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How to protect your knees at work using knee pads


The Knee is One of the Weakest Joints in the Body

I know, I know, you are not supposed to kneel down, but I know you do. We all do. So it makes sense to learn how to protect your knees at work or in the home, whether you are building stuff with the kids or remodeling the kitchen.

Knees are particularly vulnerable to injury, I know because I am currently going through physiotherapy to try to repair my own knees. Yup, I was dumb as a younger man and thought I was bulletproof! I used to kneel down all the time throughout the working day without protection, after all I was only going to be a few seconds, right! Nope, years later damage includes small particles of bone drifting around in the left knee and cartilage damage in my right knee. Painful and occasional lets downs are the order of the day now.

Fortunately I have learned my lessons and now know that knees are one of the easiest joints to protect from injury.

There are an infinite variety of knee pads available to suit every use and budget, learn all about them in this lens and then TAKE ACTION to PROTECT your KNEES, you'll not regret it, trust me!

Knee Pads - Are They Any Good?

The answer is a definite YES, you should always use knee protection by wearing knee pads or kneeling on a Knee saver mat.

Go through the four questions in the next section to find out what your needs are. Knee pads come in so many different shapes, sizes and protection levels and it's safe to say that ANY OF THEM offer better protection than using nothing at all!

knee pads - tick the right box

knee pads - tick the right box

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What Type of Knee Pads Should I buy?

Well, it depends on some factors......

  1. How often will you need to kneel down?
  2. Is kneeling down going to be planned or spontaneous?
  3. How long are you likely to be down on your knees?
  4. What kind of surface are you going to be kneeling on?

Lets Look at These in More Detail

  1. How often do you need to kneel down?
    If you only kneel down occasionally then a strap on style may be suitable, the type will depend on how long you need to kneel down and the surface that you are kneeling on (see 3 and 4). However, for occasional kneeling, also consider wearing work trousers with lightweight knee pads.
  2. Is your kneeling planned (i.e. Flooring) or spontaneous (i.e. looking under the car)
    If your kneeling down is likely to be unplanned or spontaneous then possibly a kneepad that fits into a pair of work trousers may be ideal, as they are 'always on' thus skipping the temptation to kneel down with no knee protection.
  3. How long will you be on your knees?
    If only for a few minutes at a time a standard, lightweight rubber knee pad may suffice, but if you are planning to be on your knees all day, then tougher knee protection like gel pads or even memory foam knee pads are best.
  4. What type of surface are you going to kneel on?
    If you are going to kneel on rubble or hard surfaces like concrete then you will need a better quality kneepad than that needed for occasional kneeling on a carpeted floor. Common sense tells us that the tougher the environment, the tougher the knee pads need to be to protect your knees.

Where Can I Buy Good Knee Pads

In the UK you are spoilt for choice.........

You can safely follow any of these links and if you buy anything the shop will chip in a few pennies towards my huge coffee dependency! Thanks for that.

Click here for Knee Pads from Tooled Up as this link will take you directly to the knee protection page where they have lots of knee protection, ranging from work trouser inserts to Pro Knee Pads for continuous use.

You can also try DIY Tools who have over 22 sets of knee pads which can also be sorted according to price, popularity etc. Northern Tools also stock them including a rolling knee protector.

But, wait for it..........

The prize for the BIGGEST selection of knee pads goes to!, for a truly amazing 105 different knee protection items.

knee protection book

knee protection book

Left it too Late and Already Have a Knee Problem?

Learn all about your knees and how to protect them from further harm here

Get the best knee books from, they have absolutely thousands of searchable books on every aspect of knee problems and how to look after them properly. You should be able to learn how to stop some of the pain. I know I did, a combination of physiotherapy and training plus reading up on the known weaknesses of the knee helped me overcome chronic knee pain borne from years of abuse. I was sceptical at first, how can my knees be weak I thought, I use them all the time. But they were and I was able to strengthen mine considerably.

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