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How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace

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Refresh Your 70s Fireplace

As a homeowner, one of the best things about your property being your own is that you can make major adjustments. One of the first things that a homeowner buying a more dated property will do is rip out the older aesthetics. For some, that might include getting rid of a stone fireplace. If you are left with an old-school 1960s or 1970s stone fireplace, you might be of mind to tear it out and start fresh. Before you do, though, you could use a few simple techniques to update and improve the look of the entire fireplace.

This will leave you with a fireplace that looks better, feels more modern, and should provide you with a greater aesthetic finish. What, though, are the key solutions to upgrading and improving a 1960s or 1970s stone fireplace? What should you really focus on?

Start With the Basics – Paint the Stonework

The first thing that many people will do is paint the stonework to ensure that it matches up with the rest of your wall. Many old-school fireplaces stand out because the stone (or brick) is such a striking colour. However, if you blend it in with the colour of the rest of the walls, you are going to be left with a much more refreshing looking design.

So, take the time to look closely at the stonework and start working towards getting rid of that issue. The colour of the stonework is always going to be a good way to modernise the look and feel without having to really do too much. It adds a freshness that was simply missing from the design when first built. On top of that, it helps to cover up any discoloration that exists within the dated stonework.

Design It as the Focal Point

Another alternative to the above, however, would be to simply add in some extra high-contrast colouring. To do this you simply need to use a few coats of darker paint on the stonework. This should create a more high-contrast finish. Compared to the rest of the wall, it should now stand out and still look nice and modern. Perhaps if your wall is a rich red, you could use a darker and more passionate red to help add a more high-contrast finish to the stonework.

This can work well to help make sure that your fireplace still retains the original aim of being a clear focal point within the design of the room. This can work extremely well to help modernise the fireplace without having it lose its position as one of the leading design elements within the rest of the room overall.

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Add in a New Mantel

A good way to help make sure that your old-school fireplace looks the part is to add in a new mantel. Changing and removing the old mantel for something new is going to help add a bit of extra energy and freshness to the entire design. This works well because it will help to remove the dated mantel and include something that feels a bit more refreshing overall.

One thing to note about such a mantel is that it can help to add a bit of extra aesthetic whilst giving you a bit of extra space. You might find the old mantel makes it look crowded; replacing the mantel with something new could add an extra sense of roominess that was missing.

Older designs tend to be quite crammed; this would help to add an extra layer of spacing to the design without having to go overboard.

Retile the Hearth

One of the best ways to help make your old stone fireplace look good, though, is to modernise the hearth itself. Most of the time, an older fireplace will have a dated looking hearth. By changing this, you can change the look and tone of the entire fireplace.

This will work well because it helps to inject the modern style you are looking for within your household. Even going for something like a masonry veneer can add a nice artificial stone finish that is easily adjusted and removed down the line. This can help to keep the same classic look that you want to go for whilst making it look fresher, newer, and generally brighter.

Keep this in mind, and you should find it much easier to go ahead and update and modernise your stone fireplace. Even something as simple as masonry veneer can be a game-changer to the overall aesthetic.

Lastly, be sure to keep in mind that your stone fireplace could do with an update to how it works, too. Converting to a gas fireplace, for example, could be an exceptional way for you to add extra life and vigour to your fireplace that was previously missing.

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