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Mystery Wildflower in our Backgarden

Front View of our Home in Houston, Texas


We are thankful for God's Blessings

We praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing our family to Houston, Texas. We moved into this house in the Summer of 1981, and we have lived in it since that time. Although it may not be apparent from the front view but this house has two stories. One of the things we enjoy about the house is the front and back gardens. In the above photograph you can see the Azalea bush that blooms in Spring. Houston is famous for Azaleas and we are very happy to have one bush near the front entrance of our home.

We love the Azelias in the Background


Front Entrance of our Home


Our Herbal, Vegetable and Tropical Plants Garden


Our Health Garden

This garden is located at the back of the house next to the Kitchen Patio. We call it our Health Garden because we have some herbal plants such as Aloe Vera and others that have medicinal and therapeutic values. Tending the garden also promotes good health because we exercise our bodies and breathe fresh air at the same time.

The vegetables that we plant in this small garden does not make us self-sufficient to sustain life without shopping at the local food store. However, it occasionally provides little bits of chilli, onions, chives, mints, etc. that add flavor to our meals.

I was born and grew up in Malaysia which is a tropical country. Hence South East Asian dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia are some of my favorite foods. Since Houston has sub-tropical climate we plant tropical plants in pots that can be moved indoors during the Winter months. My green house needs some finishing touches before I can write a hub on it.

View of the Back Yard from the Kitchen Patio


The Kitchen Patio with the Wildflowers in the Background

The Kitchen Patio is where we spend the time in the outdoors. I use it mainly as an outdoor workspace for my building, carpentry and other home projects.

Notice the wildflower bushes beyond the green lawn in the background. We shall take a closer look at it.

Wildflower Bushes near the fence


This Wildflower Bush is God's Gift to us

This wildflower bush is truly God's gift to us because we did not plant it. The wildflower plants just appeared on our back yard. We do not know how and where they come from. This is the reason why we call it the Mystery Wildflower. None of our neighbors have it, but we have shared God's gifts with some of them.

The Mystery Wildflowers come in a variety of hues and colors


This Wildflower remains a Mystery to Us

I have written to several experts on Texas wildflowers and they do not have a clue as to their origin. I brought a stalk of this wildflower and talked to an expert botanist in the Houston Arboretum and she said, "This must be a new kind of flower. We have not seen such a flower in our Arboretum." Mystery deepens!

Back View of our Home


The Mystery Wildflowers in our Backgarden

Our house is not outstanding architecturally but thank our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mystery Wildflowers enhance the backgarden and makes it look interesting.

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The white building is our Work Center where my workstaton and library is located. I share this room with my wife who has a sewing station and also an artist station. She revived the hobby of painting after her retirement in April 2007.

View of Kitchen Patio and Backgarden


View of our Work Center and Backgarden

The white building on the left is our Work Center. A pebble stone patio with flower plants on both sides adjoins the kitchen patio with the concrete bench and vegetable plants in the foreground. The pecan tree provides extra shade over the roof and food for the squirrels.

View of our Backgarden from my Workstation


A Beautiful View of our Backgarden with the Mysterious Wildflowers

During the Spring time when I work on the computer from my workstation and my wife either paints or sews, and we look through the glass sliding doors to see our Backgarden we praise and thank God for His bountiful blessings of the Mystery Wildflowers.

Can you help us solve the mystery of this beautiful Wildflower?

This beautiful wildflower appeared in our backgarden in a mysterious way

This beautiful wildflower appeared in our backgarden in a mysterious way

This Mysterious Wildflower is beautiful, but nobody knows its name

A web page was published on July 14, 2004 to make enquiries through the Internet community concerning the origin and botanical name of this mysterious wildflower that appeared in our backgarden in Houston, Texas. Up till today we have not solved the mystery yet. Perhaps someone who accesses this hubpage has the answer. We would like to receive your response.

May God bless you !


moonlake from America on August 06, 2008:

Love your house. The wild flower is beautiful. I also think it looks something like a hydrangea. What a mystery.

arkwriter (author) from Houston, Texas U.S.A. on April 05, 2008:

That's what my wife thinks. She also says the leaves look like the ones from the Hydrangea and she calls it "Wild Hydrangea". We have checked out the web sites on Hydrangea but could not find any flower that looks like the Mystery Wildflower that we have in our Backgarden.

The most outstanding feature about this Mystery Wildflower is that it can withstand heat in the Summer and the cold in the Winter.

Thank you for your comment. God bless you!

Dan from Priest River, ID on April 04, 2008:


I'm no botanist, but by the look of the plants leaves, I'd guess you have been gifted with a Hydrangea. Have you tried adding Aluminum Sulfate to the plant to see if the flowers change from pink to blue?

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