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Mini Chandeliers for Bathrooms


Small Bathroom Chandeliers: The Crowning Jewel

Mini chandeliers for bathrooms like these promise to bathe your space with an intimate, warm glow while lending opulence to your overall decor scheme.

Bathrooms are generally small and require more attention to detail, as each piece must make quite an impression in one tidy, often tiny, package. I'm talking each decorative element you incorporate had better make a first impression from the get-go ~ no second chances. Bathrooms are fun to decorate; they're mini rooms, so you can indulge in pricier pieces, as you'll only need a few magnificent accessories to create a luxurious boudoir.

Enter the mini bathroom chandelier; the room's crowning jewel. I often refer to these small wonders being quite the gem with as much form as function. Small chandeliers have plenty of attitude; they usher in guests and introduce your decor's genre. There's several considerations to ponder when choosing your bathroom chandelier and it's easy to get overwhelmed in the first few minutes in a lighting department.

But not to worry, though; I'll help you get from drab to FAB! at the flip of a switch ~ literally. Scroll down to peruse some really fun-to-formal mini bathroom chandeliers to make your space your space.

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Mini Chandelier for Bathroom for Under $100: Clear Crystal Beads 12" H x 12" W

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom for Under $150: Clear Crystal Beads 11" Wide

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom for Under $100: Clear Crystal Beads 14" W x 17" H

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom with Shades: Bronze 19 1/4" H x 15 1/2" W

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom with Shades: Clear Crystal Prism 16" W x 20" H

Small chandeliers aren't precluded from sporting mini shades, as you can determine from these lovely bathroom chandeliers ~ you can have what you're looking for.

Chandeliers with shades make a great option for small bathrooms, as their light produces a warm glow versus full-on light for grooming. I recommend shaded chandeliers in small bathrooms where vanity lighting is already in place; you'll have the beauty from the chandelier as a secondary source, or opt to use its light exclusively when you have guests and want a lovely, first impression and not grooming light.

Aren't these minis sweet, yet sophisticated?

3-Light Semi-Flush Crystal Small Convertible Chandelier Idea for Bathrooms

Mini Chandelier Idea for Bathrooms Antique Gold w/ Glass Crystals & Beads

If you're like me with a penchant for the unique in all your design, consider mini chandeliers like these for your bathroom. Having a small bathroom appointed with unusual or unique pieces will make for a more memorable space versus ordinary 'seen one, seen 'em all' type fixtures.

Often times, you can get away with several ordinary pieces when you balance it with a few showpieces--especially in small spaces. You'll spend less initially this way, too and you have the freedom to add more extravagant decor as you find it or as budget allows. Start with an amazing chandelier; the rest can follow. Easy-peasy!

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Ornate or Plain Lighting? - Ornate Mini Crystal Bathroom Chandelier by Minka

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom for Under $150: Bronze w/Crystal Beads with Candles 13 3/4" W x 18 1/2" H

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom Under $150: Bronze w/ Crystal Beads with Candles 16" High x 12 1/2" Wide

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom for Under $150: Black w/ Clear Crystal Beads 20" Wide x 20" High

White Mini Wrought Iron Bathroom Chandelier with Crystals

White Mini Wrought Iron Bathroom Chandelier with Crystals

Going French Country

Small White Wrought Iron Chandelier for Bathrooms

Here's the white version of the black chandelier above.

The frilly, wrought iron scrollwork, finished in white, is an ideal start to a French Country theme - really any European or Shabby Chic decor will play right into a supporting role with your chandelier.

Adding a white chandelier to your small bathroom affords you more freedom with paint, paper and accessories, so if you're one to redecorate often, consider a neutral hue for your fixtures.

Wrought Iron Bathroom Chandelier with Crystals

Wrought Iron Bathroom Chandelier with Crystals

Simple Design Complex Statement

Mini Bathroom Chandelier with Scrollwork

Chandeliers like this so-simple, small fixture have their strength is just that--their simplicity.

There's few elements to look at but it's these few striking crystals paired with the chandelier's curly-que ironwork capture the eye and make a lasting impression.

I liken the simple-yet-sophisticated mini chandelier to the fresh-faced girl next door needing no makeup to look radiant.

Sometimes it the unexpected that makes the room and I'd venture to say this mini chandelier will take center stage with its sparkle and grace.

Isn't this little chandelier simply sweet?

Tadpoles Three Bulb Mini Chandelier in Black Onyx for Bathrooms

4-Light Mini Chandelier for Bathrooms in Many Popular Colors

One of my favorite people to decorate for is the teenager simply because I know I'll be on the hunt for fun, funky and cool style of decor.

So, I'm keen to include these fun mini chandeliers for girls to teens' bathrooms. They're available in several popular colors and will make themselves right at home in a girly-girl bathroom. I like to think adding a chandelier of any size to a bathroom instantly transforms the space from bath to 'boudoir' with the flip of a light switch.

For more drama, add NYC, boutique or paris-themed shower curtains to beef up the boudoir opulence. Then, every other piece you'll add is easy--so long as it's girly, too.

A fluffy rug (I love flokati) in white, pink or black will confirm your posh, boutique-like look, as well. As I've been lamenting: it all starts with a mini chandelier and you'll see the transformation. VOILA!

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom Under $100: Clear Faceted Crystal 13" H X 12" W

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom for Under $50: Modern White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Oh, the spa look is just divine with it's attractive white freshness--totally aesthetic and soothing after a long day on your feet; or conversely, before your get started on those oft procrastinated chores. Having a place to reflect and soak can become part of your ritual in starting or ending your day in positive momentum.

Creating a spa look with small, naturally-inspired chandeliers like these make a fabulous 'opening act.' Follow with rolled white towels stacked in a pyramid arrangement. A glass or bamboo soap dish is another, easy way for your small bathroom to look every bit the part of a posh spa--your spa.

I like these chandeliers for their look of freshwater drops (in the glass chandelier) and sandy beach (with the capiz shell chandelier); both betray purity in its raw form: fresh and new.

While initially, you might not have thought about the glass chandelier for your bathroom, think 'purity' and 'water' and suddenly its sparkle rings like the true candidate it is for your small bathroom. If you've opted for a beachy theme, the capiz shell makes the best candidate, where you can imagine combing the beach each new day in quest of the tide's treasures.

I hope I helped you to visualize, to 'hear' and to 'smell' decor in its contribution to your emotions and senses. If you've realized these awakenings with your decor, you'll have succeeded.

", , , and it all started with a mini chandelier."

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