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Funky Kitchen Gadgets & Goodies


You can't just find this stuff anywhere.......and nothing will put the pizazz in a home or office kitchen more than an item from this selection. We've pulled together some of our favorite oddities, novelties & just cool kitchen gear. Not only are they cool but they all function too! A must have for any true kitchen gadgethead.

Fred and Friends Pizza Boss, Pizza wheel


Pizza Boss 3000 Kitchen

Fred and Friends. Real men don't use wimpy dime-store pizza cutters. Show that pizza you mean business with the new Pizza Boss 3000. It'll blast through pepperoni, extra cheese, even those pesky anchovies. It's built from tough engineering-grade plastics and the laser etched stainless steel blade has a removable shield for easy clean up. Comes packaged in a snazzy clear plastic gift box.

Fred and Friends Oh Snap Cheese Cutter

Fred and Friends Oh Snap Cheese Cutter

Fred and Friends Oh Snap Cheese Cutter

Oh Snap! Mousetrap Cheese Set Fred

Nothing says classy cheese party like a mouse trap cutting board...or Does it?

We know how tempting those freshly baked cookies can be. Just bake them with bite marks built-in and watch your friends leave them behind on the tray. It's famous ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters!

They're made to the highest culinary standards from luxurious cast aluminum so there are no seams or sharp edges and they're easy to clean. Gingerbread Men set include 3 designs - one missing a head, one missing a leg, and one missing an arm. These poor Gingerbread Men! Their loss is your gain.

Ice Invaders Ice Cube Makers

Fred and Friends Did you spend a good portion of your childhood (and your allowance) blasting 2-dimensional aliens to smithereens? 100% pure silicone, oven safe, dishwasher safe, raygun safe. Clear box.

Fred 12-Ounce Pick Your Nose Paper Cups, Pack of 24

Who knows how to liven up a party? YOU do! Each of these photo- realistic paper cups comes emblazoned with a new nose. When you tip your head to take a drink - voila - you get an instant nose job, and a chuckle from the crowd. Remember, never turn your nose up at a good laugh! There are 24 12-oz. cups in each pack, evenly divided between male and female proboscises (errr, noses).

Handblown Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - 'Pig & Piglet'

This whimsical pairing will certainly bring a smile to your table! Each shaker is individually handblown (no molds used) in Oregon using high-quality glass and hand-mixed colors. Topped with corrosion-resistant metal caps, this delicate pig and piglet shaker set provides the perfect touch of functional art in any kitchen!

Sushi Candle Set Candles

You'll get 9 assorted pieces of sushi in this set, plus a side of wasabi and pickled ginger. Perfect to have at your next sushi gathering, or bring as a hostess gift to your friend's sushi party. Each set comes pre-arranged in it's very own japanese take out box.

The Ex 5-Piece Stainless-Steel Knife Set with Unique Holder, Red

THE EX, A radical alternative to the typical block o' wood, will revolutionize the way you store your knives! No knife holder has taken a greater stab at the theatrical than this specially designed Ex knife holder. Et tu, Brute? This 5pc knife holder is unlike any cutlery set you have ever seen! This whimsical, artistic kitchen accessory holds 5 high quality stainless steel kitchen knives (included) in a rather unorthodox fashion - STORE YOUR KNIVES IN AN ANONYMOUS EFFIGY DEDICATED TO WHOMEVER YOU PLEASE! Take out your frustrations as you store your knives! Makes a perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece! Plastic casings house every knife to prevent blade exposure. Set includes 1-Plastic figurine 1 - 8" Chef Knife 1 - 8" Bread Knife 1 - 8" Carver 1 - 5" Utility Knife 1 - 3.5" Parer 25 Year Warranty

Novelty Wine Stoppers

Once the party has ended you can't just toss that wine! Use a swanky wine stopper to keep your precious fresh for tomarrow...and the next day and....well, we all know your going to finish it by then!

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Wine Cork Candles - Set of Four Candles

Instead of simply recycling your empty wine bottles, you can make instant centerpieces out of them with the help of these candles! Simply place a Wine Cork Candle in the top of an empty bottle and light it up for a warm, charming touch during romantic dinners.

Burn time for each candle is approximately 2 hours. Wine bottle not included.

Saw-Shaped Cheesecake Knife Table Top

This unique knife comes in a velvet-lined box, making it the perfect ready-to-go gift for a new homeowner or dessert fanatic. Comfortable handle is easy to grip and will not only serve your cheesecake with ease but with a little flair!

Kitchen work doesn't have to be a drag, get some snazzy accessories to make cooking a bit more fun. They make great gifts & your kids will even help out (not really) if they can play with these fun gadgets.

Modern Folding Colander

Over 100 prototypes were made before the Folding Colander was finally;perfected... but, given its space-saving capacities, it was well worth the wait! 12 polypropylene living hinges are incorporated in the design so that, when you put it away, it can be folded completely flat for easy storage. Looks like practice does;make perfect after all...

Ceramic Crinkle Cup

Make sure not to throw away these fabulous cups by Rob Brandt!; Designed to look like a discarded, plastic coffee cup, the Crinkle Cup is actually made out of ceramic.;;A new look at an all-too-familiar form! Set of four. Individual cups also available.

Handblown Glass Salt/Pepper Shaker Set - Flamingo & Palm

An elegantly cruved palm tree and tropical flamingo are beautifully detailed with swirls of color and delicate glass contours. Each salt/pepper shaker is individually hand-blown (no molds used) in Oregon using high-quality Pyrex glass and hand-mixed colors. Topped with corrosion-resistant metal caps, this delicate flamingo and palm shaker set provides the perfect touch of functional art in any kitchen!

