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11 Ways I Make Money Online

Farrah has been a financial analyst for years and continues to write articles geared toward helping you improve your earnings online.


There's a lot of money to be made online. I personally make money online from several channels each month which get sent either to my Payoneer account or any other account medium.

I feel I should add though that you might want to set up these streams of income one after the other, that way you don't get stretched too thin and discouraged.

When I first started out, I started with just one stream, then started increasing them as each gained ground and started earning a constant income. Now I have a few of these streams and earn a income constantly from them

Here are:


11 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Write and Sell Ebooks

I have been into eBook writing since 2013 and sell them on self-publishing sites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Draft2Digital, Lulu, Payhip.com and Blurb and every month, the money for the books I sell gets deposited into my Payoneer account.

All I have to do is go to an ATM with a MasterCard or Verve logo and withdraw my money in my country's currency..

It is a sweet way to make money, considering the books you write today keep selling for years.

To start, go to Amazon. com to register an account. Next, head over to kdp. amazon. com, login in and configure your site, then upload your ebooks to start making money.

When uploading your books, you should make use of keywords that have a moderate to high search volumes, good monthly earnings and very low competition to increase your books visibility and he chances of making money.

I make use of a software Publisher Rocket as well as Amazon suggest tools to find these keywords and give my books a good chances of being seen and purchased.

Once your books start to sell, you will get paid your earnings in two months which means if you sold some books for the month of February, you would get the money from those sales at the end of April. March earnings will be paid at the end of May and so on.

2. Sell Softwares

If you are good with designing softwares, then you can make A LOT of money.

Some of the best selling softwares have sold for such eye-popping amounts. Its amazing you can get such a huge amount from the sale of a single digital product.

However, it isn't just possible, it has happened and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Some softwares that have sold for such good amounts in the past include:

- Source Engine - sold for $200,000
- VXWorks - sold for $190,000
- Soft Image Face Root - sold for $90,000
- Core Impact PRO - sold for $50,000
- Way finding - sold for $20,000

A mobile application app or software that is in high demand can sell for such a good amount, you'd just have to work on it so it is an improvement on your competitors' apps, that way you stand a good chance of getting more market share.

You can sell your designed softwares on e-junkie, sellfy, PayPro, Payloadz, EBay and clickbank.

3. Design and Set Up Blogs for People

If you're good at designing, you can customize WordPress blog for people and charge a price for your services.

Most blog designers I know are self-taught and got their knowledge from gingering with the WordPress open-source themes or by watching videos on youtube, udemy or coursera.

You can become a seasoned blog designer in six months and start making money off this skill.


More Ways to Make Money Online...

4. Design and Develop Websites for

You can also design and develop dynamic sites for people and earn up to $15,000 per annum as a freelance web developer.

You would need to go learn a programming language for this. I learnt PHP coding language when I decided to go into web development, but you can choose to go further and learn other coding languages like JavaScript C# and Java to increase your coding abilities.

6. Run Facebook Services

You can also run Facebook services like helping companies maintain their Facebook page, running adverts for people, or becoming a social media manager.

Another thing you can do is design and set up Facebook profiles and you will make good money from this.

7. Write on Freelance Sites

If you are good in writing, then you can write on sites like freelancer, fiverr, zemandi, problogger, or upwork to make a descent living.

People are constantly in need of blog or website content and this is where your skill comes in.

You can work on these site to a point where you build trust with a few brands or individuals to the point where they start to give you constant jobs outside of the freelance platforms.

8. Run Google Adsense on Your Blog

You can also set up your own blog and apply for Google Adsense. Its not so easy getting approved for Google Adsense, but you can get around this by applying the following:

- Get a website with a good user-friendly design.

- Write 10 articles of 1,500 words long on just one niche eg health or technology.

- Include important pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us

- Remove ads of other companies from your site (you can add these later once your site gets approved).

- Share your blog posts on social media sites like Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit until you start getting 100 pageviews daily.

- Give it a few months for your domain to age and then apply.

9. Go Into Affiliate Marketing

Yet another easy way to make money online is to go into affiliate marketing, There are so many affiliate programs you can sign up for, but some good ones you might want to sign up with include Amazon, clickbank and share-a-sale.

You can make money from ypur affiliate link by sharing your links regularly on social media.

10. Sell Pre-written Articles

Sell pre-written articles on sites like Constant content, Dot content, swarmcontent, among a few for a good amount of money.

However, you should bear in mind that your articles have to be top-notch and free of grammatical errors or they will be rejected.

You should also know the more articles you have, the better your earnings so you want to get started with quite a few articles.

11. Sell PLR Ebooks

For those who don't know, PLR stands for Private Label Rights , which means you have the express permission to use the content in question, be it an eBook or an article as you wish.

You can choose to give it out for free as a strategy to build your email list, or sell it for some cash.

However, because this content is freely available online, some persons might feel cheated if they ever found out they were sold a PLR.

So what I usually recommend is editing the eBook, add as much useful information (sometimes I add double what was originally available) as you possible can, so it becomes more worthwhile to the buyer.

You might also want to change the recover to something unique, so your book stands out.

Doing these editing might also give you a kind of peace, knowing you aren't ripping people off their hard-earned money by offering them content found free online.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on September 10, 2020:

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Hi Farrah, Thank you for sharing the tips! This is very informative and educational!

Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on May 10, 2020:

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yea, these ways have worked so much for me and hopefully they will for you too.

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This is very useful advice. I'm excited to start on these ways to make money online.

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As more people are looking for money making schemes online, this article is very timely and useful.