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Use these 10 Apps to Make an Extra $10,000 During Quarantine


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Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

2020 has been a HUGE year of saving for me, and I hope that 2021 will be the same. I saved more in my life than I ever have before, and I'd like to share a couple ways that have helped that happen. Some of these do require some work, time, or investment of some sort - but they DO work! Here are 10 things that helped me save some extra money:

1. Hang out with Dogs on Rover.

Do you love dogs? Do you want to hangout with them but don't want to commit to owning one just yet? This might be the perfect gig for you. Interestingly enough, this is what has made me the MOST money, and I would say this is one of the easiest gigs of all time. I have earned well over $9,000 from using Rover. All you have to do with Rover is sign up and hang out with dogs! (This works ESPECIALLY well in cities).

Here are your options:

  • Boarding- Someone drops off their dog at your house and they stay overnight. They will request how many nights. (This service is the most in demand and is where I made the most money).
  • Day care- You hangout with and take care of a dog during the day at your house, and the owner picks them up at the end of the day. This one is super easy - you don't even have to leave your house besides taking the dog outside every once in awhile!
  • Walks- You get requested to do dog walks usually anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.
  • Drop-ins- You will go to the owner's house to check in with the dog, give them food, and play with them!
  • House sitting- You go and stay at someone's house taking care of their dog and their home for a number of days.

I love Rover because you set your own rates and the days you are available and then you decide what you are or aren't willing to do. If all your up for is walking dogs on the weekends, you can do that! I urge you to at least check it out if you are looking to earn some side cash.

*Another really cool perk to this is if you sign up and then refer someone to be a dog sitter, they send you a $50 VISA card! Yeah, you heard me! If you don't want to sit dogs but still want to make money, sign up and just refer people to join!

2. Invest in Bitcoin on Coinbase.

Bitcoin, Etherium, and many other cryptocurrencies are all the rave right now, and there is a BIG reason for that. Digital currencies are gaining mainstream adoption from huge companies like PayPal, meaning that the values of these currencies are almost guaranteed to skyrocket over not just the long term but also the short.

Just in the past week only, Bitcoin has gained 13% value and Etherium gained 13% as well. That means if you had invested $5,000 exactly one week ago split between both coins, you would have an extra $650 to put in your bank right now. I have made around $600 investing in cryptocurrencies.

The trick to making money with this is following the charts every day and investing when it goes down. For example, right now, if Bitcoin dropped under $30,000 per coin, I personally would invest a good amount of money. And if Etherium went under $1,000 I would also invest a good amount too. (I am not a financial advisor so please do your own research before investing and never invest more than you are willing to lose).

People are making SERIOUS money with this, and if you are not, I would highly consider joining in on the gains!

3. Get FOUR Free Stocks With Webull.

If you are already planning to invest in the stock market, use Webull! (Especially after that whole Robinhood incident recently). When you sign up and deposit $100 you will get 4 free stocks worth up to $3,700.

So basically, no matter what, doing this will make you money. At the very least, you could deposit $100, get your 4 free stocks, and then take out money and you just made a profit!

I just joined Webull recently and I've made around $100 in profit with earning free stocks and by investing money, and you can easily do it too.

Come on, download Webull and get your free cash! It's seriously that easy.

4. Sell Your Old Clothes on Poshmark.

If you aren't on Poshmark, you're missing out again! C'mon!

Poshmark has been a good consistent side hustle for me. I've made $380 from using this app and am so happy that I have it to sell anything I don't need! Whenever I need some extra cash I go on and list items I no longer need (mainly clothes but also bags, jewelry, shoes, and other retail items).

I've had Poshmark for multiple years and it is not only great to make money on but it is also a great place to support local people during this hard time by buying their gently worn items rather than spending your money at a big chain store.

Download this app, clear out your closet, and make money for some new clothes (or to stash away in your bank!)

5 and 6. Earn Cash Back with Rakuten and Ibotta.

We all order Postmates, buy items at CVS, and shop at Apple when we need a new phone, right? So, why not make some money back when you do? Rakuten and Ibotta are cash back apps that allows you to earn cash back on the daily purchases that you already make.

Part of saving money is not spending as much and this allows you to do just that! I just signed up for Rakuten (which is free), and Ibotta (which is also free) so I haven't made any money doing this yet but I did see a Youtuber online recently who said she made back over $1,000 in just one year using Rakuten and Ibotta.

Try this app out and save some extra $$$ with me!

7. Make Cash With Cash App Referrals.

If you knew me, you know I would say to you right about now, that "Every dollar counts!" I've made $15 with this, and you can too. This is a smaller one, but it is SUPER EASY. If you haven't heard of Cash App, it is just like Venmo, except it gives you money to refer people! Sign up and then refer your friends and get $5 per friend who downloads the app and sends a payment to someone. I believe you can do this up to $15, so go do it, its free money!

8-10. Earn Money doing Surveys with Qmee, Inboxdollars, and Swag Bucks.

I have made money will all 3 of these websites, especially Qmee, which I made $200 with. Qmee lets you cash out to your paypal with just $1 of earnings, so it is really legit and I have loved this app. Unfortuantely, Qmee recently isn't allowing people in California to make money off of their surveys though. I have made money with Inboxdollars and Swag Bucks as well, but not as much as Qmee.

If you aren't in California, I HIGHLY recommend you download the app Qmee!

If you feel like earning some extra coin by taking surveys then these are the ones to do it with!


Thanks for reading my article! I hope that you make a ton of extra cash!!!

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