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SoniCrafter the Ultimate in Versatile Power Tools for Sawing Wood in Tight Spaces

Arthur strives to balance aesthetics, functionality, and quality with costs when planning DIY projects in the home and garden.

Worx Sonicrafter Saw

Worx Sonicrafter Saw

Rockwell SoniCrafter

With Hyper Lock and Universal Fit

  • High-frequency osillation cuts only hard materials, keeping hands safer
  • Cuts wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, flooring, and more
  • Variable speed for superior control
  • Slim tool body suited for work in confined spaces

The Ultimate and Versatile Power Tool That Reaches Places Few Others Can

Of all the power tools I use for DIY around the home the SoniCrafter has certainly proved to be a handy buddy many times over. Especially when it gets to all those awkward places other power tools just can't reach.

Ideal for Sawing Wood in Tight Spaces

It's versatility to cut wood in those awkward tight places has proven to me that its the ultimate versatile DIY power for working in small areas normally inaccessible by most tools.

Review and Recommendations for the SoniCrafter

So from my own experience in using this handy and nifty little yet powerful tool, here is my own personal review detailing how I've used it; and with its accessories the full range of tasks the SoniCrafter maybe expected to tackle.

The demo and illustrations in this article is for the Worx models which is freely available in the UK. Although having looked at the reviews, the Rockwell SoniCrafter (which is more available in America) seems to me to be every bit as good as the Worx Model.

My first encounter with the SoniCrafter was when our plumber used it to quickly and effortlessly slice through a section of skirting board to temporally remove a built-in cupboard so as to get access to the floorboards below.

The beauty of the SonicCrafter is that with little effort it made a clean cut in the skirting board without damage to the wall so that once the plumbing was done the built-in cupboard and could be reassembled and the skirting board put back with an almost seamless join.

Well seeing that demonstration I knew what I wanted on my Christmas list.

Hyper Lock and Universal Fit

After seeing a demo from a friend who bought a SoniCrafter with the new hyper lock and universal fit, I recently upgraded my old Sonicrafter for the latest model which now includes these.

Universal Fit

The great thing about the Universal Fit is that it allows you to buy and fit blades from any manufacturer, and is backward compatible to fit old style blades, meaning you can shop around for the cheapest bargains for blade accessories.

In my case, it also meant I can use all my old blades and the other Sonicrafter accessories from my old kit.

Hyper Lock

A great innovation; no longer do I need to struggle to change blades and attachments. With a few simple swings of the hyper lock handle I can remove one attachment and replace it with a different one; almost single handed, and in quick time; typically less than 30 seconds.

Visual Demonstration of the SoniCrafter in Action

To Cut Wooden Shelf Supports Screwed to Wall

The video below, which demonstrates the effectiveness and ease of use of a Sonicrafter, is one I made when I needed to shorten the length of a shelf support as part of a DIY project to add additional shelving to the storage space under the stairs.

Putting the SonicCrafter to Good Use

Various Tasks Carried Out With the SonicCrafter

Since having the SonicCrafter I've put it to a number of good uses on most major DIY jobs, mainly using the saw in awkward places that can't be reached by other power tools. The first time was when I replaced the plywood bath side panel with oak panelling that was 6mm (1/4 inch thicker) and in doing so needed to trim just 6mm of the edge of the skirting board without removing it from the wall and without damaging the tiled wall behind or the floor below. The SonicCrafter allows for precision cutting in small tight places so was ideal for the job.

When I made a lighting Unit Box for a bank of dimmer switches to independently control three 500W Halogen Lights for my son's home photography studio I used the SonicCrafter to cut the holes for the switches rather than the more common method of drilling holes in the corners and cutting the square with a jig saw simply because it was quicker, easier and with the SonicCrafter a more precision cut.

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I've also used it for cutting channels in beams for cables and piping under decking for a friend and more recently shortening a couple of shelf supports on the wall without removing the supports and without damaging the wall as part of a home DIY Remodelling Project as shown in the photos below.

Holes cut for light switches with SoniCrafter in this Dimmer Lighting Unit Control Box

Holes cut for light switches with SoniCrafter in this Dimmer Lighting Unit Control Box

The SoniCrafter Can Do a Lot More Than Just Precision Cut Wood in Tight Corners

SoniCrafter Accessories

My main use for the SoniCrafter is as a precision saw, especially in tight corners and awkward places when doing home DIY projects, and for this use alone the SoniCrafter was worth every penny.

When I had my first SoniCrafter I'd already renovated the bathroom and kitchen. However the hardwood casements for our old double glazed windows did require some maintenance, so when I did that I found the rasping and sanding attachments invaluable.

When I recently upgraded my SonicCrafter to the latest model which has the ‘universal fit’ and ‘hyper lock’, I also purchased a selection of new accessories (mainly various saws). Although my original model works just fine, the reason I made the upgrade was because a friend of mine had bought the latest model and demonstrated the ‘universal fit’ and ‘hyper lock’ to me.

The great thing about the universal fit is that it allows you to use just about any type of sonicrafter attachment from a variety of manufacturers; which not only means that I could use all my old attachments in the new model but also I could shop around and buy the cheaper attachments from other manufacturers.

Since I bought the upgrade I’ve done a major makeover of the kitchen and dining room; including replacing doors and cupboard doors. For fitting the doors, I’ve found the SoniCrafter come into its own for easily and quickly making the cut-outs for hinges in the doors and door frames; giving a much neater finish, in much less time than using the chisel and mallet to make the hinge cut-outs.

Also, since having new SoniCrafter I’ve used the other accessories e.g. the sander for getting into small awkward corners, more extensively simply because it’s so easy and quick to change them.

So the SoniCrafter does a lot more than just precision cut wood, and a good SoniCrafter comes with lots of accessories for sawing, sanding and polishing, rasping, tile and masonry and scraping.

SoniCrafter Tools

SoniCrafter Tools

Manual vs Power Tools

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Arthur Russ

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Arthur Russ (author) from England on June 15, 2017:

Thanks for your feedback Heidi and Felicitas, yes the sonicrafter is indispensable, and now that the new models include universal fit and hyper lock, changing blades with other attachments has become so easy and quick.

Felicitas on August 01, 2014:

I have a Dewalt cordless driver, which is very handy. But, this SoniCrafter looks like an indispensable tool for anyone who does DIY home projects. Perfect size and shape. Great photos and descriptions of your work.

Heidi Vincent from GRENADA on October 04, 2012:

Nice lens with useful examples of how it can be used.

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