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Ode to My Melitta Mill and Brew


The Unofficial Melitta Mill and Brew Fan Club

This page was created for hopelessly devoted Melitta Mill and Brew fans. If you landed here, you probably already know that the Mill and Brew Coffee Maker is no longer made. And also if you landed here, you probably have owned and loved at least one Melitta Mill and Brew.

I've owned my Melitta Mill & Brew for about 12 years and thankfully it is still working. I thought for a while I would have to buy a new one, but I was able to find a couple of replacement parts and it's still brewing up perfect cups of coffee every single day.

I've been researching our favorite coffee maker and am filling this page with everything I can find out about it including where you can find parts and also the instruction manual (I found mine!). And PLEASE say hello in the guestbook. We are kindred spirits!


My Beloved Melitta Mill and Brew (no longer available) - Grinds your coffee beans and brews the coffee all in one machine


When I chose my Melita Coffee Maker, I never dreamed I was picking out what would be a coffee maker worthy of the Coffee Hall of Fame. Through some research, I've found that there are approximately 3600 ongoing searches per month for this out-of-production coffee maker in the United States alone. Some of these searches are for replacement parts and some are from devoted fans hoping to find a straggler machine available somewhere online (scroll down if this is you).

This whole thing still puzzles me. Competition in any marketplace is tough! Why would a product so well loved, well made and in demand no longer be manufactured? I called Melitta to ask them. What I was told was that this machine is no longer in production and Melitta didn't replace it with another mill and brew. The kind lady I spoke with well aware of the interest in the old mill and brew model but reiterated Melitta would NOT be making this model again.

This makes absolutely no sense to me (and I told them so) since it was so very popular. Why have they not offered another mill and brew? The nice lady I spoke with could only offer replacement parts (scroll down for those too).

What color is your Mill and Brew? - Mine is white

Melitta Mill and Brew Replacement Filter Basket

Melitta Mill and Brew Replacement Filter Basket

Where to buy replacement parts for Melitta Mill and Brew

Update: Parts are no longer available

**Update: According to many devoted fans who have attempted to get replacement parts, Melitta is simple sold out. Forever :(. So disregard the following info (but I'll leave it up for those interested).**

I've just learned some WONDERFUL new information for replacing the top lid (large side) and also purchasing the replacement filter basket (pictured here).

For the top lid, (not the little one over the water reservoir, I'm talking about the big one that the latch breaks on) Melitta will send you FREE OF CHARGE a replacement cover/lid. But they only have it in white (who cares?). Call them at 1-888-MELITTA (1-888-635-4882) to get yours FREE!!! They don't even charge shipping.

*See update below about this* The other good news is that you can buy a replacement filter for your machine. These come in and out of availability so call to check stock. They are about $7.00 each + shipping, but you can only order 2 per customer (it's almost like the are black market items :-). It's only the filter, this does not include the cover over the filter, so save your old one of those. Oh, and you can't order them from the website, you have to call 1-888-MELITTA.

Update: A visitor to this page, MH in Utah, has learned that Melitta NO LONGER HAS THE BASKETS (4/30/2012)! Oh nooooo. I remember this happening in the past - they ran out, BUT got more in stock later so I hope that is the case again.

These 2 items might put your Melitta Mill and Brew coffee pot back in business for a while - it did for me! Had to share the new info. OK, carry on.

Instruction Manual Melitta Mill and Brew MEMB1W, MEMB1B, MEMB1WCAN

Instruction Manual Melitta Mill and Brew MEMB1W, MEMB1B, MEMB1WCAN

*More Breaking News - Old Instruction Manual

Don't buy one from eBay - I'm sharing mine!

I've just come across the instruction manual for my Mill and Brew machine (MEMB1W, MEMB1B & MEMB1WCAN). Here's a copy of the front of it. I wanted to offer to send any info from it if any other owners of this machine have lost theirs. The clock and auto set up feature are programmable so instructions may be needed.

I've just added links to scans of the manual here:

Scroll to Continue

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 4 & 5

Pages 6 & 7

Pages 8 & 9

It's in two languages, English and French. There are diagrams of each part of the machine, info on how to set the clock, brewing instructions, programming the mill and programming the timer to make coffee later.

I've seen these for sale at Ebay if you can believe that!

How much did you pay for your machine? - If you don't mind me asking. Here's what I paid for mine...

I'll go ahead and tell you I bought mine on clearance at a Target store in South Carolina. It had been $50 and was on clearance for $25. If I had known what I was about to purchase, I would have bought every single one of them! That was about 9 years ago.

The prices I've listed go up to $200. Yes, these machines (I've found several on ebay - scroll down for listings) do sell for $200 these days. If I had the extra cash, I'd pick one up myself!

Fix for Lid of Melitta Coffee Maker

Fix for Lid of Melitta Coffee Maker

Here's an Idea for Fixing the Lid

*If you can't get a replacement*

Here's an idea from Steve who writes, "Hope this inspires more of your "millnbrewers" to keep them running. Its a brass hook and eye with small threaded screws and nuts on the inside. The plastic is very easy to drill. This has held up for over three years with no signs of wear." Thanks Steve!

Melitta Mill and Brew

Melitta Mill and Brew

If you OWN a Melitta Mill and Brew, talk about it here. Go ahead. We are all like minded about our favorite machine. Brag a little. Tell how long you've had your machine. Or sound off about why Melitta should start making them again.


Getting from Whole Bean to Ground Coffee

With my Mill & Brew I Always go with Option #4 - How About You?

All cups of coffee start from a whole coffee bean. You can actually use any of these with your Melitta Mill and Brew, but what makes it so special is you can skip straight to step 4 for the very best cup.

Option 1: Pre-Ground - You purchase your coffee already ground from the manufacturer.

Option 2: In-Store Grinding - You buy a bag of whole beans at the store and use the in-store grinder. With this option you grind the whole bag at once.

Option 3: At-Home Coffee Grinder You have 2 small appliances to accomplish the job. You grind your coffee beans in portions in a coffee grinder and then add the grounds to the coffee pot and brew as usual.

