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Trees With Red Leaves in the Fall


What type of trees have red leaves in the fall

If you've ever driven through the northeast of the United States or Door County in Wisconsin or the upper pennisula in Michigan, or even the northern part of California as the leaves turn in the fall, you always seem to wonder, what kind of trees have those red leaves. If you are in the market for a tree with red fall foliage check out these favorites:

Sassafras, Sumacs, Red Maple, Dogwood, Sweet Gum, Hawthorne, Red Oak, and Scarlet Oak

What is your favorite tree with red fall leaves?


Sassafras Trees

Sassafras trees can be found throughout the eastern United States, from central Florida, north to Ontario, west to Iowa and Texas.. One amazing thing about the leaves on Sassafras trees are the three different shapes which exist on a single tree. Sassafras grows best in sandy moist soils in southern climates.


Sumac Trees

The Sumac bushes and trees and found throughout the world. Poinson Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac are types of Sumacs so be careful when selecting certain types.

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Red Maple Tree

The Red Maple Tree is a very common tree in eastern North America. There are many varieties of Red Maple including Red Sunset, Autumn Flame, October Glory, and Florida Flame.

What is your favorite tree?

susanne Rossi on July 31, 2020:

I would really love to buy an red Maple (Intense Red in fall) were in zone 8 in Colorado (southwest corner) this would be for an Memorial santuary. thankyou for your help. Susanne Rossi

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