Bottle Wobble BOBBLE OPENER cool gadget


Watch em Wobble Bobble all over the place. Just pop a couple of bottle caps in their mouth and you' ve got instant entertainment. The Wobble Bobble comes in four vibrant colors with four different fun faces.

Vinyl Record Bowls

Designer Jeff Davis has put a new spin on recycling by rescuing unwanted records and creating them into fascinating works of functional art. These unbelievable bowls are made from actual 12-inch vinyl records and are perfect for fruit, dry snacks, or upbeat decoration, these sturdy record bowls have the original label intact and protected with a clear mylar seal. Available in 6 music genres!

Take-Out Menu Box - Tatutina

Keep all those take-out menus from your favorite restaurants organized! This makes a great gift for new homeowners who haven't unpacked the cooking utensils yet!

Painted wood with metal hinges, measures 12" x 9" x 3"

High Heel Cake Server - Black Heel Wild Eye Designs

Serve you desserts with a little style! These unique cake servers come with a magnetized, detachable heel that "dresses up" the otherwise plain server. Comes in a nice little gift box wrapped with a ribbon inside, so it is all ready to give as a hostess or wedding shower gift!

Server is made of stainless steel, measures 8.5" long.

Grape Wine Bottle Cutting Board Basic Spirit

This Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Board is a gift all already to go, complete with a matching grape decorated pewter pate' knife. Bring the cheese or wine to go along with it, or let your host provide. Either way this is a sure way to easily decorate the table for any get together.

Cutting Board: 16"T x 5.5"W x .5"D, wood with pewter detail; Pate' Knife: 6"T, pewter

Kitchen Cook Chef Suey Pendulum Battery Wall Clock

  • Hand painted crazy chef wall clock features carrot hands and pendulum and pan on fire
  • Made of resin, measures 14 x 8 1/4 inches
  • Requires 1 AA battery, not included

Fred and Friends Calf and Half

Generally speaking cows are more comfy in the barn than

at the table, but Calf & Half is a perfect house guest. She's

always in a good mooooooooood, an you will be too when

you pour from this playful little pitcher. A gentle reminder of

where our cream really comes from. Hand-crafted from

double-walled glass and individually gift boxed.

Help Drain Stopper, Colors Vary

* Add a touch of humor to your bathroom or kitchen with this hilarious sink stopper.

* Playful, with bright, eye-catching color

* Fits most standard bathroom sinks and tubs (may not fit standard kitchen sinks)

* Measures approx. 2.5" x 2.5"


Dog Pot Holders

* Don't worry, this is one Dog you won't mind having in your kitchen.

* Put the wide-mouth animal on your hand before touching anything hot, and it'll protect you from burns while putting a smile on your face.

* Brand new in clear presentation box

* Made of flexible, pure food-grade silicone

* Measures approximately 5" H x 4.5" W x 4" D

Fred Batterfinger Spatula

Uh, oh. Have you been caught sticking your finger into that irresistable cake batter again? Next time, don't gross everyone out - use your BatterFinger instead! It's a handy silicone spatula that stirs and scrapes with ease, and makes frosting a snap. It's perfect for when you just have to try out the brownie mix. Go ahead, lick your finger! Also great for getting the last spread out of jelly jars

Hog Wild Idea Kitchen - Alli-Grator

ALLI-GRATOR alligator Kids KITCHEN Cheese grater NEW The Alli-Grator is glad to sink its teeth into your next grating job. The "jaws" fold back to form an easy-grip handle so you can grate away. The whole family will love this clever gadget. Features: Measures approximately 7"L x 4" W (closed) Durable Plastic construction with Stainless Steel blade Dishwasher Safe Contains no heavy metals, and is lead and phthalate free

Animal House Monkey Peeler

Boston Warehouse has created fun in the kitchen with their new Animal House products. The everyday basic kitchen gadgets are built for serious cooking¿with a smirk. The orange monkey peeler is king of the kitchen with his swivel blade stainless steel peeler, built in eye remover for potatoes. Our monkey cleans up nicely with a quick trip through the dishwasher.

Moo Mixer Supreme


The NEW 16 oz. Moo Mixer Supreme features an easy to use trigger button, fun to hold handle and large detachable clear tumbler. Battery operated (two AAs, not included), dishwasher safe clear tumbler and the totally cool mixing action that makes a whirling vortex of power to thoroughly dissolve chocolate powder mixes!

Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board

Strum to the tune of some new recipes with this bamboo cutting board. These wooden cutting boards are 16 harder than maple, making them more resistant to knife cuts and keeping them looking new. So whether you're embracing your inner rock star or adding some flare to your tropical decor pool house, this eco-friendly guitar shaped bamboo cutting board is a must. Measures 21.5 x 8.75

FRED SHARP ACT Knife Sharpener

Fred and Friends Saltside Out

Fred and Friends. Sometimes it's good to shake up expectations, especially at the dinner table. Take the new Saltside Out for example-it defies logic by dispensing salt from the outside. Hand blown borosilicate glass with silicone stopper.

Fred Pastasaurus

Fred & Friends a prehistoric pasta server. Since the dawn of time, mankind has labored over the challenge of slippery spaghetti. Then pastasaurus appeared on the earth, uniquely adapted to this very task.

High Heel Cheese Slicer Pink Heel Wild Eye Designs


Serve your cheese with a little style! These cheese slicers come with a magnetized, detachable heel that "dresses up" the otherwise plain slicer (and it matches our High Heel Cake Servers). Comes in a nice little gift box wrapped with a ribbon inside, so it is all ready to give as a hostess or wedding shower gift!

Server is made of stainless steel, measures 8.5" long.

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