

-get a trifold medicine-cabinet mirror. When you open the two outer doors, the mirrors let you (almost) see the back of your head.

-run a piece of masking tape along your neckline as a guide. I like a bit of a radius, so I curve the tape from the centre of the neckline to the bottoms of my ears. Then I trim along the tape for perfect symmetry!

Try a DIY haircut! Pick a longer style and, if you screw it up, just cut shorter.

Daniel C on September 07, 2013:

I cut my own Hair, its not as hard as it seems, and if you fail, you can always go to option 3, so you can practice safely. I must say, the most tricky part is the back, of course, i've cut my hair 3 days ago, and i got a great result, but its not one listed here, anyway i don't need to get the ladies couse i already have mine hehe

Jballa on August 20, 2013:

The triple blade fade instructions won't give you the results in the pic. The 1"guard is way shorter than the hairstyle in the pic.

barberJames on March 14, 2013:

Suck it up and support your local barber

harvey on November 03, 2012:

I always cut my own hair.... Its not that hard... I mean it doesn't take university to learn it all you need is some instructions and the guts to do it! :p if you think things trough then all hair cuts started with diy haircuts else we would still have 2 choices to pick out...

Jennifer Arnett from California on June 07, 2012:

Yes, especially since that is a $105,000 dollar haircut in savings. I like the way you break it down.

iefox5 on June 06, 2012:

Never try DIY haircut, it would be a disaster if I fail. Maybe have a try next time :)

Nathan (author) from Midwest on June 06, 2012:

@Availiasvision Would it look any better if you knew it was a DIY job?

Jennifer Arnett from California on June 06, 2012:

I love the butch cut on men, just saying.

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