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Fountains and Waterfalls You Can Use Indoors

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Discovering the therapeutic benefit of indoor water features with my aquarium, I soon found that tabletop waterfalls gave me the same effect

Indoor water features serve more than aesthetic purposes. Calming and soothing sounds of flowing water make them therapeutic elements within the home. With beneficial effects on emotions and wellbeing, indoor waterfalls and fountains radiate serene energy to the home occupants.

Water features are of various forms, designs and sizes and made from different materials that range from terracotta and bamboo to glass, stone, and acrylic. They are made from several elements like glass stones, gravel, pebbles, black stones, green stones, and a mix of multi-coloured shingles.


Indoor Water Fountains

Fountains consist of moving water circulating through pumps and outlets. Movement depicts energy flow, water represents prosperity, while the gentle sounds serve as energy boosters. A combination of the three gently filters out the disturbing and energy-sapping background sounds that might otherwise disturb your peace or concentration.

Asides from this therapeutic effect that indoor fountains may have on our wellbeing, it possesses a decorative and dramatic effect. If it is chosen well and positioned right, they fit in perfectly with both contemporary and traditional settings and will continue to remain an eye-catching addition to any residential or commercial indoor space.

If you decide to add one of these beautiful ‘flowing art’ pieces into a room, your needs, taste and style will play important roles. And how and where you place it will depend on your creativeness.

Freestanding Indoor Waterfalls

Freestanding Indoor Waterfalls

Types of Fountains You Can Use Indoors

The rustic traditional fountains made from natural materials like fired clay, bamboo stems, copper, steel, slate, and granite are popular choices. and if you are one for something modern you can go for such water features made from man-made materials and simulated components including new age materials.

There are three main types of fountains created for interior spaces. They are:

  1. Standalone fountains (free standing)
  2. Wall-mounted
  3. Table top (counter/surface placement)

1. Free Standing Indoor Fountains

If you have ample floor space to spare, free-standing floor fountains are spectacular to look at. With floor fountains, you need to consider your available space when choosing a water fountain for your home or business

They are usually larger and heavier than wall-mounted indoor fountains and come with sturdy bases that encase their water reservoirs. They are produced from various materials, both natural and man-made and can include extras like underwater lighting.

2. Wall Mounted Fountains

Wall-mounted fountains come in various designs, forms and sizes but one of the reasons why it appears to be a preferred choice for many homeowners (and business owners) is because the space requirement is a fraction of what’s required for a floor (standalone) fountain. Even with its high visibility, it takes up zero floor space and projects barely 3inches from the wall. A great idea if you lack ample floor space.

3. Table Top Fountains

Table top water features are the smallest and lightest of indoor water fountains. Just as their name suggests, they can be placed on a table, desk, counter, floating shelf, and ledge, or on a display stand. There is a great assortment of designs, forms, sizes, and materials for these fountains, much more than is available for wall-mounted or free-standing types.

Indoor Waterfalls

If you wish to introduce the natural beauty and tranquillity of cascading waters, rocks, and water flora into your home or office, go for waterfalls. Indoor waterfalls come in a variety of forms components, features, style, etc..., but some of the most popular choices are those that feature natural settings.

Waterfalls circulate water by 'tipping and pouring' from one or several vessels to another. There are tiered waterfalls that send torrents of water from one tier to the next, and there are waterfalls created with natural materials like hollowed bamboo receptacles that discharge water, one into the other.

If you are a naturalist or an advocate of green living, you will love the beauty of natural components set within and around a small pool. Create natural waterfalls with planters, large smooth stones, rocks, and underwater lights. Several contemporary water features have lighting options. These will form an additional source of indoor lights which give off soft glows that stimulate feelings of warmth and reflection.

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Build Simple Fountains - From small tabletop models to full-size backyard waterfalls, fountains can add beauty and serenity to any setting.

Where Can You Use Indoor Water Features?

