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3 Skills That I Think Any One Should Learn

These three skills are very high productive and useful skills that anyone can learn and master with a good amount of effort

1. Graphic design

  • Introduction

Graphic design is the creation of visual content to communicate with the eye and soul.

Graphic design can be one of the most profitable skills to learn, but it might take a good amount of time to master. This includes learning things such as: color theory, online sketching, drawing perspectives, etc.

  • Countless benefits

It helps greatly in marketing and brands, logo designing, building your presence online and portfolio, that is achieved by posting your work and increasing your audience ( getting those sweet followers ).

Graphic design is the backbone of building a professional brand.

  • Full of choices

Graphic designers don’t have to work for a company to make an income, they can work from home while generating a decent amount of money, working from home is accepting commissions submitted by people online or in your local area.

It also has a wide variety of categories that include:


Product design

Package design

Web design

Advertising & Marketing design

Video game art

Logo design

Layout design

Books and magazines

  • Modern skill

Recent research discovered that employment of graphic designers will increase 3% in the upcoming years, and about 23,900 job opportunities are open each year, which means you will find a job easily.

Tools for graphic design are becoming more efficient and easier to use, thus saving time and energy while achieving the same result.

2. Programming

  • What is programming

Programming is the building and designing a program in a language that the computer understands to perform a certain task

Which uses different languages like Javascript, C++, Python, and many more.

  • Future-proof skill

Programming is the future because the world around us is becoming virtual and soon most of the tasks will be automated by the computer, therefore the demand for programmers will be high.

Every company or business relies greatly on technology to achieve success, which means it also relies on you programmers.

  • Better mindset

Programming improves problem-solving skills and logical reasoning which allows you to adapt to any situation(on the computer and even in real life), and can provide you with a creative mind, while also being patient.

  • More money

Programming doesn't need to be your full-time job, you can know coding and add to your exiting job to increase your salary.

A genuine coding boot camp can increase your salary from 25% to 50%.

Computer programmers' salaries can vary from approximately $89,200 to $146,050 a year, so don't miss out.

  • Learn it from home

You need to obtain a degree to work as a programmer, many programmers learned it at home and are working from the comfort of their homes. Thus learning from your house is no problem if thousands of people did it you can do it too. (but it can’t be learned overnight it may require time, so don’t be hasty).

3. Video Editing

  • What is video editing

Video editing is the process of manipulation and altering in the video clip to make it more appealing and entertaining to achieve a certain goal.

  • High demand

Video editing has a high demand seeing that social media platforms are receiving a huge amount of traffic and attention.

Social media platforms are where most people spend their time, which indicates the need for more creators' content to consume thus leading to more need for video editors.

  • Perfect for marketing

Video marketing is the most effective and economical way of marketing in the new era. Producing a good quality video can be very time-saving and much cheaper compared with other marketing methods.

It's an important aspect of digital marketing and advertising, since videos can be placed anywhere to grab attention which increases sales and productivity.

  • Easy and enjoyable


Video editing is easy to learn and it can be quite enjoyable in the process. The learning process can be fairly simple. learning it does require money to start it is mostly completely free if you're about to start.

However, as you become more professional you may need to pay for more reliable software that has more features.

  • Freedom

In video editing, every clip you produce reflects your personality and has its unique touch, Whether your editing for yourself or hired you'll be able to express yourself in your work.

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