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The Perfect Sensual Massage

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Tell your lover, "I worship you" with a sensual massage. Sensual massage has to be more than a quick shoulder rub. It's hard work, and takes time and preparation. Here are some techniques to giving the perfect sensual massage.

First, get a babysitter. Giving a sensual massage takes plenty of time, and what comes after will demand focus on your lover, and only your lover. Now that you've dropped off the kiddos, there are a few things you'll need such as relaxing music, massage oil, candles, a feather, your favorite love making toys and essentials, rose petals, and clean sheets. Use your best judgment in choosing music. Your partner may like something that you don't. Remember, sensual massage is about you giving back to your lover, not about you.

Your massage can be in any room, but the bedroom is really the best place, because you have a bed right there. A good massage takes endurance, and knees on the living room floor don't last as long as being on the bed.

Make sure to clean up your work area. Nothing says ‘not sexy' as much as a messy space. Scatter candles around the room in places where they won't cause a fire. Make sure you lay clean sheets down wherever you are going to be massaging, because it can be very messy. Rose petals are a nice touch as well. Sprinkle them in a path from the front door to the bedroom, and on the bed. Set up your massage oil next to the place you will be giving the massage. Fluidity is important in being sensual. If you have to hunt around to find things, the moment can be lost.

Set the scene up for roll playing. Dress sexy, like you're an escort, or professionally like you're a therapist, or even like a naughty nurse. Lure your lover into the bedroom. Slowly undress them and lay them on the clean sheets.

Start with soft touch before applying massage oil. Lightly run your fingertips, or a feather over their body slowly, heightening the senses and anticipation of what's to come.

Next, run your fingers through your partner's hair and massage the scalp. Gently tug on the hair as you go, opening up blood flow. Don't use oil yet, as it will feel yucky.

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Now with your lover laying face down, drizzle massage oil over the back, being careful not to use too little or too much. With firm strokes, knead the neck and upper back, working down the arms one at a time to the hands and fingers. Don't massage directly on the spine when working on the back, be sure not to rush over any part of the body, and always work from the heart out.

Go back to the middle back, and massage both sides of the spine down to the buttocks. If your partner is uncomfortable with this step, skip it, but if not, massage each cheek, adding more oil as needed.

Finally, work down the legs, paying attention to each muscle as you go, again, adding oil as needed. Massage down to the feet, taking special care to work the tension of the day from the heel to the toes.

Now, have your partner lay on their back. Again, start with the head, but be sure to wipe oil off of your hands when massaging the face, if that is to be part of your routine. Massaging the chest is not the same as the back, as there are many erogenous zones on the front of the body. Strokes need to be gentler, and special care is to be taken around breasts.

Here's where you can do some roll playing. You can pretend not to notice the sexuality and have your partner be the customer who seduces you, or you can flirt and be the massage therapist with the sexy smile who seduces the customer. Movements should now take on a more sensual feeling, paying attention to your lover's likes. Gently massage, working out and down the arms, to the hands and fingers.

Work down the stomach, the legs, and over the feet and toes.

Now, go over the entire front of the body again lightly with your fingertips and write your own ending.


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