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Soaking Aches and Troubles Away In Your Own Hot Tub

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Fun And Relaxation


4 Good Reasons To Buy a Hot Tub

During the past ten years the one thing I don't believe I could do without is my hot tub. For some, this seems like a frivolous indulgence, but if you inhabited this aging body, you would have a different opinion about whether it was a necessity or not!

An addition to the house like this might seem superfluous, when you consider that today's bathrooms often have whirlpool tubs and any bathtub can offer a good soak, but I am convinced that idea comes from not experiencing how healing and relaxing a genuine, well built hot tub can be.

  1. First , there is the way the combination of hot water, bubbles and jets can improve circulation and soothe achy muscles, as well as bring relief to painful joints.
  2. Then, there is the enjoyment of the outdoors, and no bathrooms I know offer that.
  3. Combined with those benefits is the opportunity to relax with family or friends while soaking in the swirling water, with good conversation and each others company.
  4. But the reason I can't live without my spa has more to do with the need to unwind my muscles and soothe my joints when working a little too hard in the garden or around the house. It has meant the difference between mobility and a stiffening "old lady" walk for me. It also proves to relax me and aid my ability to sleep at night. Something about those bubbles I think! It never fails.

What makes a good investment in a hot tub?

The top concern is to buy from a good quality manufacturer who has a high reputation. Nothing is worse than having the stress of parts breaking down or something wearing out before its time. We researched brands and visited Spa retailers to see examples of styles.

A hot tub full of water weighs quite a bit, so my "Handyman" built a deck for it. He also hardwired it into the house electric, but for those who want something simpler, this "plug and play" type avoids the need for an Electrician.

Does It Require Maintenance?

Yes, it requires sanitizing through the addition of chemicals, and that should be on a schedule along with the use of test strips to measure the water quality. The filters need to be changed when necessary, and after lots of years use we needed to replace the headrests and the tub cover.

If you are careful, as we are, about not using detergent laden swim clothes ( I keep a specific suit just for the hot tub and hand rinse it) and abide by rules that one only enters the tub after a shower to rinse off creams, oils, etc.... it is fairly straightforward care. Showering before entering a soaking tub is just good hygiene- and should be observed before use of any pool or hot tub experience. It also cuts down on the foaming that can come from cosmetic products and oils.

If we do have foaming, there are anti-foam agents and the pool skimmer, but we rarely have to use those means to keep the water clarity.

The most important thing is the regular use of the proper chemicals to keep the balance correct, and the replacement of the water on a schedule of every few months.

Picture Yourself

In the price range of many, and better investment than a vacation.

In the price range of many, and better investment than a vacation.

In colder climates you will need a hot tub cover- it conserves energy.

Landscape Ideas for Your Outdoor Tub

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Take Care Of Your Water

The maintenance is fairly simple. Test the chemistry with test strips, and add chemicals as necessary.

Change the water every so often, the schedule depends on you.

The filter is changed or cleaned as often as needed.

How To Clean

A Place To Hang Your Towel


Reducing stress is on many a person's list of health improvements. Increasing circulation, and managing joint and muscle pain are important for others. I have all three goals in mind, and the hot tub is a great way to accomplish these sometimes stubborn problems.

I've noticed my blood pressure can improve after a soak. Ask your doctor if this is advisable for you.

For Your Health

For me, it has proven beneficial, but there are caveats for some conditions.

Who might not want to use a soak in the hot temperatures of a spa?

Be careful if you have high blood pressure. Consider consulting with a Doctor before using a hot tub.

Don't use them if you are pregnant.

Beware of mixing your time in a hot tub with too much alcohol consumption.

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