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$100 A Day The Easy Way

Making money can be easy.

It can be as easy as posting a link or simply looking at a website.

It can be as easy as posting a link or simply looking at a website.

It can be done

I know what you are thinking. "I don't want to sell my body!" Lucky for you that is not one of the methods of making money I will be discussing in this text although maybe that would be an interesting article on down the road, well maybe not. Making money is something we all are keen to do as long as we don't have to kill ourselves to do so. It is a generally pleasing concept to think that you can make $100 a day without working yourself into the ground but now it should please you even more not having to think you can do it, but having the confidence to know you can.

There are a few rules that need to be applied if this is going to be able to work for you. Rule one is easy. Search these methods and find the one or ones that appeal to you. Those are the ones most likely to generate a profit for you. Rule 2 is equally important. Only choose the methods you know you can see through to the end and follow up with. The last rule is stay aggressive and at the same time have fun with it. Making money the easy way should not feel like work at all. So I am going to assume you are ready to spin that cash wheel and get those numbers rolling your way.

E-readers are everywhere.

Cash in on their convenience!

Cash in on their convenience!

E-Books Made Easy

The E-Book Market

No market can boast the increase in profits quite like the e-book market can. In fact by the year 2016 sales of digital books will have topped 10 billion dollars. Now that is a lot of doll hairs if you catch my drift. With sales of that caliber it is no wonder people are jumping on the band wagon. The trick is to simply have what it takes to write a book.

The reality is using Amazon as the selling ground you will be primed to turn a profit considering publishing your book will be free. Amazon gets a cut of every sale and the end result is you make easy money and you get great exposure.

Simply find a topic you are really good at or a story you have wanted to write about and go to town with it. After your book is published hit up social media like Tumblr and Facebook and let people know you have a book out there and they need to buy it. If the product is good word of mouth will start that PR ball rolling and who knows you may be the next big thing. Even if you are not it is entirely possible to over the course of time start to generate $100 a day selling your e-books.

Resources from fellow hubbers

Affiliate Marketing

This is a great way to earn cash. It helps if you have a website of your own but even if you do not you can use blogs and social media to post ads to sell products. Affiliate marketing works like this. You post ads of products you want to sell and people buy them. Each sale nets you a percent of the overall cost. Let's say you affiliate with a ghost hunting store. Simply post ads for high end gear on group pages related to the paranormal on facebook or tag the product with some catchy wording on tumblr and guess what! You are selling items for cash.

I have had some moderate success with affiliate marketing with a site called Alarming Products but the real keys for this are sites like ebay and Amazon. You can really hit a good amount of cash from these sources. A great deal of online retailers also offer their viewers the chance to become involved with online affiliate marketing. Look around and find ones that will work for you.

Hubpages presents great earning potential.

Use it!

Use it!

Making Money With Hubpages


Hubpages is a great way to earn for your writing. They offer a few programs such as Hubpages ad program, Amazon, and ebay affiliation. They also allow you to use your Google adsense account to generate click through income. The key here is staying constant. Write quality post and post at least once a day and sometimes twice. You than need to advertise your work through Facebook, Twitter and other sharing forums so people can find your writing and make you money. While I don't get $100 a day here I do generate a little extra spending cash so it is worth the effort.

Hubpages also allows you to generate money through it's Amazon and ebay program and this is a great way to sell items on your articles and reap the benefits of someone else doing all the hard work.

I have found that with Hubpages I am seeing a huge increase in people seeing my work so it really pays off in more than just cash.

Resource From Amazon


Selling on ebay can be very profitable. You need to set a plan. What will you sell and how can you ensure it makes the highest amount of cash. Remember we are in this to make money. If you want to persue this venture you need to have catchy titles for your auctions and sell the best stuff you can. I wrote a great little article about selling yugioh cards on sites like this and you may find some of what I said in that text useful.

Give good descriptions and follow the rules. People are making much more than $100 a day on ebay and if you do it right you might fall into that same boat.

I suggest you find a good piece of material that details the entire selling process and run with it.

Cafe Press

Great potential with no upfront cost!

Great potential with no upfront cost!

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Video I use to generate earnings.

Other Methods


Imagine if you will. You make a design and suddenly it is on t-shirts, mousepads and notebooks. Cafepress allows you to upload your design and they sell the product and you get a cut of the profits. That is right my friends you simply upload a design and they do the rest. Cafepress is great for stuff like zombie and music related merchandise that screams buy me to the new consumer generation. The trick here is catchy design and make it something you know people want.

I have seen users make way more than $100 a day on this site and some people even turn it into a business adventure.


Youtube can be very profitable if you do it right. Use adsense and start making vids that get major traffic to them. This is hard to accomplish since every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a camera these days and it seems everyone is into making youtube videos. If your content is good and goes viral you can generate some serious income and generating income is the name of the game.


Go get you some!!!!

Go get you some!!!!


Find what works for you and run full scale. I like to use my knowledge in firefighting to write articles on hubpages. That makes me some cash but then I link those articles to Amazon affiliate products and get the cash for that as well. be smart with how you run any of these methods and pay attention to what is and isn't working for you. Sometimes we might see we do an article over yugioh deck building and we generate $3 a day while our yugioh article on the trap cards seems to be stale or even dead in the water. Try and look for ways to make those items come back to life and revamp them.

If you ebay it up and your weekly intake for selling DVDs was way up but your cash intake for selling sports cards went down increase your effort selling DVDs and drop out the cards until the value climbs again. Like I said this is a much easier way to generate income but that does not mean it is without effort. You will still have to work and get your act together if this is going to be how you make your money.

I will be looking into some other methods and hopefully sharing them with you. I would love to hear some success stories if you have them and other ideas for easy income. Until then take care and don't work to hard.


R V Datmir on September 25, 2017:

What are some of the most popular kinds of design on CafePress? Perhaps I could use some of them as templates?

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on August 11, 2017:

This is true. The key is staying focused. It may take awhile to see results but you just have to push forward.

R V Datmir on August 10, 2017:

What do you do when you run out of confidence? Because without quick results, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and a failure to truly begin set in?

L M Reid from Ireland on February 19, 2014:

Very informative article about ways to make money online. There are a few new ways you have highlighted that I am going to look into.

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