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Wood - Types of wooden & plywood ceiling

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wood ceiling panel

Ceiling for a house done with various types of material. One of the material used is wood and wood composite. Wood is versatile and being used as a constructional material. Whether it is hardwood or softwood or bamboo or wood composite material , it can be used for ceiling.Immediately after roof , ceiling will play a important role. Without ceiling , the decoration of a room or hall or house or office is incomplete. Here , I would like to explain about the wood and wood composite types ceiling and their advantage .

Let us start with the types of ceiling made out of wood and wood composites. Even though all wood composites ceiling made out of wood it has its own properties. Except painting , every wood composite ceiling has its own properties. Depends on the availability of wood composite people use the same for ceiling.

1. Planned wood for ceiling

2. Plywood ceiling

3. Soft board ceiling

4. Hard board ceiling

5. wood moulding - ceiling

Types of wood ceiling

wood moulding ceiling

wood moulding ceiling

wood composite ceiling with coverstrip

wood composite ceiling with coverstrip

Plywood ceiling

Easy to make ceiling type. Ceiling joists are supporting and holding the plywood ceiling panels. This can be made out of 6mm thick plywood panels. Normally 2.4mtrx1.2mtr size plywood being used for this type of ceiling.In this plywood panels also two types are commonly used. one is commercial type , which is paintable grade. Another type is decorative , which needs clear varnish. Depends on interior design , we shall choose the type of plywood panel.To cover up the joints in between plywood, wooden mouldings , coverstrip is used. When you apply contrast colours to coverstrip to plywood panel, it will be added beauty. To cover the corners you can use wood moulding cornice. This will look like decoration.

Choosing of the plywood for ceiling also important.First thing is the grade which we must decide. AB grade will do better for ceiling. 'A' facing outside whereas 'B' grade inside. It is advisable paint bothside inorder to avoid moisture absorption and deteroriation of plywood.

Second thing make sure the plywood is with of glue line poison. This will help us to avoid insect attack on plywood. Manufacturers always mention that they add glue line poison to plywood.Even you can ask for the spec which they use while manufacturing.

Softboard ceiling

Delicate material because of density. Available in 10 or 12mm thickness. Oneside provided with different colours paper lamination. Needed we shall do the painting also. Same like plywood panel softboard also can be fixed. To cover the joints you can use coverstrip and cornice.

soft board are named based on the density of the material. If the density is between 300-5ookg/m3 , the board is called as soft board. Handling of soft board should be with care. Otherwise it breaks. Because of its low density , it is acting as insulation material also. In one way it has acoustical properties , which reduces the noise level.

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Avoid using wood screws while dealing with soft board.

Planned wood ceiling

This kind of Planned wood ceiling common in olden days. They use to use durable hardwood for making this kind of ceiling. This type of ceiling slightly heavy and give longlife. some of the Asian countries houses ceiling build out of teak wood , as well as country wood. The sizes of Planned wood ceiling from 150x50mm to 100x50mm. There were beams and cross beams to support and strength the ceiling. Decorative beams are provided for holding the ceiling.

Make sure you are buying kiln seasoned wood for ceiling. Otherwise within a short period , you may experience the timber warping and twisting, disturbing the structure and you are forced to spend some more money on that.It is very easy to identify the green timber to kiln seasoned one ,just by lifting and knowing the weight.Apart from this You should know that unseasoned timber shows roughness after planning comparing to planned timber.

Second thing treatment. Treatment of timber is very essential thing for longlasting services.But the treatment is not the same like for outdoor uses. So, you must consult the wood technologist before opting for treated wood for ceiling. As such the price may vary , but it is good to treat the timber before using.

Hardboard ceiling

One side smooth material with higher density. Comparing to plywood panel it can take smooth finish. This is one of the wood composite material. Mostly available thickness 3mm and 4mm.Handling is easy comparing softboard panel.

Hard board also act as sound reduction panel.

