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DIY Bathroom: Teak Shower Bench


If you are going to buy a shower bench for your shower or bathroom, I will highly recommend you to get a teak shower bench. Furniture that is made of teak wood is known to be the toughest of all. Teak wood can stand against extreme weather and it is highly resistant to moisture and heat. Not only that, it is also resistant to wood biting insects and which have made it the best choice for building outdoor furniture.

Since shower seat is to be placed in the bath room where the moisture condition is always high, a teak shower seat should to the job. Any normal type of wood would not last long and they would fall apart and start to deteriorate after being used for some period of time. Besides, you would hardly find a teak seat that made of ordinary wood. If you are thinking of buying a plastic of metal seat, think again as they are not as comfortable as wood and they normally do not fit well with the bathroom design. Teak shower bench are not only resistant to humidity as they are also elegant and luxurious.

Teak Shower Bench with shelf

Teak Shower Bench with shelf

These teak seats can be placed to sit just outside of your bath or in the bath itself if you prefer. Imagine you can sit on it while relaxing underneath a running nice hot shower. Doesn’t that feel great? Teak wood is more comfortable to sit on compare to the cool feel of metal and plastic. Moreover, unlike metal, wood does not slip easily.

As mentioned before, you will hardly find any other wood furniture that can hold up as well as teak in your shower room conditions. Due to its long lasting and high quality of wood, a teak shower bench does not come cheap. A normal seat will at least cost you over a hundred unless you know how to find for the cheaper sources.

As a matter of fact, teak made furniture is regarded as an expensive item. Teak wood prices are always high due to the limited of supply. Countries that produce teak such as Indonesia and Malaysia have restricted loggers to harvest teak trees so that they can preserve their forest reservation and propagate them. It takes a very long time for a teak tree to reach fully grown.

Teak Shower Bench with Back Supporter

Teak Shower Bench with Back Supporter

Teak Shower Bench

Teak Shower Bench

Although teak furniture is expensive, you do not need to pay a high price for one. Start looking online as great bargains always found there. You can start with places such as eBay and Amazon or just start research through the search engine and you will definitely be presented with a list of supply.

However, you must check thoroughly so that you won’t be getting a fake teak bench instead. Some irresponsible merchants do sell normal shower seat as a teak one to cheat unaware customers.

Amazon is perhaps more reliable and safe to get your teak shower bench but the prices offer there do not always come cheap. The best thing about Amazon is you can refund the item you purchase if you are not satisfied. Anyhow, always do your due diligence and decide which is the best for you.

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justmesuzanne from Texas on October 26, 2010:

What a great idea! Very attractive and functional, plus environmentally friendly since it is not made of plastic resin.

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