Option #4: Combination Grind and Brew Coffee Maker - You have a grind and brew coffee maker that grinds the whole beans and also brews the coffee all in one machine.

Which of these methods do you use? Tell me in the poll below.

Please participate in this quick poll - All about YOUR coffee

It's Your Turn to Chime In - How long have you had your machine?

Bruce on February 11, 2020:

Some mods I made that might help others if you are creative and ambitious: (1) remove the plastic pin in the basket cover that triggers the switch. You can then crazy glue that piece in the switch so it i always ready to go on and you don't have to use an ugly rubber band or put a weight on top. a minor safety issue if you think someone might make coffee with the lid up but we're adults right? Gravity holds it down enough. (2) You can unscrew the blade to sharpen it. Put a glove on to hold the blade and gently use pliers on round piece at bottom of basket. GENTLY put a nice edge on it with file or better, an electric grinder then screw back together. Odds are the blade is VERY dull after years of use. With some modifications I think you can buy a new B&D basket and make it work. If basket has a tear in it might try patching using a glue gun then run a batch of plain water through to see if it holds. Remember to clean it every month. I suspect the reason they develop leaks is the aluminum piping corrodes over time. Maybe filtered water would help too. Unfortunately it is very hard to get to the guts on these to work on them. Once they start leaking I think they are toast. :-( Brew On!!!

Ghostpen1 on January 21, 2020:

I am looking for a carafe...anybody have one to sell?

Dan on December 17, 2019:

I bought my white Millnbrew at Goodwill, brand new with the instructions taped in the carafe for $7.00. Little did i know that it would brew the best tasting coffee I ever made or tasted in my own home!

Eight years later it is still in daily use. The brew basket lid latch broke. But I just lean an antique bottle I keep handy for that purpose on top of it. My brew basket shows no sign of coming apart as others have complained. I attribute this to hand washing. I have no dishwasher. Perhaps the high heat of dishwasher dry cycles affects the plastic.

I do not know what I'm going to do if and when this gem ever dies.

I read a while back that Black and Decker inherited the rights to the design when they purchased melitta's factory in Texas. They came out with a new and improved version of it. I bought it. $80. Huge machine. Huge disappointment. After two months I gave it to Goodwill and dug out my old Melitta.

Dave on December 17, 2019:


We've owned 2 Melita Mill and Brews...

One white one Black.

And the latch broke on I use a little asprin bottle to hold the lids shut.

Now i've descovered what WILL KILL THEM:a hole in the grinder basket...

Does anybody have one to spare???

SeeSea on December 14, 2019:

FREE to first commenter in USA who is interested:

Melitta Mill and Brew leaky coffeemaker with adequate parts.

Carafe and filter basket (with basket lid) are in good condition.

EMAIL - SeeSea AT mail DOT com

Last month, my 19-year-old Melitta started leaking water. It still works. If I quickly press the button to grind and brew, there is less water leakage. I decided to purchase the Black + Decker CM-5000 which arrived two days ago. $60 seemed like a bargain. It uses a similar filter basket as the Melitta. But not the SAME filter basket, as the Melitta basket does not fit the Black + Decker. Some B+D reviews indicate leakage problems, but I figured $60 was worth the chance. So far, I am very pleased with B+D.

I posted this comment 5 years ago:


5 years ago

I bought my Melitta Mill and Brew at Target about 14 years ago. Yes.... love it! Top latch broke; filter basket ripped; carafe is fine. Several years ago (2011), I got 2 replacement filter baskets directly from Melitta in Clearwater. I still have one basket as a spare [fingers crossed]. Melitta says they don't have any more filter baskets.

My fix for keeping the top closed where the latch broke is to stick the flat end of the coffee bean scooper into the space between the flat edge of the lid and the water reservoir. The end of a plastic fork or spoon works, too.

Jessie on November 26, 2018:

My family and I are huge fans of this product. In fact, so much, that my father had three replacements underneath the house along with an array of replacement parts. Unfortunately my parents just lost their home to the less than forgiving fire in butte county (Paradise and Magalia, CA). They lost EVERYTHING. Their house, their business and yes, their prized coffee maker including all replacements. I wanted to aid in my parents return to normalcy, and I thought what better way to do it than buy them another Melitta coffee maker from eBay. I found an ok price for a great condition model which shipped last week. To add salt to an open wound, some asshole stole it from my front porch as I was out of town when my mailman delivered it. I am so crushed and truly have never felt so defeated. Why are there such horrible people out there? Please help me hunt down a coffee maker!

Gary M on May 25, 2018:

Got is for my wife's birthday about 2001. Still works great, but is starting to leak when brewing. Is there a hose inside that I can replace? What's the best hose to use that can stand up to the heat? We've replaced the basket twice, the carafe once, and the basket cover once (the latch has since broken again and we use the rubber band method to keep it closed).

Birding Carol on February 28, 2018:

I have two Mill & Brews that both still work, well, they work with a little help. Between the two of them, I have all the parts. Who wants them? Just pay for shipping.

Steve on October 17, 2017:

I love my Mellita Mill & Brew Coffee Maker, too.

However, I have had repeated problems of late with virtually the entire pot leaking out, while it brews.

I can't determine if it is leaking from under the carriage or mid way down the length of the unit.

Any thoughts on how to prevent this?

Robert. on September 15, 2015:

Where can i get an original owners manual for this coffee maker.