Wood Moulding ceiling

This type of wood moulding come with tongue and groove, which can be joined together and nailed at required places. It is advisable to go for square joints , so that we shall avoid the gap. Some people prefer v type joints to get some fantasy. Here we do not require any type of coverstrip and cornice. This type of wood moulding ceiling are stronger than other type or ceiling except planned wood moulding. Nowadays most people prefer this type of ceiling for decorative purpose and easy working. Even natural finish is possible for this type of ceiling.

Wood ceiling are easily construable with nails and hammer only. Except delicate material like softboard , hard board other things will give very long life, provided no disturbance. Decorative moulding which covering the corners and joints look like decoration. Any types of decorations to the ceilings can be made for functions. But avoid too many nails which will spoil the look of the panel. If it is unavoidable you must proper putty to coverup , and painting should be proper.

Even this type of wood ceilings will be more beneficial for the shops and small offices and partition rooms.

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sarovai (author) on July 09, 2010:

Thank u nontoxic-paintman for the comments.

nontoxic-paintman on July 06, 2010:

all very well using timber for a ceiling or a wall decoration for that matter, but what about the protection or the colour, luckily we used the impregnating wood stain from the designer paint co and was able to get the right colour tones we were after, the really great thing though about that product was that we had no lap marks that other wood stains give you and of course everything from the designer paint co is non toxic.

great look, great products.

shanel from Seattle on April 03, 2010:

What a nice change from drywall this would be, and it does not appear to be any harder to install. Nice hub.

sarovai (author) on March 26, 2010:

Thank u for the comments relica. It is worth to invest in wood ceilings.

relica from California on March 26, 2010:

I love wood ceilings. They are so versatile. They can be ornate or rustic. Great hub!

cupid51 from INDIA on March 10, 2010:

Very nice information! Seems you are an expert on wood! Thanks for sharing.

sarovai (author) on October 17, 2009:

Thank u for stopping by.wood ceiling , may be in planks form or tongue and groove moulding form. This second type is easily joined by using tongue and groove.

sarovai (author) on October 17, 2009:

Thank u for stopping by.wood ceiling , may be in planks form or tongue and groove moulding form. This second type is easily joined by using tongue and groove.

Kaie Arwen on October 17, 2009:

I love the wood ceiling. I'm bad with construction, although I am a good painter. Does the wood come in planks or sheets. I don't think I could use just planks. Thanks

sarovai (author) on October 13, 2009:

Thank u peggy for sharing your experience.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 13, 2009:

The majority of the ceilings here in Houston are sheetrock but wooden mouldings can accentuate the ceilings and add beauty. I love wood. It gives such a warm feeling to a room. We know of one person who used corks for their wine room ceiling.

Simon from NJ, USA on September 25, 2009:

Nice hub - I'd have to pay to get someone to do this - I have no skill for anything more than hammering in a nail!

sarovai (author) on September 25, 2009:

Thanks all who commented.

Tony McGregor from South Africa on September 25, 2009:

Thanks for the interesting info. In South Africa many years ago we had pressed steel ceilings which can still be found in some old houses. They are very beautiful.

Love and peace


Helen Cater from UK on September 24, 2009:

Great hub, thanks sarovai.

sarovai (author) on September 20, 2009:

You can use wall paper also for decorative purpose. You can use Clear varnish for natural finish. It depends. Thank for your comments.

jill of alltrades from Philippines on September 20, 2009:

Thank you for this very informative hub.

We've got plywood ceiling but covered it with wall paper a few years back.

All the best!

sarovai (author) on September 20, 2009:

Thank u keira7 for the comments.

keira7 on September 20, 2009:

Verry nice hub thank you. Take care

sarovai (author) on September 19, 2009:

Thank u TToni9. I hope the hubs , I write should be useful for everyone.

Eva from Lewiston, ME on September 19, 2009:

You're real good at giving important details annd instructions. Share on! TToni9/Pauline

sarovai (author) on September 19, 2009:

Thank u Waren E for your comments.

Waren E from HAS LEFT THE BUILDING............ on September 19, 2009:

Neat hub,I got friends doing that kind of work,they are practically rich now,who would have thought ceiling jobs had so much CA$H!: )

I enjoyed reading this sarovai!

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