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Decorate Your Christmas With Nutcrackers

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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, she is passionate about food.

Nutcracker Decorations

Nutcrackers with their bright colors can really liven up the Christmas tree. There are also those you can use as table decorations. My favorite are the wooden nutcrackers. Their features are so much more prominent and visible compared to the crystal glass ones. (They are unbreakable too if you accidentally drop them ). With young kids around the house, this is a real possibility!

Nutcracker Soldiers Standing on Guard Duty

Nutcracker soldiers

Nutcracker soldiers

Nutcracker Ornaments

I love nutcracker ornaments for the Christmas tree. There are many varieties available for you to choose.

  • Wooden nutcrackers are an all-time favorite
  • Crystal figurines look exquisite whether hanging on the tree or on the tabletop
  • Bigger sized nutcracker figurines for tabletops

Nutcracker Themed Toys for Kids

  • Lego nutcracker set
  • Mini wooden nutcracker Christmas craft gift box for those who enjoy painting their own decorations
  • Nutcracker ballet Clara doll for little girl who enjoy the Nutcracker story
  • Books featuring The Nutcracker
  • Christmas Nutcracker soldiers snow globe

Nutcracker Puzzle

This Nutcracker Puzzle from Amazon is bright, colourful and filled with all sorts of nutcrackers. Great fun for the whole family to fit all the pieces together to create a great nutcracker picture.

Nutcracker Puzzle

Nutcracker Puzzle

Nutcracker Ballet Decorations - Kids will love this advent calendar to countdown the days to Christmas!

Nutcracker horseman

Nutcracker horseman

Nutcracker Suite - Dance of the sugar plum fairy

The Prince takes Clara on a journey to the enchanted forest where they meet the Sugar Plum Fairy. The fairy dances for them to celebrate their victory over the Mouse King.

Nutcracker Soldiers On Display - Flea market in Berlin

Nutcracker Soldiers

Nutcracker Soldiers

Jillson Roberts Recycled Christmas Gift Wrap

What would Christmas be without presents? One of the first things I buy during my Christmas shopping are wrapping papers. I love the wrappers with the nutcracker design. I am sure kids and adults would love to have their gifts in these colorful wrappers.

They come in 6 rolls sporting an entire brigade of colorful nutcrackers with gold highlights. They are made of 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 90% post-consumer fiber that is chlorine and bleach free. Each Christmas wrap contains 5-Feet x 30-Inch which is ample for all your holiday gifts.

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Add A Big Bow To Your Gift - A bit of ribbon makes all the difference to how your gift looks!

Add a beautiful bow to complete your gift wrap. It will add a touch of elegance to your gift. If you are like me and don't have deft fingers then hopefully this tutorial will help you to tie that big bow. Get some ribbon and give it a try.

Gift Tags To Complete The Present

I think gift tags is great way to keep track of which gift belongs to whom. This is more so when different members of the family have their pile of presents under the Christmas tree. So if you are a nutcracker fan, then get these gift tags which comes in a pack of 24. They come with a matte finish with sparkly rhinestone accents.

Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.

Nutcracker Museum

Nutcracker Museum

Nutcracker Museum

Nutcracker Museum

Visit The Nutcracker Museum

Nutcrackers of every size, shape and design!

If you are a nutcracker fan then you should make a trip to Leavenworth, Washington where they have a nutcracker museum. The main attraction is of course nutcrackers, all 6000 of them.

The museum was started by Arlene Wagner who produced the famous Nutcracker Ballet for many years. In their travels to many places, Arlene and her husband began a collection of nutcrackers.

You will find all sorts of nutcrackers at this museum, from the really functional ones which can really crack open your nuts to the decorative ones which are often now used for Christmas decorations. The collection also include nutcrackers made by famous names like Steinbach, Ulbricht and Erzgebirge.

Courtesy of Nutcracker Museum.

The Real Nutcracker For Christmas Nuts

To crack open your favorite nuts

You might be looking for a "real" nutcracker, one that you can use to crack open your favorite nuts. The modern nutcracker looks like pliers except the pivot point is at the end rather than the middle. The spring joint nutcracker was first patented by Henry Quackenbush in 1911.

Nuts are a popular food item during Christmas with family gatherings. A really functional nutcracker will really help everyone to enjoy their favorite nuts whether it be almonds, brazil nuts or walnuts. My personal favorite are almonds.

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