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Portable Air Conditioners Vent Free

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Portable Air Conditioners Without Exhaust Hose

When the temperatures soar and it gets uncomfortably hot, a good air cooler is the only solution.

There are portable air conditioners that are vent free which means you can move them around the house from room to room without needing to vent hot exhaust air to the outside.

Do you think that you might want one of these amazing air cooling solutions? You don't have to, but it's certainly an option.

First, we need to know some more about what we're talking about here.

True portability in an air conditioning unit is limited in many models. The reason for this is because they need to vent their hot exhaust to the outside, or they would end up causing a net increase in the temperature of your room.

But truly "ventless" portable air conditioner units work in a different way and have no hot exhaust air. That's primarily because, even though they look a lot like them, they are not true air conditioners: They are really evaporative coolers (swamp coolers)!

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This article explores the simplicity and amazing effectiveness of these truly portable air cooling units that provide you with a real, cost effective solution to keeping cool and comfortable when the weather is really hot and uncomfortable.


What Are Swamp Coolers?

Truly ventless or ductless portable air coolers are actually not true air conditioning units in the sense that they do not use a refrigerant gas in a heat exchanger to create cool air.

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As such, they also don't produce any hot exhaust air. That means they don't need to have a duct or vent to the outside. You can find out more about them at the HVAC/R Training Institute website and see the difference.

The correct term is "Evaporative Air Cooler" although they are better known as "Swamp Coolers" and they work very simply by evaporating moisture as air is passed across a damp membrane and the resulting air is cooled. A high speed fan is the only moving part in these simple units, so they only use a fraction of the energy that a true portable air conditioning unit uses to run.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The only downside to this type of air cooler is that it loses its effectiveness when the humidity of the air increases. In areas of high humidity, I'm afraid you're stuck with the more expensive air cooling solution of a true air conditioner, as a swamp cooler will not be able to cool already moist air very effectively.

The reason for this is that the air needs to be fairly dry for the "cooling by evaporation" process to be effective. In areas of naturally dry heat, this isn't a problem and swamp coolers can drop the temperature in a hot room by as much as 30 degrees or so.

So before you rush out to buy on of these units, you should check the relative humidity of your area, which is easy enough to do online by checking the local weather reports.

Would You Go For a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner?

Find Great Vent Free Portable Air Coolers at Amazon

If your area checks out and you have relatively dry heat, with humidity levels below 50% for most of the time, then a portable swamp cooler is a very good option for keeping cool cheaply but effectively. You can find some great units for sale online at Amazon at really great prices and with free shipping in most areas.

Check out some of the examples below--if one catches your eye, click on the image to open the Amazon page where you can get all the details, price, specs and customer reviews.

Take a look at some of the options we have selected below and see if there is anything that speaks to you. They're on sale at Amazon, so you can relax if you are worried about buying online, as this is the world's favorite online store that comes highly recommended and trusted.

Just click your mouse on the image of the item that appeals to you to open the full sales and info page at Amazon where you can read about its particular description and get some customer reviews too!

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