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10 Crazy and Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money Online

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Your monthly salary does not cover all your expenses, and you want to make some

extra money in your spare time. Here are ten crazy and unusual ways to make a side

hustle and enjoy some extra dollars.

  • Sell photos online: if you like photography, you can think about making some money from selling your captured images. There are so many platforms that allow you to sell photos to content creators and get paid.

  • Make money reading books: there are plenty of platforms that pay for making audiobooks. You are required to have the ability to narrate with good voice quality.
  • Handicraft: you can earn extra money from selling your handiwork online.

  • Become a virtual babysitter: you may work as a babysitter and make money every hour you work. Any qualifications or expertise is not required. You have to keep the children amused via video conferencing while their parents are busy.
  • Lose weight and get paid: this is a mind-blowing concept. You need to sign up on one of the subject-related websites and fix the estimated weight you are willing to lose by a determined time. When you reach your goal, you win money.

  • Eating meals or Mukbang: Mukbang is simply a video representing someone eating a big pleasant meal to satisfy food lovers. Doing Mukbang videos on youtube is widespread and highly ranked. Besides, it can earn you a lot of money.
  • Get paid to type: if you are good and fast at typing, you can join some platforms that pay extra dollars to type names, subtitles, words, numbers, documents, and more.

  • Get paid for surfing the web: so many websites pay for surfing the web using one of their search engines. Whenever you do research, you earn some rewards.
  • Sell your used stuff: you may be stuck with some old or used things in your house. However, websites are allowing you to display and sell your stuff online and earn money.

You can also create accounts on social media platforms and use them as stores to sell your things in your area.

  • Taking surveys: this is another money-making method. It is about paying you money for giving your opinion concerning a product or a service, which allows companies to improve their products. The survey takes a few min of your time, and there are many free platforms to join.

Tell us about the unusual money-making ways that you know.

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