John on September 15, 2014:

I have two Mill and Brew machines, both purchased from a Goodwill store for less than $15.00. That was several years ago. I have even talked to Mitch, the Mellitta president about this. I told him one eBay auction went to $249.00 (NIB). He old me about the BH&G brewer but it lacks the adustable grind timer so those of us that like storng coffee are flummoxed again. Who has the engineering drawings and electronic schematics? Get those to some Asian manufacturer and everybody would have "happy mugs."

tsuskind on July 01, 2014:

Tragically as it turns out, I gave my Melitta away to a friend prior to moving to Ireland (because the power there is 220 v). I had no idea how hard it would be to find a replacement, not being aware they had been discontinued. I, too, bought the Grind & Brew Cuisinart upon our return to the US, which, while pretty to look at, made coffee ranging from distinctly mediocre to downright awful. Since then I've gone on eBay and purchased a used Melitta, even with the broken latch, paying nearly as much for it as for the new, fancy Cuisinart, and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! I have a decorative potholder into which I've put a glass lid from a Yankee Candle for a weight, which I put on top of Ms. Melitta, to hold the lid closed. Finally, great coffee once again.

g-man-in-seattle on June 22, 2014:

Awesome coffee maker. Love the timer, too. Takes 9 mins to brew and drip which is just the right amount of time for one snooze of the alarm.

lori-murray-65 on June 03, 2014:

Does anyone have the problem of the coffee going all over the counter? I can determine the source of where it coming from but think the basket is getting too full of water. It seems to do ok with ground coffee, but overflows if I use the grinder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

pkpatches on May 04, 2014:

I just bought mine at a yard sale for $3, began cleaning it up tonight and thought to search for an instruction manual online. Thanks so much for sharing! The filter may be in questionable condition, but I'm going to give it a try. I'm devoted to my Gaggia espresso machine, but bought the Melitta to use when family & friends are over and might want a coffee. I'm glad to see it has such a devoted following!

SeeSea on April 26, 2014:

I bought my Melitta Mill and Brew at Target about 14 years ago. Yes.... love it! Top latch broke; filter basket ripped; carafe is fine. Several years ago (2011), I got 2 replacement filter baskets directly from Melitta in Clearwater. I still have one basket as a spare [fingers crossed]. Melitta says they don't have any more filter baskets.

My fix for keeping the top closed where the latch broke is to stick the flat end of the coffee bean scooper into the space between the flat edge of the lid and the water reservoir. The end of a plastic fork or spoon works, too.

Melittaman on April 21, 2014:

I'm not sure how long,maybe 6years. It is an awesome coffee maker. The lid latch broke but I use a rubber band. Works great. We were given a new Cuisinart as a gift but it is such a poor substitute for our Melitta I gave it away.

It really amazes me there is no better coffee maker: taste,strength, ease of use. I hope to keep it going but my wife just broke our carafe!! Help.

kenocat on April 20, 2014:

@barbaras: There is one for sale right now on E Bay, but expensive. Possibly food grade epoxy might work? I'm assuming the screen has a tear?

Johnnyqcat on April 13, 2014:

I've had mine 10 years + and love it! I've had to replace the top lid twice and am in the same quandry again. Love Steve-Addabbo's suggestion! Thanks for posting the pic!

barbaras on April 11, 2014:

I have my machine about 12 years. I need a new filter and cant find one anywhere. I am now trying to figure out how I can fix it myself. I did get an email from the president of Melita. He told me that they had sold the patent for the machine to another company who made the machine for a few years. About 8 years ago they went out of business and that is why they cannot make this pot any longer. When this goes, I don't know what I am going to do for coffee. Any suggestions??

kthomps on April 06, 2014:

OMG! I was reading this blog and cracking up.. I thought I was the only one who was IN LOVE with my Melitta Mill and Brew. I stumbled on this site because I need a repalcement basket and caraffe. NO ONE carries it. This is our second one and we've had this one for 8 years. We bought a Carissa burr grind and brew machine a couple of years ago. It went bad after a year. THANK GOD we hung on to our Melitta. The only reason why we swithced was because the latch was broken. SO... we are back to using tape and am happy! but we know it's only a matter of time....

I see that the Melitta site has started making coffee makers again but no mill and brew... I don't understand why. Perhaps it's time to start a campaign and talk to the preseident again. NIce to know that there's a support group out there! ;-)

lorraine-smithswann on March 23, 2014:

Ode to my mill&brew, If mine is ever beyond repair, I will certainly be in the depths of despair. Please Melitta bring it back. I promise I will but a sack. We've had ours for over 9 years. We just love it!

kenocat on March 03, 2014:

Has anyone tried to repaint the hot plate on their Melitta Mill and Brew?

tpmoore56 on February 13, 2014:

We've had our Mill & Brew for approx 8 years and my Son & Daughter in law have also had one for that long. What can we say that likely has not already been said... We LOVE our Mill & Brew and have repaired it many times rather than buy a new one. And here we are yet again looking for parts. IF Melitta had continued making them we most certainly would have purchased no less than one more and likely two more by now. So to your earlier point "WHY DOESN'T MELITTA MAKE THEM ANY LONGER?" I really can't imagine why!!!

msmdavis on February 04, 2014:

Bought the Conair Cuisine from Best Buy for $35.

Although it LOOKS the same inside, all the important parts are off by about 1/4 inch:

The thingie that depresses the grind switch is longer than the MnB, etc.

They changed just enough to avoid patent lawsuit, I presume.

ANYWAY, the Conair makes a fine cup of coffee.

Only thing missing is the adjustable grinding time (1-7).

Somewhat of a work around for that (I like mine ground really fine) is to hit the on/off switch after the first grind, before it starts brewing, then hit the switch again to cycle a second round of grinding before brewing.

rnitewell on January 28, 2014:

@anonymous: I too have had to add to my collection of grind & brews (see previous posts) and try out the Conair grind and brew. I will give it credit where credit is do - it does make a good pot of coffee; that's really about the only good thing I can say about it. It doesn't brew very hot, and it doesn't stay hot for very long, although it is in a thermal carafe ( which I don't care for) I don't like the water reservoir at all, as it is solid and has that stupid "step" system for measuring. I have to use 1.5 more beans than in my Melitta to get a good flavor (Melitta set to grind at 4). The carafe lid is hollow in the center , so when you rinse it out and off you have to dry it on it's side with the filling hole facing down, otherwise water sits inside the lid - do I need to go on? - oh , but I will, the parts are just different enough that without modifying they will not work in the Melitta (thanks Conair for making sure we had to buy your machine and not just the parts) it really is like they did it purposely, or maybe for patent reasons they had to - not sure. Anyway, I drink my morning cups and my go cup from our beloved Melitta (Frankenstein), and the Conair is good enough to brew my pot that I fill my thermos with for work. The fresh brewed pot of coffee from the Conair is still good enough to beat out all the other grind and brews sitting in my cupboards at least.BUT NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, has yet to compare with the Melitta Mill & Brew :) - hope that helps, keep on brewin'.

