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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bedroom Ideas


Looking for some groovy ninja décor...Green Ninja Décor? This fun collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed décor features stylish, fun and practical room accessories... including bedding, pillows, lamps & more...the kid will think it's outrageous!

Whether your a grown adult that still loves this bodacious quartet or your kids are die hard fan you'll enjoy this fun collection. You can get a little radical or go all out with a straight up sewer theme! Personally they are still one of my favorites in the action hero department.

This is just a small sample of what you can to to make that room bodacious! You can find the entire TMNT Bedroom Collection right here!


Get Started with the Walls!

First you will need to strip down the room & assess the drywall situation... you'll need to fix up any holes before you paint (you have boys you know there will be holes!) this will give you a quick DIY fix. Once this is done it's time to move onto the painting.

Here's a guide to picking the right kind of paint. as for color well I would go with green of some sort just to be a purist. However I have seen some amazing Brick Wall Decals so you might want to make an accent wall with brick & add a few ninja turtles right on top of that. The look will be insanely cool. I'd do this on the wall with the bed.

Next Step...Pick Out the Bedding!

When planning out a proper Ninja Turtle bedroom theme you of course will need some spiffy bedding to get you started! I mean the bed is the main focus of the kids space. There are several options, however this one has the highest it's what my son has at the moment, which makes it my favorite.

Give Your Kids Someplace Cool to Sit! - TMNT Upholstered Chair

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Upholstered Chair

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Upholstered Chair

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adult Chair, Raphael

Sure you can get them swanky bedding & a nice decal...but This chair is so awesome it's almost a requirement in a room makeover!

This cushy kids chair is green with a ninja kid can resist it's coolness! It's the perfect chair for reading, watching TV or just a nice spot to get your shoes on in the morning. Not to mention the graphics on these chair are outstanding!

Get Some Bodacious Room Accessories! - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy Bank

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy Bank

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy Bank

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy Bank

Yep your kids can even learn to save money with this groovy Ninja Turtle Piggy Bank, He's green with classic piggy features. Who wouldn't love this guy on their dresser or bookshelves?!

Simple & Cheap Wall Art!

This crafty mom spent just $3 at Staples for an engineer print of Lego pieces then mounted them on foam board.

This crafty mom spent just $3 at Staples for an engineer print of Lego pieces then mounted them on foam board.

Wicked Lighting!


These night lights are totally radical! They feature a 3D face popping out of the wall & they light can get the whole set or just your favorite character. It also includes the crackling wall decal to make it look even more realistic. This one is a total win for tiny people...and geeks. As a geek I flipping love this thing!

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Go Big!

When decking out your newly themed space be sure to pick a few insane a massive wall decal! These are great for over the bed or on a large wall. You can't go wrong with these & every TMNT fan will want one. They won't damage the way & work great in rentals too.

Groovy Green Lighting...It's a Must Have! - So green!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Light Set

This cool light string isn't just for the holidays! It's perfect for tricking out that kids space in spectacular fashion. It comes with all the guys featured twice & two sewer lids. This makes for some pretty cool accent know because your kids are to old for night lights.

Cut the Clutter! - With a Ninja Turtles Multi Bin Storage Organizer


Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

This one is great for the smaller kids with tons of toys! All those Legos & action heroes will have a fab home with this storage unit.

Need a fun way to store all that kid junk? This fabulous organizer has bold graphics & 6 bins for kids to toss their gear into. It's open design makes it easy for them to get out toys without dragging everything out.

Classy Seating for Tots


When your under 3 feet tall just about anything will amuse you...but nothing will quite like when they see pint sized furniture! This adorable sofa flips open for lounging, naps or even little sleepover guests. TV time will be much classier with this groovy piece of furniture hanging around. Plus then they won't hog the couch!

Custom Art Rocks!


All you need for this project is a little paint, 4 canvases & some creativity! It's a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You're going to want a 6" x 12" canvas for this project. Four of these will be under $10 so it's not a huge investment in cash. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don't break the bank on that either.



While these are great for walls they are even better on headboards, dressers & mirrors. Get the giant ones for the walls & use these on everything from ceiling fan blades to trash cans! If you must use these on the walls spend some time to set up little fight scenes, it will look awesome. This set comes with 34 different decals so you should have some fun with this product!

