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25 Best Ways to Save Money on Halloween

Tracy is a freelance writer. In his articles, he shares ideas and strategies on how to save money and to keep a good budget.


It is no doubt that Halloween is one of the much loved holidays in America. It is celebrated by almost everyone both young and old. Statistics show that 90% of Americans celebrate this holiday each year. Many people, however, tend to spend a lot of money during Halloween. A recent study showed that $9.1 billion is spent during Halloween. This translates roughly to $86.13 per person.

Halloween is known as the best and most fun of holidays yearly. This makes the best opportunity for you to get delighted in all spooky-like and dark things and to achieve all this you really do not need to push yourself to the wall for that huge budget. There are some ways through which you can make savings and among them are the costumes you purchase, decors, the candy you buy among others.

Here are a few ways that one can use to save money during Halloween: Costumes are among the most important things to consider during Halloween. Although some people spend the better part of the year preparing costumes for this season which cost much money, time and energy, there are some things and costumes you can consider and make immense savings. Some of the ways include:

Each year there comes a time when the air is filled with Halloween and it pricks you to move on looking for a Halloween costume. Weed costumes come in mind and it really doesn’t matter whether it is trick-or-treating but listed here for you are the best weed-themed-costumes. From the stoner couples costume to superb ideas for the man and woman you’re thinking of, nothing won’t be missed. Get your ideas into action and get spooky.

1. Pool resources

Form groups with friends then get all what could be used as costume of anyone together. Is it that feather boa or frilly old blouse somewhere? Bring them as well as your friends and from those pieces get inspiration on the costume you could use.

2. Thrift shopping for costumes

Stores selling used clothes such as myriad, Value Village or Goodwill and any other shops selling secondhand clothes are best places to get outfits. What you need to be keen on when going for this is, to make sure you make it early on time. Avoid last rush which mostly falls in October with everyone trying conceive costume ideas. The stores sell suits, evening dresses and even wedding gowns as cheap as between $5 and $10 as well as accessories at very cheap price. Start by conceiving what you would like to wear then go shopping for it as it would be so easy.

3. The Giant Pot Leaf

You may set yourself in a simple outlook of the cannabis international symbol. It will not sound that bad if you risk being the only leaf at the Halloween party and actually promote a smoke-off. The Pot leaf outfit provides a good outfit as it will stand out.

4. Nurse High and Dr. Rohl Doobie

This outfit includes shorts with garters, top, neckpiece, mask, and headpiece. The Dr. Rohl A. Doobie sells for only $59.99 and includes a lab coat with cannabis details. An outfit for the Halloween that merges well with Dr. Doobie’s outfit is the Nurse Anita Reefer’s that is available for purchase at the Amazon at $ 47.90.

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5. Rasta Banana Costume

The Rasta banana outfit is 100% polyester and is hand wash. You can actually do a Rasta gear and dress in the banana outfit. The costume also includes a piece of tunic with a head in.

6. Bluntman and Chronic

The pleasant characters from the famous ‘Chasing Army’ and ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ won’t miss in the collection of Halloween costumes. Pick your Bluntman baseball hat and T-shirt topping it up with the Silent Bob and Jay wigs, and go crazy snoochie boochie!

7. Bong King

One of the greatest Halloween costumes is the Bong King that hits at the party. The costume is spectacular printed on either side made of foam backed fabric. The wonder costume is readily available for only $ 29.99.

8. Men’s Rainbow Hippie Costume

The Men’s Rainbow Hippie Costume includes a headband, a tunic shirt, vest, and pants. The costume is perfect for concert, movie, play or a party. With exorbitant flowers, color and fringe the costume can be merged with novel shoes, hats, canes, weapons, and wigs to complete the Halloween look of preference for less.

9. Cops From Super Troopers

Are you prepared for shenanigans? Grow your mustache because this Halloween costume is ahead of the wave and a throwback since the 2001 film ‘the sequel’. Be an actor and recap the parts of this hit film during this Halloween season.

10. Hippie Pet Suit

The Hippie Pet Suit includes a tie and dye shirt that has a fringed vest, a dark wig exclusively with a tie and dye accent and a necklace with a peace sign. If your dog is 15inch neck to tail and 17inch around the neck then this will perfectly match. The dog breeds focused here include the French Bulldog, Jack Russel Terrier, Pug, Boston Terrier, and Maltese.

11. Joint Venture Suit

You will be crafted as a weed businessman with the Joint Venture suit. The costume includes pants, tie and a jacket printed with marijuana leaf. The suit is readily available in different sizes on Amazon and prices vary depending on the vendor and the sizes available from $ 45 to $ 75.

12. Spliff

The Spliff costume can be purchased online on Amazon if you’ve got a prime membership. The costume need not spiking up as it may sound and look like burning clothes.

