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10 Success Tips for Young Men

I am a wide reader, I can finish a 400-page novel in one to two sitting, about 2-3 hours only.



I’m sharing this not to blame myself because I didn’t start at the very young age, however, to give inspiration to the young people out there. Hope this will help.

Tips 1-5

  1. Follow Your Dream
    • When I was young, I’m dreaming to be a reporter, facing in front of the camera
    • During then my enrollment, Journalism and Media programs were not available for a day shift. Nigh shift only. I don’t want to study in a night shift before
    • I enrolled a Librarianship program, and after graduation, I became a librarian for more than 2 decades
    • Now, I am freelance YouTuber, facing the camera and/or sometimes doing the voiceover then upload my content in my YouTube channel.
  2. Be Present and Enjoy the Moment
    • Now, whatever, I’m working for, such as being a freelance YouTuber, writer, trader, customer service representative, I’m enjoying that every moment, I’m making.
  3. Lose the Guilt
    • Since, I was a kid, I’m always doing my best to become to become the top of the best. In which, after transferring from the province and I entered Grade 3 section 2 in the city, I’m doing my best to be part of the Section 1 in Grade 4 and until I’ve graduated Grade 6 and still maintaining the Section 1.
    • Now, as a YouTuber, I’m doing all my best to become part of the Top 100 at least of all Filipino YouTubers or at least Top 1000 in Asia YouTubers or at least Top 10000 of Worldwide YouTubers. I’m not going to compete for now with the Top 1 YouTubers of any country.
    • I’m just doing my best to meet my goal and build the empire.
  4. Invest in Yourself
    • Not just working and working to meet the goal, but the health is taking the risk
    • Although, I’m not going to the gym regularly, however, I’m doing my cardio by means of jogging specially, I’m now 44 years old
  5. Find Great Mentors and Be A Great Mentor
    • When I started my career as a Librarian 2 decades ago, almost every month, I’m looking for the best mentors to teach me upgrading myself by means of attending seminars, workshops and the likes
    • When I started my career in creative writing, I’ve listened to the tips of my editors as well as my co-writers
    • When I started doing the vlogging until now, I’m always open for suggestions from my subscribers and even non-subscribers as long as I have communications with them regarding my content and future contents.
    • When, I started doing my online trading financial activities, I’m always open for suggestions from great mentors specifically during my noob days in which, I’ve even lost 15 dollars in just 3 minutes.
    • Although, I’m dreaming on the top, however, I don’t put myself always on the top. I’m also looking down below to look for some people in order for me to be their mentor.

Tips 6-10

  1. Learn to use money
    • You can’t buy the happiness
    • Then, I don’t save money or the worst, I spend a lot more than I earned
    • Now, although, I don’t have enough money in my savings, however, I don’t lose hope in investing a little amount of money to earn in a big tree by means of trading and/or buying some stocks. And of course looking forward with a successful part of it to earn financial freedom.
  2. Surround yourself with amazing people
    • Look for the best people. Look for the people who can teach on how to upgrade yourself for any aspects such as financial freedom, spiritual beliefs, leadership, management and the likes.
    • Don’t waste your time listening to the gossipers who teach you how to earn friends with them and destroy a particular person who’s already on top. Who bring down those top brass people because of their goal-oriented attitude by means telling false stories to the management, their friends and the likes. We called that as crab mentality. I’ve experienced that most of the time during my younger years.
  3. Accept Responsibility for everything in your life
    • When I marry my wife almost 2 decades ago, I already accepted my responsibility as a responsible husband. I’ve lessened my then bachelor activities, although not totally prohibit but lessened.
    • Specifically when I became a father of two kids now, every thing I want to spend, I’m always thinking first, what’s need to be purchase or what I’ve only wanted. Although, I’m not depriving myself not to buy the things I’ve wanted, however, I’m making sure that I have extra money after buying that thing.
  4. Always be a voracious reader
    • When I was a kid, I’m always fun or reading different things, whatever the content is as long as I find it interesting. In which technically with that kind of a hobby, I became a librarian, comic script writer, creative writer and a book author of different contents.
    • Whatever you’ve learned before will save in your mind and pull-out by the time you’ve need it. It’s just like saving in your hard disc and by the time you’ve wanted, you can open the file and print it.
  5. Start now
    • I’m already 44 years old right now, some of the things, I’ve mentioned to you such as book authorship, I’ve started that when I was in the 40’s already, stock trading only started few months ago, as a full-pledged YouTuber about 3 years ago. Although, technically, I started uploading in YouTube for school activities 16 years ago but only doing serious to upload contents only about 3 years ago.
    • So, I’m just sharing it to you, when do you want to start your dreams? If you can start as young as you are, feel free to do it now. Don’t just wait more years or maybe next time. What if there’s no next time anymore?
    • Open your doors with great opportunities.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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