rnitewell on January 28, 2014:

@anonymous: try putting something under the left (when looking at it) back corner. Ours was leaking and I put the hancdle of a coffee scoop under the back left corner and it doesn't leak when I remember to do that - although, it has been like that for quite awhile now, and at this point putting the scoop handle under the back corner is just part of the set up :)

hope that helps - good luck, and keep on brewin'.

rnitewell on January 28, 2014:

Answer to kenworthy - not sure if you are referring to the plastic clip of the handle that attaches the handle to the glass, but that is the problem we just ran into. The bottom is still attached, but the weight of a full pot will cause the pot to pull away from the bottom and probably ultimately break the pot. Oh no no! CAN NOT let that happen because I have not found any other carafes that will fit. I used electrical tape and ran it around the entire diameter of the upper pot, pulling it between the actual handle and the glass. I did a double layer , and this gives the full pot the support it needs. Tape is a wonderfully useful item. We also tape the lid down ( as someone else recently mentioned). I've described our faithful Mill & Brew in previous posts - but there is so much tape on it and the basket filters that we have, that my son has dubbed it "Frankenstein" - but it keeps on brewing about 5 pots a day, and more on weekends :) - we'll never give up our Mill& Brew!

Hope that helps. - keep on brewin'

tpusheck on January 23, 2014:

I have a mill and brew that works great except missing glass pot and of course the broken latch for the grinding basket that we all know and love. my solution a hacky sack on top. am willing to sell for reasonable price.

tpusheck on January 23, 2014:

I have a Grind and Brew for sale that is missing the glass pot. Was unable to find replacement and ended up finding a Grind and Brew w/steel carafe instead. The machine works great and of course the latch for the grinding basket is broke but I usually placed a juggling ball on top perfect weight.

Ok to contact via email if interested we can negotiate a fair price.

debimzadi on January 23, 2014:

@tri4autism: I'm using electrical tape to keep my lid shut. It works just find and is the same color as my pot. I reuse the tape over and over. Just keep it stuck to the lid. One piece of tape lasts about 3-4 months and then I just use a new one.

berndbuerklin on January 04, 2014:

@anonymous: As I posted in a later post, the Conair is available per mail order at BestBuy for $34.99 with free shipping still as of today, 01/04/14. We ordered 2, and made our first coffee today. No complaints. And indeed, the interior looks very much like the Melitta.

I would say that the grinder basket from the Conair could be used in the Melitta with one adjustment: There is a plastic tab extending from the top edge of the basket, which should be easy to remove with a knife or so, and then it should fit the Melitta. I DID NOT TRY THAT, THOUGH!

The grinder lid will not fit, since the safety button extension is longer than on the Melitta.

One difference to the Melitta is that the Conair has no adjustment for how long the grinder runs. The manual states that it runs for 15 seconds. I personally do not miss that, since we had the Melitta always set to 4 on the grinder setting.

And as Hans mentions above, coffee is not piping hot, but hot enough for us.

puzzlerpaige (author) on January 03, 2014:

@steve-addabbo: Yes. Your excellent pic and idea have been in queue to republish since you sent it to me. But this site has prohibited me from republishing. I've just sent in a special request to fix that. Hopefully soon. I have, however, sent your pic to anyone who requested it by attaching it in an email. Thank you!

steve-addabbo on January 02, 2014:

My latch broke years ago, I went to the hardware store a bought a small BRASS latch set that I screwed into the top cover and side of the grinder basket..It is solid as a rock..I sent pictures in to this site in July but they were never posted

berndbuerklin on December 30, 2013:

Conair - Cuisine Grind & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker CC-10 is available at BestBuy for $34.99, as of 12/30/2013. Just do a google search for bestbuy conair mill brew.

kathe-scott-75 on December 27, 2013:

Melitta Mill and Brew was the best coffee pot ever!! Small, simple, excellent coffee, easy to clean, easy to fill with water - just the best!

BUT I gave up on my second M&B years ago after the cover latch broke and got a refurbished Cuisinart grind and brew which I have never liked at all (weak coffee - hard to clean- too many parts etc.) Yesterday I found the Conair Cuisine Grind and Brew at Ocean State Job lot for $49. It looks different (just like the BH&G machine shown below) but the insides are the same as the M&B!! I still had the basket from my old M&B and it fit perfectly! The coffee is MUCH better than the old Cuisinart. The only down side is the clunky thermal carafe but fortunately the glass carafe from the old CG&B fits just fine (so get a Cuisinart Brew Central Replacement Coffee Pot Universal Carafe to Fit DCC-1000, DCC-1100, DCC-1200, DGB-500, DGB-600, DGB-700 carafe if you donât like that thermal one). There is no heating element to keep the coffee warm which is fine with me. I prefer to nuke cold coffee rather than have it get nasty from overheating anyway.

Yes - Conair Cuisine is Cuisinart (same address) but I think they must have acquired the patent for the Melitta Mill and Brew.

I notice the CC G&B is available on line. If your MM&B has died and you don't have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby I would order it online. Who knows how long it will be around...

I tried the phone # above for a replacement cover - since I still have my MM&B... but she said they hadn't had replacement parts for 2 years.

tikigrl13 on December 22, 2013:

I bought my machine on September 18, 2004 and being using it every day since. But just yesterday morning the closing hitch of the lid broke and I don't want to replace it. I love my machine it the best one ever specially when you could smell fresh grind coffee before even getting out of bed. I hope I could find the lid to replace.

tri4autism on December 05, 2013:

My latch just broke and it appear the lid is no longer available... called the number above and they're gone. Any options other than the jam it down with something option... ;) I'd love to machine a catch that would actually last...

tri4autism on December 05, 2013:

My latch is broken again on my Cooks Essentials black model with the stainless carafe... will try calling the number above for a white lid... otherwise any other options? I remember years ago there was a guy that was making the latch part out of metal and it would last FOREVER. He was actually somewhat local to me and when I contacted him he had recently stopped making it and didn't have any left... that latch is the only problem I've ever had with mine.

diamndust on December 01, 2013:

@anonymous: Ebay had some Melitta pots available of course some people are price gouging because of our love of our coffee maker! Best of luck to you.

diamndust on December 01, 2013:

I have had my M&B for almost 6yrs now and LOVE it! Everyone who drinks coffee at my house says it's the best, They want to know what kind of coffee I use, where I got the pot, etc I'm only using 8 O'clock coffee but it is fabulous! Our latch did break a few years into it but I use the upper kitchen cabinet and a small medicine bottle to slightly wedge and keep the lid shut but a rubber band or anything weighted works. Now my filter has ripped so I am in search of a replacement. I just read Melitta is selling them cheap so I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I so wish they were still selling these I am not looking forward to the day when it will have to retire.

