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Types of Lilies - Beautiful Lily Flowers

Tiger lily, Tiger lilies—Lida Rose (Flickr.com)

Tiger lily, Tiger lilies—Lida Rose (Flickr.com)

Types of Lily Flowers

Lilies are a very popular choice for planting in your garden or bringing into your home.

They are a beautiful, elegant, and usually brightly colored flower that often has a sweet smell to match.There are many different types of lilies, you will surely find a lily that you love!

Lily flowers are great in gardens, containers outside, on your table, as decoration for special events like weddings and much more. Read below to see some of the different lily varieties.

Tiger lily, Tiger Lilies—Jen

Tiger lily, Tiger Lilies—Jen

Tiger Lily

The tiger lily is a beautiful type or lily flower that is bright orange in color with dark spots on the petals. They can grow to be as large as 3 inches across. Tiger lilies have a strong yet sweet sent to them.

The tiger lily is also known as the "Ditch Lily" as they are often found growing in ditches on the side of the road wildly. The tiger lily is often used for decorations on cakes, such as wedding cakes as they are very beautiful, smell great and are actually edible.

There are two types of tiger lily flowers, the wild flower lily and the oriental lily. The oriental lily can only be planted by bulbs and can be dug up and divided later on while on the other hand the wild flower type grows from tuberous roots. Unlike some bulb flowers the tiger lily must not be dug up in the winter.

Often people choose to grow tiger lilies in their gardens since they are such a showy flower they make a statement about you. They are often used in the back of the yard since they stand out easily on their own. Tiger lilies come back year after year.

Rain lily, rain lilies—saiberiac (Flickr.com)

Rain lily, rain lilies—saiberiac (Flickr.com)

Rain lily, rain lilies—therealbrute (Flickr.com)

Rain lily, rain lilies—therealbrute (Flickr.com)

Rain Lily

The rain lily gets it name from the fact that these lilies will often bloom several times, often following a good rain.

Rain lily flowers face upwards, and grown between 8-12 inches tall. Rain lilies come in different colors like pink rain lilies and white rain lilies.

The rain lily flower will do well in gardens and their soft, elegant appearance makes them perfect to plant in rocks gardens or as the single type of flower in your yard to get a spruce of color!

However like other bulb flowers they must be planted together with other rain lilies, you'll want to plant as least 3 bulbs together, more is good if desired.

Rain lilies also can be grown well in containers outside, they are not good house plant though.

You will want to make sure that you water your rain lilies often, but careful not to over water them. They are also full sun lilies. Growing Rain lilies is not that hard and the rewards are beautiful.

Calla lilies, Calla lily duo—wolfpix (Flickr.com)

Calla lilies, Calla lily duo—wolfpix (Flickr.com)

Calla Lilies—srqpix (Flickr.com)

Calla Lilies—srqpix (Flickr.com)

Calla Lily

The Calla lily is a beautiful flower that grows from something similar to a bulb called a Zhirome.

This means that they produce more or these bulbs and they can be dug up and placed someplace else if desired.

Although you can grow the Calla lily from its seeds it takes a bit more work and extra care than to just dig up and replace the bulbs.

It also means that Calla lilies will come back every year.

Their petals almost feel like moist autumn leaves and are lightly spotted. The flower grows from a thick stem with large green leaves. The Calla lily almost looks like a rolled up paper or trumpet shape.

An interesting fact about Calla Lilies is that they are actually not a lily!

Calla Lilly is actual just the common name for a zantedeschia genus, which was once part of the Calla genus as we know it today.

Calla lilies are a very hardly lily flower that will grow in practically any soil so long as there is enough humidity. Since Calla Lilies are native to marsh lands they need to be kept in damp soil but not too wet or the bulb could rot.

A nice thing about Calla Lilies is that they have the potential to bloom year round.

Asiatic Lily—dakotaduff (Flickr.com)

Asiatic Lily—dakotaduff (Flickr.com)

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are the hardiest of all types of lilies, making them a great choice for a beginner gardener to grow.

The Asiatic lily comes in many different color combination including pink, white, orange, yellow, however you will never find Asiatic lilies that come in blue.

The flower of the Asiatic lily faces upwards and resembles the shape of a trumpet. Though the Asiatic lily is known to be an unscented flower it can have a faint sweet smell on warm days with little or no wind.

After the Asiatic lily is done blooming let them die naturally as opposed to cutting down the stems, this will ensure that they grow back the following year stronger than if they had been cut.

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I think Lilies of the Valley are beautiful!


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Trying to figure out what kind of lily I have it has a white bloom and the actual plant is huge. These were here when I bought the house

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