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Borrowing Money in a Positive Way

Buying A House

Consider buying a house if you have been renting for a year or so. Money wise, calculating how much will you pay for the next five years, it is a lot of money that should be in your pocket. Buying a house is an investment not an expense. Over the years, the monthly payment which is fixed-that you pay for your motgage earns a home equity but most banks will not avail to you so beware of a bank account manager who is only happy to serve you when you are financially stable, holding a high paying job and maintaining a regular savings account. Once you lost your job, it is noticeable of her selfishness by not giving you a reasonable advice. You have other options. Do not sell your house like most others do and also it is the purpose of that bank manager for you to do. Don't even withdraw your savings. What you can do is to shop around to re-mortgage your house. You will pay the penalty and re-start paying amortization but the most important is, you retain the ownership of your property and never lost your chance. Your outside debts like credit lines, car loans and credit card loans will be wipe out consolidated to one account as your monthly payment. Take the first job that comes around for the bank approvalof your new loan. At least you're not moving out and live comfortably.


Dupe on July 24, 2020:

Money Angel I am in need of of money to pay debt of #2million

George Gar Malual on February 11, 2020:

Hi dear angel of money,iam financially desperate,help me to pay over $20,000 dollars needed from me.

jimmy on December 20, 2014:

Yeah in need money .love be ever buy house car.kid through college. Be able help others as I no how it feels worse financial luck, luck period when comes to wealth.An im asking angel bring to me , help me please. Ill be in there debt.An will help so many , as many as I can in there name .I pray for enough welth to live other half my life now . comfortable at least. Not worry electric, or anything. Friends , family, community will all be helped. As much as I can with what I have.dream open a soup kitchen an help people. Not needing any fed help .As they have say over granted places. So here my cry please .!azazel I believe your page said is for wealth. Happy holidays everyone!

Daniel opoku on September 10, 2014:

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Hi, I need money $1000

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