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3 Tips on How to Win the Lotto Max in Alberta

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3 Tips on How to Win the Lotto Max in Alberta

Over the past few years, the Lotto Max lottery has become increasingly popular in Alberta and across Canada. After all, with its $50 million prize and its chance at winning up to 14 additional prizes of $1 million each, who wouldn’t want to enter? Unfortunately, those odds are still 1 in 40 million, meaning you have roughly the same chance of being hit by lightning twice on your way to work as you do of winning the Lotto Max jackpot.

If you've always dreamed of getting on the Alberta Millionaires List, I've compiled a list of 3 tips on how to increase your odds of winning the Lotto Max, which might just help make pick some lucky numbers! If you follow these tips when buying your ticket, you may not win the ultimate prize but at least you'll know you did everything in your control to try! Enjoy playing responsibly!

How do you Win Anything on Lotto Max?

Albertans play for a chance to win up to $60 million on one of two draws each and every week, with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $10 million per draw. All you have to do is select six numbers from 1 through 49 plus an additional number from 1 through 9.

Then come back next Wednesday for your chance to become an instant millionaire!

Keep reading for some tips that can help increase your odds: here are 3 things that experts say will boost your chances.

1) Play your numbers

It might seem counterintuitive, but the more numbers you play at lotto max, the less likely you are to win. Sure, there are winners who've played multiple lines and won a huge jackpot, but those stories are the exception. The odds of winning the jackpot with one line is about 1 in 13 million. Increasing that number to two lines (by adding your birthday) cuts your odds down to 1:46 million; 10 lines comes out to an awful 1:638 million; and choosing 20 numbers drops your chances down to 1:567 billion. Stick with just one line and your odds will stay at around 1 in 13 million.

Split it up: If you’re going to play lotto max anyway, consider splitting your tickets into smaller parts—like five or six separate tickets instead of one large ticket. You can even split it up by province if you have a favourite number in mind. Splitting up tickets also helps prevent losing all of your money if you end up matching only part of a ticket's numbers. And don't forget that players can choose their own set of lucky numbers for each draw; simply visit PlayOLG and register for free!

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Give it time: If you're playing because you want to win big bucks quickly, stop now!

2) Use Lottery Systems

If you’re passionate about your lottery picks, it makes sense that you’d want to play more often. But picking numbers isn’t a consistent way of winning. Fortunately, systems and number combinations can give you a better chance of playing—and winning.

The downside is that these methods usually cost money, so before buying into one, make sure it has an excellent record. And don’t be too upset if your system doesn’t pan out at first; success takes time! If you do decide to buy into a system, find out how many tickets are recommended per draw or game and follow those instructions accordingly. It’s also helpful to use systems with partners so that when one person wins, everyone wins!

So try not to get discouraged if your initial efforts don’t pay off. The key here is consistency—not luck—so just keep playing (but maybe stick with freebies for now).

3) Join a Lottery Pool

If you have a couple of friends who also want to play, it’s not a bad idea to organize a lottery pool. The odds will be much better since you can afford more tickets and still win big prizes. Remember that for a group to qualify as a pool, each person has to share equally in any winnings. Even if there are only two people involved, they should agree beforehand how they would split any prize money if one of them wins.

A lottery pool is much more cost-effective: In fact, it may actually save you some money because you get more chances at winning without having to pay full price for all those extra tickets. When it comes time to collect your winnings, make sure everyone pays their fair share based on how many entries they bought. You may even find yourself with enough left over to buy another ticket or two!

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