Even Tiny Heroes Need a Buddy!


Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pillowtime Pal Pillow

Nothing completes a room quite like a themed pillow to match the bedding & be a snuggle buddy for the kiddos. This one is really well made & will be drug all over the place because he's just that cool!

If you want one of the other Ninja Turtles it's not a problem they make them all!

DIY Ninja Turtle Artwork


Get a little crafty!

This awesome mom created a fun art display with her kids favorite characters, the directions are easy to follow & the end results is really cute! The paint job on the wall is pretty groovy for a ninja turtle room as well!

Get the Directions here!

Groovy Seating for Tiny Butts!

Your toddler will adore this tiny chair featuring his favorite action heroes! The perfect TV chair for your kids room, It's pint sized & covered in Ninja Turtles! It folds flat when the kids aren't using it making it perfect to store or travel with. It measures 16.5" x 18".


Trick out a dresser!

Kids want shiny new awesomeness...not your old beat up college dresser. But because they are total animals that destroy everything in their path that's what they are getting! No fear you can turn old dorm junk into fabulous ninja turtle coolness. You will just need paint, small wall decals and a bit of imagination!

Get Some Artwork!

Ok, so this isn't exactly Van Gogh but the kids will sure love it! The canvas is brightly colored & features a wicked action scene. Did I mention it also lights up? Yeah how cool is that?! As per usual you will need 3 AA batteries since it don't include them and the whole thing measures 15.75" W x 11.5" H.

Get Creative!


Did you know sheets are great for making artwork? These groovy canvases were crated by simple wrapping sheets around unused canvases.

Storage is a Must Have!

Every kids space needs lots of storage for all those toys! This groovy TMNT toy box is a soft box so it can collapse down flat for easy storage when not in use (like that will ever happen!).

Using a cheap table Ana decoupaged a logo and painted a sewer lid!

Using a cheap table Ana decoupaged a logo and painted a sewer lid!

TMNT Fleece Fuzzy Blankets

So your kids want a Ninja Turtles bedroom? They will certainly need a super soft fuzzy blanket to go along with that groovy theme. These blankets are action packed & ready to keep your kids toes toasty. These are great for dragging along on road trips or hanging out in the living room on movie night!

They are also great if you wan to be a little thrifty and keep their old comforter! just toss this on the bed right over it.


Got four walls?

Awesome we got four things to put on the walls! If you are like me then the kids will love all of these guys, so add one to each wall & make that theme really take over the space. These guys aren't too huge but plan on at least 12' of vertical space on each wall for them to fit...they'll look Totally Bodacious Dude!

Insanely Cool Lighting!


Awesome! Turtle-rific....Ok this lamp is just cool! It features the smiling face of Michelangelo & he's on a spring like base. This one make s a great night light and even includes the light bulb...nice. They also make a Leonardo version...not sure why they stopped there.

Got the Time?

Do your kids need some styling tunes? This funky alarm clock doubles as an iPod dock & puts out some spectacular sounds. Not to mention it perfectly matched the TMNT room theme & makes for a fab room accessory.


Get Creative with the Storage!

Kids go thru tons of phases as a kid so you want to get a few pieces that will grow up with them & still be cool. I'm pretty fond of Ikea for kids rooms, it's affordable & they tend to hold up pretty well to kid abuses. This simple White cube storage is great for holding those mesh storage cubes & you can add some of the smaller decals to make it feel like custom furniture! When they get tired of this theme just remove the decals and add the next cool thing!

It's a good height for a night stand plus it adds much needed storage for all that kid clutter.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Curtains


Sunlight...It Burns!

If you kids are anything like mine then the sunlight really interferes with their noon wake up time! Even your kids windows can have a fun action packed theme with this fun drapes. They feature a blue design with lots of Ninja Turtle scenes.

A Simple Mask Makes Storage Custom!


Play Time!

Little people need a space to color, draw read & even play board games....why not get them a table & chairs with a cool theme? This one is perfect for tiny action hero fans, plus it can fold up when not in use so the room won't get all cluttered up.


Simple DIY Art

Just about anyone can handle this art project! Add this to a canvas, paper to frame or even paint a wall! Its super simple & even the kids can help.