Remember to one-up your friends or relatives this Halloween and spike up the party with one of these amazing weed-themed-costumes that are over the top. Halloween outfits enable you to bring out your personality and innovativeness to stand out. Although they may at times become strenuous to look for the perfect match, it is fun to run up and down the stores to look for the perfect match of preference. Be careful though because the Halloween accessories can either break or make a costume to go along with them. Hopefully the compiled list will aid you come up and find the perfect Halloween costume you have been longing for. There are stoners in the modern pop culture but you have little to worry about and so many inspirations to choose from.

13. Thrift shopping for decorations

Thrift shops also offer decorations and some of these trendier shops feature the Halloween decors such as window decals, spider webbing. These decorations are sold at prices third lower than what the regular shops charge and also its here you could trace treasures which you can slightly tweak to come up with interesting effect. To create flying skeletons, you can go for the porcelain cherubs and angels used for decors at some homes then paint black and decorate using accent white paint.

14. Shop for decorations from Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are now available every region and these are shops which stock things used for decorations. Visit such stores to get interesting stuff to use for decoration. Go straight to draft section for construction paper packages going for $1 then from that make shapes as desired such as garlands, skulls or bats from the paper. After that now visit the party section for black and orange streamers which can be intertwined. Some of the Dollar shops as well feature Halloween section where you can go straight and shop for all desired decorations at low prices.

15. Paint your desired decorations by your own

You really do not have to purchase all the decorations from stores but also you can consider painting for your own to save money of purchasing. For instance, the headstones, gift tags, labels of spooky botte and invitations you can come up with own print then stick whatever you have printed onto desired choice of surface using mod podge or some glue. In order to achieve this successfully, visit google sites showing samples of Halloween printables for ideas. After printing the decorations, to make them more beautiful you can consider adding drawings or calligraphy of spooky things.

16. Control Candy Portions

Just because you have to give out candy does not mean you go overboard and give lots of expensive treats. You can opt to buy bags of assorted candies instead of the fancy chocolate bars. Do not concentrate on the brand name too, as long as their good candies buy it.

17. Try Not to Host Parties but rather host potluck

Halloween is a time fun and parties, Being a party host is always more expensive than attending one this is because you have to be in charge of the food and drinks. To save money this Halloween, try not to host a party. Instead, wait to be invited to one or sit at home and relax. You can also throe to your friends a potluck whereby this is like a party but no expenses are made. What you do to achieve this is invite your friends but they come with their own dish. Turn that party event into kind of a game whereby awards are given for the most delicious and scariest dishes. Through such, you make huge savings even after hosting guests since you will spend any money to prepare but rather have fun from creativity.

18. Start a Family Tradition

One of the ways that can save you money is a family tradition. You and your family can decide to create a whole new holiday during Halloween that does not necessarily involve everything that comes with the holiday. Take advantage of this time to have some quality family time. Another family tradition you can easily embrace is shopping earlier for Halloween. For instance, for next year’s Halloween, shop this year in November. After Halloween which is in October, there are post clearance sales that can help you and your family save massively on costumes, party supplies and decorations used during Halloween. You can shop for this as at that time the prices are too low and save for the coming year. Checkout from the media the stores offering best deals.

19. Take Part in Free Activities

Many towns and communities usually have various free activities to bring people together during this holiday. Take advantage of these activities as a way of having fun and saving money at the same time. You can end up spending very little or no money at all.

20. Shop at Bulk Stores

If you will be hosting a party or need anything during this holiday, it is good to buy everything you need in bulk. Find a surplus store near you and shop from there.

21. Bring Out The Coupons

This is the best time to use all those coupons you have been saving over the year. Hayrides and haunted houses can make bills quite steep more so for families with kids. Therefore, before booking either of the above, check whether Living Social or Groupon have coupons for such. For most attractions in the locality, months before the Halloween will be full of discounts. Coupons are codes which when entered during checkout of purchase or booking of a house grants the buyer a discount. Some are stuck on some goods which attract the discounts. Use the coupons when you go shopping for candy or party favors.

22. Have a Budget

People tend to overspend if they do not have a budget. This Halloween, draw a budget on how much you want to spend and stick to it.

23. Candy Alternatives

Instead of giving out candies, you can opt for alternatives like rubber toys, glow sticks or any other treat that can be loved by children. Purchase candies from either Sam’s or Costco club to make huge savings and also get some left for enjoying some days after the Halloween.

24. Be Simple

Do not go overboard with your plans. Simple can be better too especially if well planned. Skip the fuss altogether and dare to be different this Halloween.

25. Be Flexible

You do not have to stick to your old ways of celebrating Halloween. Try something new or different, and you might end up spending less than before.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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