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Metal Sun Wall Decor

Add warmth to your space with Metal Sun Wall Decor!

All types of metal sun wall decor, including abstract sunbursts, sun face wall art and Southwest-style pieces, are all the rage. Finding that one special focal point to fit just perfectly in your space starts right here!

Browse the wide selection of sun art on this page and click on any item that grabs your attention to see full details. I'm certain you'll find just the right piece of metal sun wall decor for your home or office!

Tips On Showcasing Metal Suns In The Home To Their Full Potential

The shape of a sun is a image that can have a profound positive effect on us and it is no surprise that it has become popular in interior design through metal sun wall décor. These suns come in a range of shapes, styles, metals and colours to suit different tastes and, when used to their full potential, they can have a big impact on feel of a room while also enhancing colour schemes and themes.

The type of metal can alter the effect that the sun will have and its ideal placement.

Different metals go in and out of fashion in interior design trends and they all have a different effect on the feel of the sun and its impact on a room. Some clean copper models are meant to be indoors in warm rooms with complementary features like rustic kitchens, some silvery steel and alloy offerings work better in rooms where design overrules comfort and rough, beaten bronzes bring a sense of outdoor sculpture indoors, perhaps making them better suited to transitional rooms like conservatories and summer houses.

Minimalist, abstract designs v.s. bold, childlike ones.

The range of designs for metal sun wall décor is vast as designers take inspiration from a universal theme and run with it. In many adult rooms where décor is carefully considered and refined, artistic offerings that are more minimalist or abstract can be quite complementary. These pieces can also make more of a statement so if you are looking for a conversation starter on a focal wall, something with striking lines, plenty of bold rays or an odd twist on the design would be ideal. Of course there is also the other end of the metal sun spectrum, the detailed, almost childlike suns with their smiling faces that are too warm and comforting for a stark living room.

Whichever style you choose, always think about the colour and how it will have an impact on the room and other furnishings.

Often these metal suns are crafted purely out of that one material, letting the colour of the iron or copper do the talking or allowing the colour of wall to contrast against it through the gaps in the rays. This is great if you want a bold shape on a brightly coloured wall but a more subtle approach is to take a sun with colours included, such as those with coloured glass centres or ceramic or shell designs at the ends of the rays and pick out other objects and furnishings – lamps, vases, cushions, etc – to match those hues. Furthermore, the soft, seaside tones created by shell designs also adds to a room with a marine or nautical theme, which leads nicely to the final point.

Colour is a great starting point for a room but so is a theme or a culture.

Last but not least, consider metal suns that have some cultural significance. Sometimes a sun is just that, a standard motif that is common in western culture; other times, a sun can have a much different shape and style and be closely associated with a specific culture or region. The clean, laser-cut shapes of an Oriental sun, for example, not only look good in a clean, minimalist room but can work with other Eastern designs and are therefore a great wall decoration in rooms with a Japanese feel when there isn't the space for bolder artwork.

Southwest Metal Sun Wall Art - Beautiful warm decor for your walls

These beautiful Southwestern metal suns would certainly be the focal point of any room in your home or office.

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Whimsical Sun Face Wall Art

If whimsical art suits your fancy, these pieces are for you!

Do It Yourself Metal Sun - Here's how to cut your metal sun

Abstract Sun Wall Art

If abstract is your style, this is one to consider.

One Last Celestial Sun Wall Hanging

Metal sun for the wall

Metal sun for the wall

Urban Trends Metal Sun Moon Wall Décor

This is my personal favorite. I love the way the sun and stars lie in the ‘arms’ of the new moon – it is such a hopeful symbol. This would make a great centerpiece in any room. It will certainly wow any visitors and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. This is a limited edition so be sure to get your order in early so you don’t miss out.

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Treasures By Brenda from Canada on October 12, 2014:

Love these pieces of metal art; pinning to my Unique Gift Ideas board on Pinterest.

geosum on April 22, 2013:

I really like the sun wall art. I hope to have a place to showcase one soon.

marsha32 on June 09, 2012:

I really like all of these.

Frischy from Kentucky, USA on June 09, 2012:

These are cool! I actually have the perfect spot for something like this. Thanks!

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