MyCoffeePlease on November 06, 2013:

Just called the listed number. Not in service. Called one on the Melitta website. Got them. No go. Nice lady says there are NO more parts-- black, white, filters, lids, etc. -- of ANY kind. She also said their partner in manufacturing didn't make the unit anymore. Seems it was the partner's manufacturing that was the important thing. Melitta never did do it themselves. It was someone else that actually made them.

So-- my Melitta friends, you can join with me and Cry.Sigh.Boo.Hoo.Bummer.Waa!Scream or Throw a tantrum. It will do us no good. It's time to not just change the tire, folks, but look for a new car. Regretfully yours...

elkecoffee on November 06, 2013:

Just got off the phone with Melitta rep (888-melitta), who said that the company that manufactured the Mill and Brew for them went out of business years ago, and that Melitta has since run out of all replacement parts for the machine, including the problematic lids, and carafes (the "universal replacement carafe" on their website does not fit the Mill and Brew).

evlthomas on November 02, 2013:

We were on our 4th Mill and Brew (2 old school black followed by 2 "smart") when it finally died. After checking in to Ode we found a reference to the Conair Cuisine having the same guts, We ordered

one and as other have reported: IT'S TRUE! Same awesome basket grinder design. We got at for $120.

Kenworthy on October 25, 2013:

The plastic piece that holds the handle together just disintegrated. . . any ideas on where to get a replacement pot? HAVE USED MY MILL & BREW DAILY FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS!!! Don't want to give up yet.

jim-simpson-3150807 on October 24, 2013:

I have a black Melitta Mill & Brew that is working, but the carafe got broken. Also, the lid is white (a replacement part and they only had the white). Does anyone want to buy it?

GomerKierkegaard on September 27, 2013:

I've had my M&B for at least 8 years now. I liked it so much, I bought one as an anniversary gift for my best friend. Thing is, his wife--who I love dearly--didn't like the fact that it was black, so they stuck it in the garage, unopened. About two years later, after listening to me wax eloquent endlessly about what a great coffee maker it was, they gifted it back to me for my birthday. Now I have two of everything, except the carafe, which broke. And wouldn't you know, both latches are broken. Gonna have to call Melitta and see about that...

anonymous on September 17, 2013:

I've had my Melitta Mill and Brew for about 10 years. I've had to replace the basket and that's it! I absolutely love that coffee brewer and am highly disappointed it's no longer available. I discovered that when attempting to purchase one for my son, who gave me mine as a gift all those years ago. Please start making them again. They make the best cup of coffee around!

anonymous on September 14, 2013:

I've had mine for probably 10 years or so- as another poster mentioned, the latch was broken (set a heavy spoon rest on top- no prob) and the basket was coming apart (so there's a few grounds in the bottom of the cup- big deal) -but a few days ago the pot got broken -GAAAAHHH!!! -typical replacement pots don't fit- NOOOO!!! I don't even drink coffee that much, but I can't bear to part with my Melitta and buy another Note- I have looked at the Better Homes version- thought about seeing if I could order a basket since it appears to be identical to Melitta's but I can't see shelling out $80 for the whole pot when the ratings were poor and I only drink coffee occasionally (but am picky about it.)

anonymous on September 09, 2013:

@anonymous: Indeed, Randy, I would say that the coffee is less than piping hot, even if you pour it right when it's finished brewing. We've been drinking french press for a while now so compared to that everything else is less than piping hot, I suppose. It's not a deal breaker for us, however. That is, it's still hot coming out of the pot. You don't wanna chug it. Another none deal-breaker, but still a con when compared to the Melitta is that when the decanter is turned to ON, the coffee comes out sloooow. If you open the decanter another half turn to get it to pour quicker then, oops, the top comes off and you've made a mess.

Upshot: we like that the CC10 has virtually the same mill and brew system as the Melitta and that, like the Melitta, it's so easy to clean. We don't like so much how big the damn things is, or that the coffee isn't very hot coming out, or that the decanter pours so slow.

We'll probably alternate: rush-to-work mornings we'll opt for the convenience of having fresh ground coffee ready when we get up but on lazy morning it'll be french press!

anonymous on September 08, 2013:

We bought our M&B in 2005 for $69.99 at Anderson's True Value in south Fort Myers, Fla. I remember it because it was a grand-opening week and the price seemed fair. Our only gripe is, after barely a year the notch in the filter housing broke off (the latch in the top lid still works fine, it just has nowhere to latch into) and we put a cutting board on the top lid to keep it closed so the grinder will run. Sometimes it gets a bit slow, we only need to run some water with vinegar through it and it's back to rights. We love it!

anonymous on September 06, 2013:

My Mill & Brew died (boohoo) think it's the heating element.

Bought it a garage sale 12yrs ago for $2.00.


anonymous on September 03, 2013:

@anonymous: I noticed a lot of people were unhappy about the coffee temperature for the BHG model. Even consumer reports mentioned it. Have you noticed cool coffee in your unit?

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

Do a google search for "Conair Cuisine Mill-Brew-Serve coffee maker -cuisinart" and open the images window and you come up with a bunch of patent designs for ... not the Melitta or Conair ... but the *Japanese* Twinbird mill and brew I mentioned a few posts ago. Strange. Looks like it was originally designed by Toshiba. One advantage of the Japanese design is that the grinder is separated from the funnel so you can use standard paper filters that you toss away so cleaning is even easier than the Melitta. I wish a western company would license this design. It works great.

