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My Favorite Salt Shaker and Pepper Grinder

Chef'n salt mill and pepper grinder

Chef'n salt mill and pepper grinder

I Love My Combination Salt and Pepper Mill - the Chef'n Bistro Combo Grinder

The Chef'n Bistro Combo Grinder is one in a million. How many household machines and gadgets really work? How many are great bargains? How many are attractively designed, effective, efficient and continue to work for over a quarter of a century?

Do I have your attention now?

It's the little irritations in everyday life that really get you down. Are you fed up with the salt shaker that's constantly blocked or the screw-top-type pepper grinders (you know the ones with the grinding mechanism that you twist at the top) and which simply don't work?

It really drives me mad!

So why am I such a fan of this particular salt and pepper mill? Read my salt and pepper grinder story below and find out why I think the Chef'n Bistro Combo Grinder is the best gift you could buy for anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen and loves to cook.

It really is the best gift ever!

Image: Chef'n Bistro Combo Grinder

Combine your salt shaker and pepper grinder in this one handy, elegant and well-designed kitchen gadget. The smooth lines of the Chef'n Bistro Combo Grinder are both attractive and make it easy to keep clean. You can dispense both pepper and salt with one hand - ideal for busy cooks, and you can choose how fine you would like your pepper ground - great for people like me who like great chunks of this frangant spice but also ideal for those who like their pepper finely grated - or anywhere between. It's easy to refill and works like a dream - have a look on the Chef'n web site for a short demo - see link below.

I can't count the number of twist-top pepper grinders that I've bought in the past - none of which work - before I gave on pepper grinders. I actually took to using a mortar and pestle to grind my pepper before I was given this this grinder. The grinding mechanism is a handle that you squeeze and it stays razor-sharp for years.

And this pepper grinder is a great price - worth its weight in gold.

Image: Chef'n Bistro Combo Grinder

Are You Sticking To Your Two Hand Tools? - Or are you a one hand guy or gal?

Are you satisfied with your shakers in two separate pots or do you like the idea that, mid-cook, you can grab your pot and dash out the S & P using only one hand?

Personally, when I attempt dinner parties or cook for our Bed and Breakfast guests at Les Trois Chenes, I tend to feel under pressure and the last thing that I need is to lose the pots, tools and implements and have to go hunting for things around the kitchen.

With this Ch comb there is at least one less thing to go astray, and I love the fact that I can do two things at once - or three if you count stirring the food with one hand while I dispense S&P with the other!

My Chef'n salt and pepper mill

My Chef'n salt and pepper mill

The Story of My Combo Salt and Pepper Grinder

Sad but true

This is identical to my salt and pepper grinder which was given to me twenty-five years ago - yes - 25 years ago or more. I received it politely but had never felt the need to up-grade my traditional salt and pepper set - I didn't realise that the stuck-salt-syndrome could be ended and I had no idea that pepper could be anything other than a cloud of dust dispensed from a traditional pepper shaker. I kind of came to terms with the fact that the twist-top type pepper grinders just didn't work and that I simply was not able to have coarsely ground pepper.

I soon realised, however, that I absolutely did need this new combo gadget.

The pepper grinder was wicked. I put it to the coarsest setting and managed to easily grate lots and lots of lovely chunks of pepper onto my food - and the salt didn't seem to get stuck nearly as often either. PLUS, when I was baking and cooking, I could add pepper and salt with one hand and keep stirring with the other. Cool.

So cool that I bought my Mom an identical Chefn mill; the one that you can see in the picture

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So what was the problem? The problem was that my son and his friend, then aged about ten, took the salt and pepper mill into the garden and lost the very bit that grinds the pepper.

Why didn't I just buy another one?

Because they stopped making this model. WHY?? But I did find their re-designed version featured here.

10 Good Reasons to Buy Chef'n Combo - Plus this is a great little Christmas pepper mill!

The ten reasons to buy this combo pepper mill are all on the serious side - I didn't say that it would make a great Christmas gift for anyone looking for a Christmas pepper mill or a Christmas salt shaker! It would make a super birthday or any other celebration day gift.

Think of the symbolism for a wedding gift, "two intertwined eternally - working together, combining to form the perfect seasoning, the fine salty white over the hot, peppery and potent black ......" Goodness - who needs Shades of Grey??

  1. Chic and stylish design
  2. Salt and pepper in one sleek gadget
  3. Effective pepper grinding mechanism
  4. Adjustable pepper grinder - fine to coarse settings
  5. Easy to fill
  6. Easy to keep clean
  7. Keeps on working (provided your children and friends don't lose bits in the garden - see my story below)
  8. Needs only one hand
  9. Inexpensive - it's a great bargain
  10. Eliminates just one of life's everyday irritations - that's got to be good!

Your Combination Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill is Easy to Refill

You don't need more things to make you cross in the kitchen!

This shows you how easy it is to use this grinder. It's so important when you're in the kitchen to keep your cool, and the last thing you need when you're rushing to get things finished is to run out of stuff and find that you have to fiddle around to replenish.

Of course, the fact that it is transparent means that you can see when the condiments are running low and refill when it is convenient.

