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Modern Window Styles Guide

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Modern Window Styles

Modern Window Styles

New windows improve curb appeal of your house, can improve efficiency so you spend less and reduce your carbon footprint a bit, and they can also significantly enhance the environment of your home.

Every house has an atmosphere that people feel when they enter. Homeowners who want a modern style home and ambience will need a much overlooked piece of the design puzzle - modern style windows.

Right away people ask how a window can have style, but only a short amount of reflection reveals the hundreds of different window styles they’ve seen in their lifetime.

Elements of Modern Windows

Modern window design has the same design features of modern kitchens, bathrooms, and homes.

The core ideas behind modern design

  • Straight lines
  • Natural textures
  • Neutral colors

The modern design is almost synonymous with modesty and lack of adornment, and often associated with minimalism. You won’t see thick window frame designs or gaudy handles.

Windows That Add To The Modern Feel of Your Home

Most windows can come in a modern design. The most common types of windows that are used to create a modern look are Casement Windows. Casement windows provide open sightlines and natural light - a common trait of the modern home design. Double Hung windows offer similar design complements.

Another feature of modern home design is a large open room. Windows that complement the modern home design by opening up rooms are the

  • Bow Window
  • Bay Window

They have great sightlines and seem to increase the size of the room.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

If you really want modern - natural light, big room, simple - then floor to ceiling windows are the must have. Maximal light. Blurred lines from outdoor to indoor.

Modern Window Efficiency

Modern windows are accompanied by modern thinking. Modern thinking is sustainable and energy efficient. Windows today have better designs, materials, and glass than ever so it’s safe to claim you’re doing your part for the environment with new windows.

Modern windows are at the very least double-pane windows

maintain open sightlines.

Modern Window Design

With the popularity of modern architecture, manufacturers are creating more and more windows so that you can choose a matching modern window. Modern architecture can take many forms - simple lines to angles that are dramatic.

Modern Home Design

So what style of home is considered modern and which types of windows complement a modern home?

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Home styles that modern window styles are used for:

  • Industrial Modern Homes
  • International Modern Homes
  • Miesian Modern Homes
  • Mid Century Modern

The above are the four main types of modern home designs that accompany the use of modern window styles. Since Modern styles are always changing to reflect the thought and sensibilities of the day, there is no agreement on how to define what the Modern style movement is.

The first three choices of modern home styles are the most popular in current Modern style architecture. However, there are two elements of modern home design that are ever present - simple and sleek. Those encompass the earlier stated concepts of clean lines, smooth surfaces, and lots of natural light.

Common Window Uses In Modern Homes

If you have ever seen a modern home in person or on television then you will have noticed that they all have a lot of windows, many of which are large. Here are the common window types that make up those large window walls, straight lines, and let in all of that natural light. In fact it is better to say that these are staples in modern home design rather than just very common window types.

  • Moving Glass Wall Systems
  • Ceiling to floor windows
  • Custom shaped Picture Windows
  • Horizontal sliding windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Horizontal casements
  • Sidelites around doors
  • Transoms around door
  • Corner Windows

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Moving glass walls are the go to choice for patio doors, deck doors, and backyard doors. They allow in more than ample natural light and play up any views already considered spectacular.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Windows that seem to stretch from the floor to the ceiling create an expansive feel to the room while inside, and the staple modern look from outside of the home.

Custom Shape Picture Windows

It is likely that you will see custom shaped Picture Windows on any style of modernly designed home. In order to run parallel with the gable (triangular roof shape) and maintain the straight line that is famously attached to the modern look, windows often need to be customizably cut.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows are often placed beneath large Picture Windows. They allow airflow since Picture Windows do not move.

Sidelites & Transoms Around Doors

Transom windows and Sidelites turn a front door into an impressive focal point and fill an entryway with abundant natural light.

Sidelites are on either side of the door and run the length of the door.

Transoms are placed above doorways and are either rectangular or half circles - round top or elliptical.

Windows that wrap around corners

Corner Windows are windows that wrap around corners. You will get clean lines at the corner connection, and they emphasize shape and view.

Modern Window Grids

Why don’t modern window styles have the traditional, or colonial, grilles/grids that cross in the glass? What we are used to seeing on windows are called Standard Grids. Since modern design calls for simple and less adornment, the Standard Grids are not used.

To create a sleek appearance, grids are seldom applied and generally kept to valence grids if employed at all.

Modern Window Valance Styles

Modern windows rarely use grids, but if grids are used, Valence Grids are the grid of choice. They typically divide the top third of a window into sections. A common Valence Grid is making the top of the window appear to have four horizontal sections.

Modern Window Frames

Aluminum is a popular window material to use because modern homes almost always have even sightlines and slim profiles. The exterior color palettes of these modernly designed homes tend to be dark neutrals. That means they use grays, blacks, and dark reds. Aluminum works well with these colors.

Modern Window Cornice

These are not used in modern design, as they are seen as unnecessary adornment.

Modern Window Panels

Panels are usually simple and only one solid color.

Modern Window Casing Styles

Casings are rarely used.

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