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

@anonymous: Somewhere below, in this here blog, there is a brief post about the Better Homes and Garden Grind and Brew

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

The Conair Cuisenart Grind/Brew/Serve 10-Cup Coffee Grinding and Brewing System (seemingly available only at certain Tuesday Morning stores) appears to be identical (certainly from the outside) to the no-longer-available "Better Homes and Garden Grind and Brew."

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

@anonymous: Newly minted as a division of Conair, that is.

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

@anonymous: If you have a Tuesday Morning store in your neighborhood, go directly to it. Do not pass Go, etc.

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

Today marks the third morning that my wife and I have awakened to the fresh smell of coffee brewing in our Conair Cuisine Grind/Brew/Serve 10-cup Coffee Grinder and Brewing System. Here're some details:

From the outside it looks nothing like the old Melitta Mill and Brew. It's larger, it's stainless steel-like with black trim, and it's larger. Did I mention that it was larger?

On the inside, however, things start to look VERY similar. The grinder basket/filter is nearly identical to the Melitta's. The basket/filter cover is also pretty much the same. The bucket that holds the basket/filter and cover is also identical in concept to the Melitta. And, as we have found, all three parts are easily removable and easily washable--just like the Melitta.

The control panel has the same features we had on the Melitta: brew on, program on, 1-4 cup (if you are brewing less than a full pot), and a clock/program LED with hour/minute buttons to set clock/program. On the CC 10, however, it all looks a bit more deluxe, with blue rings that light up when you push and set buttons.

The CC-10 has the thermal carafe (as Janeloski noted below) which might be a plus for some; for us, not so much. You have to screw the top all the way down in order for it to fit in it's space. The old Melitta had a flip-top that was hecka easy for placing and pouring. Plus, I'd rather have a glass decanter so I can see the black gold filling the pot. But I'll put up with the non-transparent carafe. Perhaps Conair Cuisine will manufacture a glass version one day.

Upshot: If you want something that gets you very close to the old Mill and Brew, this may be it. But where to find it? As far as I can tell, it's only available at these Tuesday Morning stores, a nationwide chain featuring "famous brands at legendary savings." If you go on line, you'll find that these brewers aren't available from TM via mail order. That's because, I was told, they don't do mail order anymore. Anyway, the funky little TM store near where I live had two. The woman who helped me with my purchase did a bit of checking and said that they've had these models in the store since April (!). There were two left. I may go back and buy up the 2nd one, for a gift. Or, hell, just stash it in the attic for whenever the one we're using now poops out.

Btw, I paid $69.99, $20 more than janeloski. Still, it's the best extra $20 I've spent in a long time.

anonymous on September 03, 2013:

@anonymous: Don't buy the Cuisinart models. From what I can tell by reading on-line comments, no one who owned the Mill & Brew likes the Cuisinart models. This Conair Cuisine model is something different, apparently. Janeloski, (just below) says that this is the original manufacturer of the Melitta Mill & Brew. I don't know where she received that info. I was told by Melitta that the original manufacturer went belly-up. This manufacturer, on the other hand, seems newly minted.

anonymous on September 02, 2013:

OK. I'm really interested about this Conair, but when you search Internet it also links it with Cuisinart. And when I looked at pics it appears very similar to Cuisinart. I'll be very curious to hear if this one keeps getting more good comments on here.

anonymous on September 01, 2013:

@anonymous: Turns out they have a Tuesday Morning store about 2 miles from where I live. Turns out they were still open. Turns out I bought the Conair Cuisine 10-Cup Grind & Brew after opening the box, looking at the manual, and seeing the parts very similar to what was inside the Melita Mill & Brew. Turns out I paid $69.99. Turns out it grinds and brews a good cup of coffee! And yes, it seems a bit more sturdily build than the old Melitta, but it's also a much larger piece of equipment. Still, it looks good in our Kitchen. Thank you janeloski!

anonymous on September 01, 2013:

@anonymous: Dear janeloski,

Thank you for your post. It has filled me with hope. Please tells us more!

The only thing I could find on the web regarding this coffee maker was by doing a search for âConair Cuisine Tuesday Morning.â Indeed, thereâs a coffee maker there, but when you click on the "Tuesday Morning" button, it says that the offer is no longer available.

I must say that the image of the product bears little resemblance to the Melitta Mill & Brew. How similar is it? Are you saying that the guts (esp. the interior grinder basket) are THE SAME as the old Mill & Brew? Our defunct Mill & Brew ground and brewed relatively quickly AND it was very easy to clean (unlike the various Cuisenart models out there now). Is this true for the Conair Cuisine?

Finally, since I'd never heard of Conair Cuisine, I dug around and discovered (at trademarkia) that they are a newly minted trademark (as of July 23, 2013) of the Conair corporation.

Perhaps we will be hearing more in the future?

(Btw, my initial post on this site dates back to June 30, 2012. Since that time we have NOT replace our Melitta. Instead, itâs been French Press every morning. Which is nice.)

anonymous on August 31, 2013:

I truly miss my melitta mill and brew. It was the best made machine and easiest to keep clean. I now have a Cuisinart and hate it, in fact, it is no longer working

anonymous on August 28, 2013:

Conair Cuisine (the original manufacturer--Melitta rebranded the beloved ones) has begun manufacturing a Mill-Brew-Serve coffee maker with the same guts: removable grinder basket, basket top with arm and the little white button, but a better latch. I found mine at Tuesday Morning for $50 with a thermal carafe.

anonymous on August 28, 2013:

@anonymous: Yup! My thriftstore Melitta Mill & Brew has been making me one very happy coffee drinkin' girl!

anonymous on August 16, 2013:

Mother's co-worker only used her black one twice she said and appears to not be worn at all. I don't think she knows what she gave up. Going to get whole bean tonight!

anonymous on August 11, 2013:

i own a s mart melitta. as you may know this one has an atomic clock that was supossed to be activated by an msn program that was discontinued. Therefore I can not use the timer and program the machine. Does anybody know how to circumvent this? I did read the manual, but there is nothing about it. Thanks very much

anonymous on August 11, 2013:


anonymous on August 07, 2013:

My Mill and Brew is about 12 years old and still going strong. Latch broken, mesh on the basket ripped at the seam, we don't care. We love it and will use it until it dies. With a page like this, WHY doesn't Melitta just come out with this machine again??? Why oh Why??

anonymous on August 06, 2013:

@anonymous: ... and I shamelessly admit: I AM JEALOUS! I would do anything in my power - besides paying too much - to get my hands on one of these babies again! There never has been and never will be another Melitta Mill & Brew ... BOO hoo hoo ...