These devices are so simple to use. One less thing to worry about!

See For Yourself How it Works - Watch the demonstration Video

This is a very short and professional video demonstrating just how the Grinder works. Well worth having a look to see just how easy it is.

I Received the Best Ever Customer Service from Chef'n

It was unbelievable

After much fruitless searching in the woodshed and garden I realised that my beloved salt and pepper mill was defunct without the vital bit and so I checked all over the internet as well as all the usual stores to find another one the same - without success. Eventually I traced the patent and this led to Chef'n. I wrote to Chef'n and told them that after twenty-five years I had lost the vital bit of my pepper grinding gadget and THEY TOLD ME THAT IT WAS STILL UNDER GUARANTEE AND THEY WOULD FIX IT! Can you believe it?

Alas, too late. A. I didn't have the receipt; remember my salt and pepper mill was a Christmas gift (the best Christmas gift as it turned out) and anyway - who keeps receipts for twenty-five years? So I invested in their new version instead. They do produce other combined pepper and salt mills too. Take a look at the other models they have to offer:

Want to Add a Little Extra to Your Salt and Pepper Mill? - How about a packet of Spicy World whole black Tellicherry peppercorn

This 16 oz bag of peppercorns from India will keep you going for a while. There's nothing like fragrant, black pepper is nice big crunchy chunks to liven up a dish. Because you can choose the size of your pepper in the combo grinder, you can vary i to suite your taste.

Cool and Classic

Or cute and quirky?

Normally I'm not really a fun person - I'll admit it. No pink, fluffy slippers in the shapes of puppies, no silly hats or egg timers in the shape of roosters. BUT every now and then something quirky takes my fancy. On the C h shelves, next to the classic designs, sat these G'rabbits - and I love the idea!

Grab them by the ears and give them a good squeeze. Wonderful and ideal for people who do like a bit of fun in their lives.

I Love These G'Rabbit Salt and Pepper Griders! - Fun salt and pepper sets

I think it's the name that really caught my interest! G'Rabbit! They're funky and funny but they really do work. You can buy them singly, with magnets attached or as a set.

Cute rabbit-shaped salt and pepper grinders will charm anyone. They can be operated with one hand - great for busy cooks - by squeezing ears. The tail comes off for refilling and the base twists to adjust grind from coarse to fine. Excellent quality with non-corroding ceramic mechanism - it won't corrode even with prolonged salt contact.

There are other G'rabbit designs too, but I thought I'd save them for a special G'Rabbit article.

Cute or Classic - To you like the traditionalal or fun pots?

More Christmas Gifts for Cooks

This 'Little Angel of the House' apron is cute ....

Yes, this is me! Wasn't I cute? (Talking about 'cute and quirky ...).

I was 'helping' my Granny to make pastry and as kids we would always be given a bit of pastry to prepare and roll out ourselves. I remember fiddling with mine until it was grey, rolling it out and making something or other to go into the oven, but I can never remember anything coming out!

On this particular day, here I am rolling out my bit of pastry. But this was not an ordinary, everyday event - actually it ended in a life-or-death situation. Read the full horror story here: Pie Recipes from my Grandmother's Kitchen

The Little Angel of the House.jpg Apron

..... but there are some pretty tasty Christmas gifts for cooks at the LesTroisChenes on-line Zazzleshop - and remember that you can customise them yourself, make a gift really personal by adding your own caption, a name, a poem - anything you like:

.... just click on the link below for many more designs -

Leave a comment for me - I'd love to hear from you

EMAGN on August 25, 2019:

Hi Mam, May i asks how to refill the combo old grinder you have that lost the part? I had one too but I forgot how to refill and operate this. I had kept it in the kitchen cab for a long time.

askformore lm on December 06, 2012:

Thank you for these great gift ideas

Barbara Walton (author) from France on December 05, 2012:

@choosehappy: Hope Santa brings a little "season'al" cheer, Squidoolinepro.

Vikki from US on December 03, 2012:

I want one of those; adding it to my Christmas list!

Barbara Walton (author) from France on November 19, 2012:

@Brandi Bush: Do they work well, mamabush - and for how long. I do just love ground pepper and was thrilled to find a pepper mill that actually worked.

Barbara Walton (author) from France on November 19, 2012:

@AlleyCatLane: Thanks for leaving a message, Carolyn. So hard to know what is worthwile and what will be consigned to (in my case) the box under the bed.

Brandi from Maryland on November 18, 2012:

Neat! I have 2 little grinders that look like for salt and one for pepper. Just like the Chef'n Dual Pepperball one you have listed above. The kids love them! The peppermill you have featured here looks pretty great, might be in my future. Great review! :)

AlleyCatLane on November 18, 2012:

Interesting gadget. Thanks for the recommendation.

Barbara Walton (author) from France on November 18, 2012:

@sdtechteacher: This really is superior, sdtechteacher. The ones you buy might be ok but you'll pay a fortune for the pepper. Order your pepper corns in bulk and put them into this pepper mill.

sdtechteacher on November 18, 2012:

The pepper that comes in its own grinder at the store usually sees me with a broken, unusable top. This looks far superior.

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