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Where to Buy Modern and Antique Cast Iron Mailboxes for Sale


Cast iron mailboxes has been used since at least the 1800s for the same reasons we use them today: security. They are heavy duty mailboxes and durable against, rain, sleet, and snow, and thieves and vandals.

Modern Styles

Today's mailboxes of this type are small ones you hang on the wall outside your door. This reduces the cost of making and shipping these boxes. But they still come with the old world look and locks for security.

Another option is the wrought iron style. Still an old fashioned look and durable. Or choose a modern one with a Victorian style look: It's new but with an antique look.

Cast Aluminum Mailboxes on a Pedestal

The modern mailboxes made of strong metal and with locks standing on a pedestal are usually aluminum because it's a cheaper metal to work with and ship. They are powder-coated to prevent rust. These need to be installed into a concrete base.

Vintage and Antique Mailboxes for Sale on eBay

You need to shop eBay if you want an authentic antique cast iron mailbox. On eBay you can find small wall mount post boxes, Victorian mailboxes, and others. They will have age and history. Some will be restored to look brand new, while others will have been untouched if you want the look and feel of an aged post box.

Cast Aluminum Mailbox on a Post

This also has a pony express design to give you that Victorian feel, but is made of modern construction. Considering the price of a cast iron mailbox on a pedestal, this one is cheap but without looking like it.

British Style

This is designed to look like a British post box. It is solid cast iron and hand painted, which is hard to find modern post box. Unique and not something your neighbors are likely to have.

Modern Pony Express Wall Mount Mailbox

This requires a key to open and get the letters. The front looks vintage with a pony express design.

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