With its rising popularity, indoor water features can be used in both residential and commercial interiors. They can be incorporated into the interior design of homes, offices, clinics, spas, hotels, recreational clubs, restaurants, and other similar establishments. You can use water features in any of the following areas indoors:

  • Entry Porches
  • Enclosed patios
  • Reception areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Hallways and foyers
  • Living and dining rooms
  • Study
  • Niches and alcoves
  • Atriums

The ways you can use them are limitless because they can be placed in a variety of positions in different ways. They will fit in perfectly within most areas of a home's interior and will immediately bring elegance into the space. Contemporary water features can represent living art pieces, stylishly accenting the interior décor.


Ways You Can Use Water as an Element of Décor in Interiors

  • An elaborate standalone floor unit can serve as a room divider. Any open space can be partitioned with contemporary water features, using indoor floor water fountains. For instance, as a space separator between the living and the dining area or a room divider to create a separate zone within a room.
  • Set against a wall to serve as a focal point in a room. Modern tower floor water fountains (up to 3’6” or 1.06m) made from resin, fiberglass, concrete, or mounted metal and glass are popular choices while traditional/classic styles are majorly made from concrete with spherical configurations, balls, or sculptured features mounted on pedestals or plinths.
  • A clear glass floor fountains will make a great centerpiece. It will enable full viewing in the room, regardless of where you are. Many other indoor fountains are designed to be centerpieces with sturdy bases.
  • For a simple minimalist look, use a lustrous design that features a sleek wall of tempered mirror or glass, or natural slate which acts as a backdrop for the flowing water. These designs allow the water to be the key feature.

Benefits of Indoor Water Features

Flowing water is therapeutic so having a water fountain or waterfalls within your home gives you as much satisfaction in its beauty and complementing nature as it does health-wise. This means that they don't only serve as decorative features, the soothing rushing sounds of flowing water have therapeutic benefits that help relax and calm you.

Other benefits of having water fountains in your home are listed below:

Calming and soothing - Sounds of waterfalls helps the mind focus on pleasant thoughts. It’s like listening to the distant sounds of a mountain's waterfall within an interior space. This is the reason why many homeowners attest to the fact that it gives a sense of tranquillity, peace, and serenity. Also, the flowing sounds of falling will lull you into a deep and sound sleep.

Production of beneficial negative ions - Waterfalls and fountains are known to produce beneficial negative ions which are minuscule electrically charged particles that help in keeping us alert but in a relaxed mode. This makes it therapeutic.

Humidifying - As water moistens the atmosphere, so does an indoor water feature humidify an interior space. This is good because it increases the elasticity of the respiratory walls and passages, making breathing easier and therefore healthier.

Skin therapy – Water fountains in the home have a great effect on the skin, keeping it moisturised and supple, an added benefit for people with dry skin. It’s also good for the prevention of rashes and flakiness and helps in alleviating skin allergies caused by air pollutants

Relieves stress - The quietly flowing sounds and ripples are stress and tension relieving. It is a great thing to come home after a hard and stressful day's work to a tranquil interior. The soothing sight of flowing water, the falling sounds and the clear sparkling waterfalls will calm raw nerves and inspire a relaxing mood and atmosphere.

Promotes healing - Indoor fountains have been known to promote and speed up healing and have been recommended by therapists to treat several ailments like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and insomnia. They are great for meditation, a practice that is advantageous to the body and soul.

Stimulates happiness - The soothing sounds of cascading water and the sight of flowing waters stimulate happiness because the sight and sounds are invigorating and mood-enhancing.

Increased sense of security - Several research studies have shown that having an indoor water feature in the home leads to a greater sense of well-being and overall security. Water has trans-formative powers and has long been used as one of the two essential components in the art of Feng Shui (the art of balancing the elements of interiors in a way that creates peace and harmony).

Longevity - Living a stress-free, healthy, and balanced life leads to longevity so installing an interior waterfall feature in your home can extend your lifespan by reducing the level of stress that you are subject to.

Purification - Purifies polluted air by removing impurities that usually accumulate in unventilated interior spaces.


Indoor water features are easy to maintain, and because they come with a built-in plumbing system, there is no need for extra plumbing works. All that is required in terms of water supply is to ensure the water is topped weekly, about a couple of cups a week depending on the size and design of the fountain.

Indoor water fountain flow pumps are durable and are generally adjustable, so, you can decide on a slow or fast flow for water circulation and re-circulation, depending on the size of the water reservoir.

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