Love this site and at least read some good advice on all the other machines that cost 3 times as much and aren't worth a boot!

Thanks to all of you comiserates, LOL and good luck to all of us in the ensuing Treasure Hunt!

anonymous on August 03, 2013:

Mine stopped working a couple of years ago but I found another mill and brew coffee maker that makes just as great tasting coffee! The Twinbird Pyramis Drip. The problem is it's only sold in Japan. I visited Japan last year and bought one along with a Japanese voltage transformer. It works wonderfully, has a stainless steel thermo pot and is just as easy to clean. On the downside it only makes 5 cups and has no timer but if you visit Japan I recommend getting one. It's around $80.

You can see it on Search for CM-D456B and load the webpage through Google Translate.

anonymous on August 03, 2013:

I absolutely LOVED Melitta Grind and Brew-what a perfect piece of work-simple, functional and well designed. I was talking to my husband while loading the pot in the dishwasher and hit it on the granite counter-took a chunk off and thought I can get a replacement pot. Went online and 3 different store-no such luck!!!

Got a Cusinart Grind and Brew-what a holy mess-it leaks, does not grind, does not brew. Just got a Breville-it's a beauty at $280.00 but the grinder is really loud and too many parts. Still in search of a pot-maybe take the advise of using a smaller pot and undo the pause spring.

anonymous on August 02, 2013:

I haven't found another brand that I like nearly as much so I just purchased one on bay for $89. I thought it was worth the gamble. I have one and so does my mom - hope this one will be a spare :-)

steve-addabbo on August 01, 2013:

@puzzlerpaige: did you receive the pic I sent?

anonymous on August 01, 2013:

Ok, we are dying here! My husband and I received a Cuisinart g/brew in 2002 for a wedding gift and returned it-truly unhappy with it. I found the Melitta G&B at Wegmans- a local grociery - and picked it up for $60 then. We have rigged the top to stay shut for years now by placing a small ceramic dish on top and just had the ultimate of accidents, my husband crashed the pot into the divider in our sink.....we are at a stand still. We have shopped and searched for a 'replacement' with any other brand that people swear by, but we are unable find really satisfied customers, so we are waiting. I shamed him from bidding on a used one for $90 on ebay, as you never know when the plate will stop heating, etc....and that's a lot for a used coffee maker. Has anyone found another brand you can say is worth it?


steve-addabbo on July 26, 2013:

@anonymous: A couple of things..1. Make sure (if you have a thermal carafe) that the lid is partially unscrewed to allow air to escape, 2. Carefully check the grinding basket, if the screen is separating from the frame, grounds could be clogging the drip spout, 3. the spring that closes the plunger could be stuck,exercise the plunger to make sure it's not stuck closed. I wound up removing the plunger after the spring kept getting stuck..I have to wait for the brew cycle to end but what's a few minutes wait for a great cup of coffee.

anonymous on July 26, 2013:

can anyone tell me why my mill & brew is pouring coffee all over the counter?

anonymous on July 24, 2013:

Hi, our Melitta quit after 10 plus years of service. It still grinds, still boils the water, but the water doesn't pour over the grounds and into the pot. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom.

puzzlerpaige (author) on July 22, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi Steve,

I'll be glad to post your picture. Please send one that is very clear so others can see how you fixed the problem. Send the picture as an attachment to

anonymous on July 21, 2013:

Hi, Can i post a picture of how I fixed my broken latch?? ..I used a small brass hook and gooey velcro or rubberbands. This is my second (black with a thermal carafe)..I love this page , who knew there's a cult of Mill n Brew fans??? I'm in..hoping Melitta has a new basket in stock, my screen finally gave up...that's where those grounds were coming from. Now that I know the machine is no longer available, I will take extra care with it.

anonymous on July 19, 2013:

Found this great site when googling Melitta to see if by chance the Mill and Brew was available again. Our latest Capresso just died--they seem to last about 6 months, and don't compare to the Mill and Brew we had for years anyway. Thanks for the site and everyone's comments. We really are a cult! So sad that it doesn't appear that Melitta will be able to replicate the best coffeemaker we've ever known.

anonymous on July 19, 2013:

Just received the coffee maker from my mom. She down sized and gave me the coffee maker since for some reason I was the only one who could work the thing. I just looked up the directions on the web. It was pretty easy. Boy am I glad no one in my family read directions. Yippee to me! Best machine I have ever had and it didn't cost me a thing! I will protect it like gold, as well as order the replacement parts available now.....While they are still around. Just in case!

anonymous on July 17, 2013:

I have had two of these magical machines over the past 10+ years. The first one went to my boyfriend when I moved away to care for my aging parents. I immediately bought another for my new location. Both had broken lid latches, no big deal. Less than a year ago I broke my carafe. After doing extensive research I finally decided to buy a very expensive Breville grind and brew coffee maker. I hate it and still pine for my Mellita Mill and Brew, so I am back to searching for a carafe. When I called Mellita to tell them what I thought of their decision to discontinue this wonderful machine, the agent I spoke with let me know it had been manufactured by Salton, who went out of business. Additional research confirmed this. Thought other devotees might like to know this tidbit of information, explains why Mellita discontinued it.

bigbooyaw on July 15, 2013:

@anonymous: There is one on EBay. I tried to post the link for you on here, but the system gave me a message that the link looked like spam....

anonymous on July 15, 2013:

I love this great little machine, but I broke the carafe and need a replacement. Any help would be appreciated.

anonymous on July 11, 2013:

Thank God there are people like you! We've been hooked for more than 15 years and I think more than 20! We always made an emergency plan on who was grabbing the coffee beans and who was grabbing the mill and brew as we headed for the basement to ride out the tornados! I pray Melitta will LISTEN AND ACT!

anonymous on July 07, 2013:

Great site. Found it while desperately searching for parts info. Sadly, you have answered my questions. This is my second M&B. Had a white one some years ago, lid latch broke. My wife is not one for "making it work" and got rid of it. Like a story ripped from the pages of a cheap romance novel, I tried others and was only disappointed. Went back to Melitta and got another M&B, black this time. What? The lid latch broke!!! Carefully glued the part back into place. That was about 3 years ago. Still holding to this day. I just hold the latch release button while closing and release it when completely closed. I'm the only coffee drinker, so TLC is always used. I am going to try some of the suggestions you all have mentioned for repairing the basket screen. I've just been living with a few grounds for some time now. I had to laugh at some of the post comments describing the level of dedication to this machine. Mainly because they are something similar to what I have thought in the past. This is a fantastic coffee maker and as long as the band-aids, bubble gum and baling wire can hold it together, I'll keep using it!

anonymous on July 06, 2013:

This is great! I have had mine for at least 13 years, or more? Lost it during divorce, got it back but had to replace the lid latch. Glad she took it out of service but not tossed it! Been going strong these last 9 years! Got to replace lid latch, again! Thanks for the replacement info.

anonymous on July 06, 2013:

I have had my Melitta Mill and Brew for at least 10 years. My brother in law told me how much he liked his and convinced me to buy one for myself. In retrospect, it is rather humorous that he had a method for stacking books on top of his Mill and Brew because of the broken latch. I thought that was a bit odd, but now, of course, I do pretty much the same thing with mine. I was hoping to buy one for my son for his birthday in a few days and that was when I discovered the apocalypse had in fact already come and Melitta had stopped making the most important piece of technology known to man. Fortunately, my Melitta is still working, which I will have to rely on during this post apocalyptic time. I just wish I could save my son.

anonymous on July 05, 2013:


bigbooyaw on June 20, 2013:

@anonymous: that is so awesome!!....

anonymous on June 20, 2013:

I just picked up a Mill & Brew today for $7.99! This machine is in near New condition. I couldn't believe my eyes. There is no wear on the hot plate, no scratches, and the latch is still in place!!! This machine seems to have been used only a couple of times maybe in a vacation home. It was full of dust. I just cleaned and polished it up and let her rip. The coffee was nice and hot and it brewed great! This really has made my day. I still am in shock that I found it:)

anonymous on June 20, 2013:

It is a great coffee maker. I'm guessing I have had mine about 10 years. I have been retired 9 years and I can remember setting the timer to start the brew (something I wouldn't do as a retiree). My brother has one. I purchased mine after seeing his. Both have broken latches. I found a package of small plastic wedges at Home Depot. The basket leaks ground so I keep a strainer handy. My brother uses a Keurig most of time. I have my eye on his M & B but he used it last month when he had house guests. I'm buying him some k-cups for his birthday so his M & B stays in good shape.

anonymous on June 12, 2013:

@anonymous: our s also has the occasional 'leaking' problem; we think it is not level anymore ( worn leg). we put the handle of a coffee scoop ( only about an 1/8 inch thick) under the back corner; it "appears" to lean forward evr so slightly, but does not leak when we do this. we used to keep a folded towel behind it to soak up the water; BE CAREFUL having it in a bowl of water- electricity and water don't mix well. :)

anonymous on June 12, 2013:

@anonymous: the original/old style cuisinart grind and brew is actually not too bad. i agree the new style is absolutely terrible. the old style has a distinct rounded triangle style, it is wide on top and tapers gradually to a more narrow bottom; the new style are the rectangular box style (eat up beans and leave you wanting good coffee). on accaion you can find the old style on sale at sears,jcpenney, and macy's - they run about 69-89 on sale. A french press makes good coffee too;albeit a small batch. capresso is better than new style cuisinart - but very pricey; breville is comparable to capresso, better than new cuisinart, not as good as old cuisinart - BUT NOTHING, ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING COMPARES TO OUR BELOVED MELITTA MILL AND BREW! keep checking e-bay, we picked up a spare for about 110 including shipping. happy beans to you.

anonymous on June 11, 2013:

Has anyone found a replacement machine which makes decent coffee? After out Melitta died last week (leaking severely when brewing which appears to be coming from the bottom of the filter - Melitta is out of replacements), we tried the Cuisinart Grind and Brew - and the coffee is terrible. Even if we grind the coffee elsewhere, it still taste horrible.

anonymous on June 10, 2013:

I purchased my white Melitta on 12/18/02 at Home Goods on Staten Island, NY. I believe I paid about $60.00. I have loved using it all these years but sadly it may be on its last leg. Thanks to your website I did replace the large lid top about 4 months ago and was so pleased that I was able to take off the large heavy square flashlight battery that I used to keep the lid closed. Ha, Ha. Now, unfortunately, there is a pool of water that is leaking from the machine bottom during the coffee making process. I have now put the machine inside a large round plastic bowl to catch the water leakage. I am not able to open the wacky bottom base screws to look inside the unit. The tiny screws do not fit a Phillips screwdriver. Over the years I did replace the filter basket once or twice and the carafe once. When I called to get the new lid, I too was told that the filter was no longer available. The clock and coffee grinder still work so I am so sad to think that I may need to consider a replacement in the near future. It will depend on the water leakage issue not worsening. I was so taken by the knowledge that others love this machine as much and I thank you for your incredible and informative website that you have created in honor of the Melitta coffee machine. Who knew that there exists an ardent band of Melitta followers. It would be wonderful to find a new and similar machine that could function and hold up as well as the Melitta. I will begin my search with all the recommendations that I can discover. Thanks again for everyone's comments on this website!

anonymous on June 08, 2013:

This the best coffee maker in the world. I am on my second maker and this one is 5 years old. I can't believe they quit making it.

anonymous on June 07, 2013:

@anonymous: Kris

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