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12 Easy Ways to Save Money as a Teen


I know being a teenager it is a little bit hard, because you tend to want almost everything like yes you do want to go out and travel, yes you want to go to Coachella yes you want to I don't know buy a new laptop.

But those things are expensive as a teenager you also tend to want a lot of little things maybe it's Spotify Premium or new clothes or new iPhone cases or maybe a new purse I don't know but the thing is we tend to want a lot of things and it's really hard to save up for the big things.

So I decided to share with you guys 11 ways to help you save money as a teen -


I recommend that you tape something that you really want or that you're saving up for in your wallet or maybe put it as your lock screen on your phone so basically it's just going to constantly remind you that you are trying to save up for something and probably just make you rethink every time. Do you really want to buy this thing and is it worth it.


I definitely recommend to pack your own food and snacks now, I know for most of us maybe you don't pack enough food and you're probably going to get hungry and then if you have some extra cash in your wallet you're going to spend it .on maybe a vending machine .

If you're like in high school or maybe you're going to go out and just buy something I know for me lunch can vary around 8 bucks and imagine if you're spending $8 every single day, even if it's just for like 4 days it's going to add up that money that you spent on food could have gone to whatever your saving.


Look for coupons online now before you hit that checkout button online, I definitely recommend searching Google whether there might be any coupons lying around because sometimes especially for certain holidays some online stores tend to have certain promo codes for certain holidays like maybe St. Patrick's Day, Christmas Labor Day, Memorial Day basically most holidays they have a coupon and you never know, if you don't check on Google especially if they have a newsletter try to sign up for that and they might even send you a coupon.

Usually it's like 10 percent off or maybe $5 $10 off your order and it really helps because that could have gone to taxes or maybe shipping and they basically paid it for you, so it's worth.


Watch out for some kind of deal for certain movie theaters like I know AMC it's usually I think movie tickets are about half off if you're watching it before 12 o'clock.

So maybe if you are going with friends you should definitely recommend going to the movie theaters like before 12 and then probably just have lunch afterwards or even with student ID. Definitely check out whether certain stores have student discounts like even like I know Topshop has like 10% off , if you show them your student ID and you never know you might be just getting your texts off and that would really help.


Be patient before you start to buy something, now I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy something just because you're saving for something else bigger. I'm just saying that you need to make a pretty informed decision before buying something and make sure that you actually really want it.

Because you are saving up for something now let's say you for some reason need a new watch like at least this was for me in my case and it's pretty expensive yet you're saving for something else bigger.

So before you buy that watch or whatever it is try to wait at least three days before buying it and maybe even make a pros and cons list as to whether why you should buy it and why shouldn't buy it just to like make sure that you really do want that watch that you're not just buying it. Because you feel like it's going to gratify your needs.


I recommend that you get some kind of container maybe some kind of shoe box or if you want to make it cute get a mason jar and essentially just put in a dollar every single day or maybe some loose change by doing that you're going to make it add up even, if it's just a dollar it basically if you just wait for a whole month and you already got thirty bucks and it really helps.

Especially if you try not to touch that container full of money you'll save a lot of money just keep putting a dollar in there every day.

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Maybe if you're going to go out on a date or if you just want to hang out with friends, I definitely recommend going to places that are free now I know for Los Angeles we do have a ton of free places to go to even though this place is really expensive like there are museums such as the road that you can go to and it's completely free as well as maybe Getty Villa or LACMA on certain days.

I mean basically just check out certain places it doesn't have to be a museum do search for places that are free or maybe some other places that are free on certain days just research that maybe there might be a student discount you never know but it's better than paying full price for something. So you can save moving on.


Maybe you're going to go hang out with your friends I definitely recommend sharing or maybe splitting your food with them, now I know for the case of Starbucks I've never actually tried this hack myself but I've seen it around Pinterest and basically you just order like a venti something maybe just split it with your friend and then get like another tall cup and then just split it into two because it's probably going to cost like two something and that's a lot cheaper than buying your own tall beverage.

Which is probably going to cost like three for something also adding on to this tip, I also recommend probably buying smaller portion sizes and you can also look through the kids meal. I mean kids meal portions are a lot smaller and so they're a lot cheaper compared to regular adult sizes .


I definitely recommend reusing and redecorating things to be new so basically this applies to almost everything like let's say summer is coming up and you need new shorts do you really need new jean shorts especially if you go to like places like Hollister.

They're shorts cost the same as like the regular jeans sometimes so instead of doing that just look through your clothes and maybe you have some extra jeans that you don't really wear as much anymore and just cut them and you can make your own short.

You don't have to buy a new pair just don't try to find excuses to buy new things when you can still use your old things.


Basically just cut out any unnecessary spending oftentimes you never even know that, it's actually unnecessary until you actually evaluate what you're spending your money.

On even with the case of Starbucks do you always have to get Starbucks every single day, you can probably just limit that to maybe twice a week maybe as a treat you don't need to get Starbucks every single day.

Essentially just try to list almost every single thing that you spend your money on just reevaluate whether you actually need that like every single time like maybe you like to buy books and I also like going to Barnes & Noble and looking at their books.

But do I buy those books no I don't I go to the library and I borrow those books because I know it's just going to end up on my bookshelf gathering dust, essentially just try to find ways to maybe substitute what you're spending your things on or just try to limit it as much as possible.

Because you probably don't need to spend that much on that thing.


Always get samples like maybe most places might not have samples, but I know in the case of like Sephora or lush you can always get samples of their products, like especially for Sephora maybe you want to try that kind of foundation or primer or whatever just get a sample first and most of the time their samples are actually like a lot for that certain product.

Like I recently got samples of like two different primers and I feel like I mean especially for me I don't wear makeup like every day or anything that primers going to last me for a long time even for less you could probably ask for samples of like face masks like I've done it before or like their lotions and you can use that, you can use that for traveling too.

So like why not just do that and get a sample and you're still going to save a lot of money.

So these were 11 tips that can save you money, hope you like these tips.

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