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7 Tips to Adopt Green Office Cleaning

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1. Use green cleaning products

The easiest way to adopt green cleaning is to start using green cleaning products for your office and home. Green cleaning products are now available easily in the market and therefore finding them will not be a tough task.

Green cleaning products are biodegradable, non-toxic and they are made from non-petroleum resources (renewable resources). If you are not keen on buying green cleaning products available off the shelf, you can use vinegar or baking soda for most of your cleaning options.

2. Allow fresh air into your office


It is good to keep your office or home insulated, but this can often lead to a situation where the air inside your office/home is more toxic than the air present outside. It is always a better option to allow fresh air to circulate inside the office or home, which will repel the toxic air and fill your room with clean fresh air.

3. Antibacterial cleaners should be avoided

Many people feel that antibacterial cleaners will do a better job than soap and water. The fact is that research done by the FDA has shown that hand cleansers and antibacterial cleaners are not as effective as soap and water. Therefore, it is better to stick to good old soap and water for your office.

4. Reduce the use of air fresheners

You can make your office or home smell good even without the use of expensive air fresheners. At home, boil cloves, cinnamon, or any of your favorite herbs, or cook something that smells good. This will naturally make your home smell good. This method can be used in offices too.

5. Switch to baking soda

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Baking soda is as effective as most of the commercial cleaning products that are available in the market. Baking soda can help remove bad smells from your refrigerator.

It can also help to remove odor from the carpets. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and allow it to absorb the odor for a while. Then vacuum the baking soda off your carpet.

6. Be careful while dumping your toxic cleaners

While replacing the existing toxic cleaners, do not just dump them in the drain. The toxins can seep into the land and can make the soil toxic. Take these cleaners to recycle centers or to recycle events that are conducted in your area.

7. Opt for a green cleaning service

Another easy way to shift to green cleaning is to avail the services of a green cleaning service. Services that use green products and methods for cleaning are now available in the market. By opting for a green cleaning service, you will be able to start the process of using green office cleaning options for your office.

The tips we have provided above are easy to follow and execute. As the world pollutes the environment, we should do our little bit to ensure that we reduce the amount of pollution in whatever small way we can.

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