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Orchid Meaning - The Symbolism of Orchid Flowers


Meaning of Orchids - Love - Purity - Fertility - Wealth

The orchid flower has many different meanings, over time some orchid meanings have changed and others have stuck around.

Like the meanings of many types of flowers, the meaning of orchids depends on who or when you ask.

In this article we will talk a little bit about orchid flowers, and what they symbolize.

Current Orchid Flower Meanings

Orchid flowers today stand for love, wealth, and attraction. A white orchid flower meanings purity and wholeness.

These are the most common meanings of an orchid flower, but there are others as well that we will talk about below after discussing some origin of the flower itself.

orchid—paparutzi (

orchid—paparutzi (

Orchid -beeep (

Orchid -beeep (

Orchid Meaning

The origin of the name of the orchid is found in ancient Greece, where the flower was associated with lust, wealth and greed.

In Ancient Greece the orchid flower also meant fertility and virility. They also this flower had the ability to determine the gender of a baby. If they wanted a baby boy the father would eat a large orchid tuber. If the parents wanted a girl the mother would eat a small orchid tuber and the baby would be a girl.

Because the orchid flower is often associated with fertility and said to increase the chance of a happy couple having multiple children orchids are often the flower of choice to bring to a baby shower.

The orchid can stand for healing and good health. Orchids can be given to a love one who is sick, or a friend in the hospital and they are said to bring health by several different cultures.

Some cultures believed that the orchid flower had healing properties, like the Chinese. They believed that the orchid is especially helpful for things like lung disease. The Aztecs were said to mix orchid with vanilla and chocolate and drink the mixture for strength.

Caring for orchids with William Moss

Orchids—kajsa (

Orchids—kajsa (

Taking Care of your Orchid

An orchids natural environment is a tropical area.

As such you will want to make sure you keep them moist and well watered, however like all plant if they are watered too often with no way to drain the extra water the plant roots will rot. If you do not live in a humid area you will want to get a spray bottle and mist your orchid daily.

Orchids do best in temperatures between 65 - and 85 degrees. Orchids are a partial sunlight plant, so you will not to keep them in direct sunlight. If you cannot give the orchids you have inside natural sun you might consider purchasing a plant light.

If planting your orchid inside you will want to plant them in a small pot, they are a slightly fragile and will grow healthier this way. Some orchids need to be replanted every year other ones will continue to thrive in the same pot year after year, it depends on the plant and rate of growth. A good rule of thumb is that if your orchid plant still looks good, is healthy, and happy leave it alone.

Orchids—Shehan Obeysekera (

Orchids—Shehan Obeysekera (

Orchid Flower Colors

Orchids come in many different colors, there are hundreds of different types of orchids, in fact there are more variations of orchids than any other type of flower. So, as you can imagine you can find orchids in almost every color that flowers come in.

Purple, Pink White, Black, Red, and Yellow, Orange are all common orchid colors.

Many people want to know what ever orchid color means. However there is not a set meaning for every particular color of orchid besides that like most flowers the white orchid means purity.

Now that you know orchid meanings you can decide if you want to have orchids in your home, if they are the flower you want to give to a friend or a loves one, if you want to plant them in your garden or even if you want to get that orchid tattoo, as many people do.

Orchids are a beautiful flower for special events, to be given as a gift, and even to grow in your garden, or home.

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FullOfLoveSites from United States on January 10, 2013:

I love orchids for not just for their colors but for their forms. I've never seen paparutzi before. I really enjoyed the pictures. Voted up and beautiful/awesome, and a following. :)

Cam Anju (author) from Stoughton, Wisconsin on May 29, 2012:

Thank you very much libby1970!

libby1970 from KY on May 29, 2012:

Beautiful hub about orchids. I enjoyed reading this! The orchid is one of the world's most beautiful flowers and you have brought this beauty out in a hub. Good job. I will return the favor and link your hub to mine. Thanks again.

Cam Anju (author) from Stoughton, Wisconsin on May 23, 2012:

Neat! Orchids are very pretty. Thank you, Phelcky!

Phelcky on May 23, 2012:

This is awesome! I have 5 orchids in my home, so I found this very interesting. Thank you Cam Anju :)

Cam Anju (author) from Stoughton, Wisconsin on May 23, 2012:

Neither did I until recently! I love to share what I learn. Thanks!

netraptor from California on May 23, 2012:

Very nice article! I didn't know about the meanings of the different orchid colors. Thanks!

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